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Venus opposite Uranus – Instant Attraction!

Venus opposite Uranus – Instant Attraction!
With Venus in Libra opposite fiery Uranus in Aries, expect surprises in your love life and finances!
People often ask: will they be ‘good surprises’ or ‘bad surprises?’
With Uranus at play, it’s almost impossible to say, because Uranus always brings the unexpected (check out the planets in astrology). However, what it is showing us is that we need to be flexible; we need to stop expecting things to ‘get back to normal.’  

Generally most people don’t like change. They like predictability, security, stability and it’s very difficult to make sudden changes and to adapt to them. However, if we can change our mind-set and welcome change, see it as an opportunity for excitement, for growth, for stimulation, for the renewal and rejuvenation of our cells, we might grow to enjoy it!

For example, a Libra lady, aged 42 with a powerful Uranus in Aries transiting opposition to her Sun had lived in Australia all her life. She had her parents there, her job, her roots, but she felt restless. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do but she knew it had to be a radical change. So one day, she decided to do the most scary thing she could possibly do: she sold everything: her house, her car, and put the rest of her belongings into storage and with just one suitcase on wheels she took a plane to Spain and was going to travel wherever her fancy took her.
Her heart was in her mouth because she didn’t have any language skills, she hadn’t travelled much before, she hated change and she wasn’t at all good at being spontaneous. However, she just knew that she had to do this. It turned out to be the best growth experience she could have had. She grew younger as she travelled all over Europe, meeting new people, being invited into peoples’ homes, eating different foods, seeing the most amazing sights…each day was a feast of new and exciting experiences.
That isn’t to say that it didn’t have its challenges. She went to Paris one day and had booked a room in a house which turned out to be a real dive. At midnight in the middle of Paris she was unable to get a taxi. Every time she flagged one down and she asked to be taken to another place she had found on the internet, no one would take her as he said it was too close and that she should walk there. But it was the middle of the night and she was alone and she didn’t know her way around Paris.
But these kinds of situations made her think on her feet. She had to come up with new ideas and solutions, she couldn’t just sit back in the comfort of her home in Australia, she had to be more creative and innovative than ever before.
The result is that she now lives in Europe. She travels often to keep that spirit of spontaneity alive and well inside of her. She never wants to go back to sleep again. She is happier, has more new friends and feels like a new person.
Uranus oppositions have the ability to shake you out of a deadening, boring life into something new, exciting and challenging.
This is the spirit of this energy of Uranus in Aries opposite Venus in Libra.

How to make the Most of Venus opposite Uranus

Are you feeling bored and uninspired with your love life? How can you inject some excitement and stimulation into it? What can you do that’s different? This is what is being called for during this powerful transit. You have an opportunity to break out of old habit patterns and to do something exciting and new.
Ellen Degeneres has Uranus opposite Venus in her natal chart. This gives her the great charisma that she exudes and also her ability to stand out from the crowd. When she came out as a lesbian she rocked her career for a while and her ratings plummeted for several years. However, she came back again stronger than ever and began her Ellen show in 2003.  Since then, she has gone from strength to strength and has a worldwide following who just adore her. Her differences have made her even more attractive to her public who now follow her every move with her marriage to Portia de Rossi.
Many celebrities have strong aspects between Venus and Uranus in their birth-chart. They pride themselves on being different from everyone else. Often they have unusual love affairs, or they might be gay or dress in an off-the-wall way. They love to surprise and delight us with their odd ways of living! They are the ones who set new trends that others then rush out to emulate. The following list of famous people certainly illustrates this point.
Famous people with strong Venus-Uranus:
Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Julio Iglesias, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Raquel Welch, Sharon Stone, Linda Lovelace, Ellen Degeneres, Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana    
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