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Venus opposite Mars: Super-Powers of Attraction!

Venus opposite Mars: Super-Powers of Attraction!

On May 24th Venus goddess of love opposes Mars god of war (and sex). And while any interaction between astrology’s lovers is hot hot hot, you do need to be little careful not to get burned. You see, neither Venus nor Mars are seeing things very clearly at the moment. Venus in Gemini is sailing too close to the sun and letting her sharpish ego get the best of her… And Mars is backtracking through Sagittarius, frustrated and unsure how to handle the situation. Remember the song "I can't get no…satisfaction”?  You may be feeling a little like that now. But this too shall pass… Here’s what to expect, how to make the best of it and why.

Things you can expect:

  • Everyone getting a little hot under the collar… Lovers’ quarrels.
  • Blowing hot and cold, swinging between anger and affection, love and hate
  • A strong attraction to someone who is incompatible with you, not interested, a bad boy/ girl or simply unavailable.
  • Jealousy, competitiveness and unfaithfulness as your - or someone else’s -  desires go AWOL.
  • An all or nothing attitude to love…
  • Relationship dilemmas: do you cross the line or stay friends?
  • Being out of synch with your lover…

Here’s how you can best handle this energy:

  • Step out of an “either or” frame of mind.  It’s only an illusion.
  • Strive for a balance between cooperation versus competition, love versus sex, affection versus anger, quality versus speed.
  • Don’t make important decisions until passions cool down.
  • Find physical outlets for your energy such as sports, arts, crafts and business!
  • Try your daily love tarot horoscope for some added perspective!

There is a deeper meaning to this Venus-Mars opposition. Get it by asking yourself:

  • Do your actions reflect what you value most? Or have you wandered so far off the mark that you lost sight of what’s important?
  • Do your relationships empower you to go after what you want? Or are you compromising too much?
  • Are you being too pushy? If so this is your chance to see how others truly feel about it!
  • Mars and Venus conjoined in 2015, marking a new beginning in the relationship sphere. Now it’s time to evaluate where this has led you. (For instance, are you too far down the me-first or the doormat end of the spectrum?) If you don’t like where you are, time to do something about it!
  • What do you seek in relationship? Find out in Venus in love: where does Cupid strike? Also check out Your Mars sign and your ideal man!

What does Venus opposite Mars mean for your Star-Sign?

Mars and Venus at loggerheads is the very definition of passion. Where can you feel the Mars-Venus heat? Check your star-sign and find out!  If you find yourself faced with an impossible dilemma, talk to one of our expert psychics on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470). They are sure to bring some much needed perspective (and answers!) to things.


Sparks could fly during conversations and you may provoke a hostile reaction with a seemingly innocuous comment. But think: is there implicit judgment in your words? No-one hates anyone more than a know-it-all. You may experience a sudden attraction to a stranger in your town or you could see arguments develop in your neighbourhood due to a difference of opinion. Get your facts straight before you get too hot under the collar.  Our psychic reading of the day may bring an extra dimension to those facts. You may also be faced with a choice: do you stick with what’s familiar or dare to risk something new? Time to have a bit of a poll and see if you need to break out of your safety net or rein your adventures in a bit.


Your finances are getting a bit too hot to handle. Are expenses skyrocketing? Or maybe you are indulging yourself too much when someone else is picking up the bill? Whether it is a shared account-holder or a sponsor, they’re getting a bit cranky. It's time for a check up in relationships and finances alike: are you giving too much or too little? Do you feel valued for what you bring to the table? Now is not a good time for an amicable division of property or to ask for a raise. Physical intimacy can be exciting, but watch out for possessiveness or jealousy which could also rear their ugly head. What’s more important sex or love, quality or money? If you're trying to gauge where you’re at on the love front, your weekly love horoscope can help!


Charming as you may be - and everyone knows you can charm the spots off a leopard - there’s a particularly difficult customer sitting right across from you and you may not be getting anywhere with your charming ways. If someone is being cranky and selfish then let them and don’t lose your manners. But also think hard about whether you are being too easy to push around. We don’t want that now do we. Striking a happy balance between putting your best foot forward yet not letting others walk all over it may be easier said than done today. Love-wise, you may experience an attraction to someone totally incompatible that comes on just as fast as it fizzles out. Don’t let someone push your buttons.  Find out about the biggest relationship threats you could face based on your star-sign.


A situation at work may really be getting on your nerves today. But don’t be quick to jump to conclusions for there are probably some things you do not know. If you are currently looking for a job or working hard on a project, it’s time to use your intuition to see if you’re on the right track or that your project has the requisite market appeal. Romance-wise it’s the forbidden fruit that looks most scrumptious at the moment. Or maybe you have a secret admirer? This is the opportune moment to let go of past hurts and what ifs in love and bring your actions and desires in the here and now. What does fate have in store? Check your destiny and the moon’s nodes!


