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Venus opposite Neptune 2019

Venus opposite Neptune 2019

On September 4th 2019, planet of desire, love and pleasure Venus opposes Neptune, king of romance!

Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces face each other across the skies and romance reaches new highs - as do unrealistic expectations in relationships… Venus-Neptune puts you in a nostalgic mood and you might be reminiscing about the past or daydreaming about the future and all the things you long for. Our advice here at Horoscope Friends? Enjoy this super-romantic moment! Don't dwell on love lost. Surround yourself with beauty and harmony! Why not indulge in an aromatherapy candlelit bath or go on a health-conscious dinner date gazing into your loved one's eyes? Venus-Neptune is a shapeshifter. Don’t take anything for definite at this time. Things are in flux so best use your imagination and open yourself up to the realm of possibilities. Watch over your finances, however — and your heart — as you could be easily taken in by a sob story... Venus-Neptune can also bring creative inspiration. Grab a paintbrush!

Venus opposite Neptune transit 2019

How does Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces affect your zodiac sign? Here’s your Venus-Neptune horoscope for each zodiac sign for September 4th, 2019. Where is romantic Neptune in your horoscope? Check it out!


A relationship may call for sacrifices at this time. Things are relatively functional on the love front during Venus’ stay in Virgo but this opposition with Neptune gives the whole affair an otherworldly hue. Maybe you’re doing it all for a greater cause? Pure love is unconditional, you know. An office romance may suffer from rumors, lies and secrets.

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Venus opposite Neptune puts you in the mood for love! It’s all about romance, enjoyment, letting loose a little and letting it all out. Make time to spend with your sweetheart or go on a fun day out with your kids. Creatively inclined? Inspiration flows! Make the most of it! If you suffer disappointment in matters of the heart, ask yourself: was this really ever truly gonna happen?

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You’re inspired to bring love and beauty right into your home, dear Gemini. You might suddenly feel like painting the walls a different color or that a particular piece of furniture will be your salvation. Is it time to bring your lover home to meet the parents? Hmm, expect mixed results. You can also see how far you’ve come with a creative project. Are you close to the dream or far from it?

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Ever felt like composing a love letter? This is your moment! If you’ve got something to say, an image speaks a thousand words and poetry may serve you even better. There is a host of planets in your communications zone these days but Neptune is muddying the waters and so communications are far from clear. Do’t try to pin things down. Think bigger! What do you want? Your words inspire!

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Not everything that sparkles is gold and you can normally tell the difference. But you’re thrown off now, curtesy of Venus and Neptune, and others could take you for a ride. Be vigilant! The same goes for matters of the heart. Is your desire for love so great that you’re willing to settle for anything? The opposite is also true. Money is not the only currency so if a person or project is worth it in other ways, you might consider taking a pay-cut.

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You’re looking sexy as hell these days with Venus in your sign! You ooze sex appeal and nothing can stand in your way, whether you’re going for a big promotion or that hottie that caught your eye! You’re a sucker for a sob story however, so watch out for others hoodwinking you out of what you actually want. Hitched? This is a very romantic relationship moment!

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It’s a day to lay low and show kindness to strangers and loved ones alike. Is it love’s dark hour? Or is the dream finally revealed to you in all its glory? You might lose concentration at work, bothered by strange romantic longings or it could be office politics that muddy the waters. Don’t push yourself. Take a time out instead. Someone out there is on your side.

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Your heart is filled with romantic longing and desire, dear Scorpio! There's so much you are yearning for but a lot of it depends on others also playing ball. You may not know exactly where your stand... Is this just a friendship or something more? Can you make magic happen together? Only time can tell. All you can do is express your love, inspire with your creative ideas and hope others follow. 

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This is a key moment for your career/relationship and for your place in the community. If it's been a team effort, your work is illuminated, raising your profile and visibility. It could reflect on you beautifully or alternatively cause a notorious scandal! There’s still so much you yearn for and hope to achieve. Don't go just for looks. There’s a lot going on under the surface, even if things look rosy at the top. 

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It’s a good weekend for a short romantic break, dear Capricorn! And if you can’t get away, then at least go do something different and forget yourself for a couple of hours. It could really help soothe your nerves. Communications leave something to be desired as words are not enough to express what’s on your mind. Try more creative methods! You’re not short of inspiration, that’s for sure.

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Money is an unquantifiable force these days and you’re reluctantly realizing that it’s not about what you’ve got but about what you put it towards. You’re no stranger to making financial sacrifices to gain something more worthwhile. Maybe you’d hoped others would appreciate it more? Well... A relationship hits a raw nerve. A gift comes with strings attached.

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Is it others that are creating loads of trouble for you? Or is it you who is not really being clear with your behavior? You’re a sucker for romance, especially now, but relationships require more than this. Can you put in the work in real, measurable ways whilst still keeping the dream alive? Those two might seem in-congruent but they’re not. If anyone can do it, you can!

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