Are you lovers or just friends? You may want to cross a line but it’s not certain the other party feels the same way. Or the opposite could also happen. You are quite happy to remain friends but they have a proposition for you. Do you risk going there? The point is that you and your friend or lover are somewhat out of synch at present and it’s hard for either of you to get any kind of satisfaction. This is also not a good day to introduce your new flame to your friends, who may disapprove or - worse - flirt (they are not true friends of course if the latter). This is a day of powerful attractions. If you have been single for a while, it is good to remember what it feels like to want something or someone so badly! Find your perfect love match, astrologically speaking.


What you want is on public display attracting all kinds of attention and you could get all angry inside if it feels unreachable to you. Keeping up appearances may be harder than you think. Are you going too far out of your way to please superiors, bosses, parents and the world in general? If so it’s unlike you’re being true to your own private needs in the process. Or maybe you have poured so much energy into your home and private life that you lost sight of your broader aims, which are suddenly calling for your attention. Where is it that you see yourself in future? Time to see where you are with your personal and professional goals. For a helping hand get your destiny revealed with our special offer! Love-wise, you may want to make a relationship official, but this is not a good time to bring you sweetheart home to meet the parents. 


Do you take the high road or the low road? Your heart may tell you to see the bigger picture, forgive and let the other person explain, while your anger may be telling you to give no quarter. Communications could get frustrating making it hard to get your message across. Or it may be the other way around. You are being all noble and everything but someone is being unresponsive or downright rude. The key is to say your piece without loosing sight of the guiding principles and mores behind your actions. Watch out for saboteurs in your midst. If you happen to be travelling, romance is on the cards, even if it’s potentially a little too hot to handle. Where to from here? The 2016 love tarot could have the answer you seek.


Money talks. With expenses on the rise, this may be the moment when you say enough is enough regarding someone’s irresponsible spending, no matter how much you want to make them happy. Financial confrontations are possible, but neither party is being reasonable. Revisit when you’re both calmer. Search for a solution that benefits both parties - one that allows you to show trust yet demand respect for yourself also. Your sex drive is on overload and you may want to jump straight into bed with whomever has your fancy. It's all about give and take, remember. But don’t let yourself be emotionally manipulated either. Time to bring your actions into line with your needs for closeness in relationship. Check your love numerology to discover the nature of your relationship.


You run the risk of becoming totally unreasonable, or at least of seeming so even if you are in the right. Your opponent has all the arguments and they’re cool, charming and collected. You may seem wild and uncouth or even feel powerless by contrast. Rather than getting angry, try to see the situation from the other person’s point of view. If you can’t, just walk away and revisit when you are feeling calmer. Alternatively it may be that someone is trying and failing to please you. A romantic attraction comes on strong and fast but your quarry may be hard to pin down. Find out what to expect from the star-sign you’re in love with. It's time to check your behaviour in light of your relationship desires. You may want to let others function as a pressure gauge: too many displeased customers must mean you need to adjust your attitude. 


Have you dropped off the face of the earth? Let pleasant mundane activities gently bring you back to the present. Maybe you are tired of the countryside and need the hustle and bustle of the city? Or maybe you need to get away into the wild. Past resentments and repressed feelings are rising to the surface and may need a delicate touch. A purification ritual is in order so you can return to your usual efficiency. Check to see you are not sacrificing too much or giving away too much for you own energy at a cost to your wellbeing. Work is exciting enough as it is but an office romance may spice things up too. If you’re all by your lonesome, then check out lone-star: astrology and singledom…


Love and friendship go hand in hand - or do they? A friend may develop feelings for you that go far beyond friendship putting you in a bit of a tight spot. Do they mean what they say or are they only teasing? Check their star-sign! Friendly gatherings may develop into something more and your own popularity and attractiveness may generate jealousy and rebellion in the ranks. This is no time to introduce your sweetheart to your friends, for they may disapprove of him/her or rub them up the wrong way. Avoid arguing with a friend today, as nobody will emerge a winner. The realisation of a cherished desire is a real possibility, but you may find it less satisfying than you imagined. A moment of truth for bringing your activity into alignment with what’s truly in your heart. 


Is there a crisis at work? Maybe your boss - and it pays to know our boss - is being very demanding just when you crave quality time with your family. It’s hard for you to win in this situation as your family are unlikely to be happy no matter what you do and it’s unlikely you can make your boss see reason just now. It’s time for you to check and see if your career goals are still relevant to who you are inside. Or, if you have let your own career goals slide in order to take care of house and hearth, maybe it’s time to be a little more selfish and see whether you can create a better balance between pursuing a career and having a family. Now is not the time to make a relationship official or meet your sweetheart’s parents.

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