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Venus-Pluto-Uranus on November 20-23: a Rollercoaster Weekend for Love!

Venus-Pluto-Uranus on November 20-23: a Rollercoaster Weekend for Love!

November 20-23 is a rollercoaster weekend for love! That's when love planet Venus (in lovey-dovey Libra) gets into a bit of a tiff with heavyweights Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, so watch out!  The same goes where money is concerned…

This is not a good time to 

  1. have it out with your sweetheart
  2. ask for money 
  3. go on a relaxing break
  4. buy something pretty
  5. make promises...

But it is a great time to

  1. have an all or nothing affair
  2. enjoy hot sex!
  3. get to grips with your compulsions
  4. break away from destructive relationships
  5. experiment
  6. get to the bottom of things (money or love wise)

Venus-Pluto-Uranus makes for some rather intense feelings this weekend. You may fall in love at first sight, stray from the straight and narrow, become jealous and possessive, then suddenly break free… Controlling and compulsive behaviour over the weekend might lead to rebellion come Monday as the freedom-closeness dilemma spikes up, so do stay well away from difficult subjects if you don’t want to rock the boat. If you enjoy a bit of drama and excitement on the other hand (and a good old power-struggle!) then dive straight in with all the gusto you can muster! 

Venus squares stalker Pluto on Friday 20th-Saturday 21st and opposes ballbreaker Uranus on Monday 23rd. So these are the November dates when this influence will be most intense.

Venus-Pluto-Uranus and your Star Sign

Read on for all the juicy drama, excitement and pitfalls brought on by Venus-Pluto-Uranus and how these affect your sign… If you would much rather have a personal reading dial 0207 111 6384!


Is your special someone just pushing the envelope a little too far? Have you had enough of your sweetheart’s manipulating tactics? Well, unless you want to be single again, this is not the weekend to address matters. Arguments may revolve around your career, making a relationship official, or you needing to shoulder more responsibility than you are willing to. The truth is that you are ready for a step up the ladder. But this may not be the weekend to negotiate this. Nor is it a good time to resolve financial differences with your business partner. On the other hand, it’s a great time for a bit of rumpy pumpy!


Your work heats up as Friday rolls in - just when you would normally want to wind down and get a bit of a rest… Well, not this weekend! Get ready for things to get intense just before the weekend. A work colleague may rile you up, office politics may get in the way of you actually getting things done, or there may be some underhanded tactics to impress a VIP… Being a down to earth kind of person, you naturally want none of that. Stay out of it. If you work in the media, publishing or the legal professions you may have your hands full this weekend. Throw yourself at it with all your passion! Alternatively, a cleansing ritual may be in order…


Love gets really juicy this weekend with sex and romance both on the cards! But your lover may have an independent streak as well and it is no use trying to suppress it in any way… Flirtations with a friend may surprise you or - if it’s your lover whose eye is roaming - awaken the beast in you. Best let sleeping dragons lie… Money matters are too hot to handle and you may not gain much pleasure out of these. Look deeper at your true desires… Hitched? Spend the weekend in bed! Single? Be ready to cross the lover/best friend line…


Privacy? Not much… It’s all in the melting pot this weekend with your home-life and career pulling you in different directions and you and your partner stuck in the middle. Do not expect others to be very accommodating this weekend, for your mate is likely to feel as cornered as you do. While you may spend most of the weekend trying to resolve personal differences, your career may hold a surprise come Monday that changes everything! Oh and this isn’t the weekend to bring your sweetheart home to meet mum and dad…


Get ready for a weekend of media madness and communications galore! If you work in marketing or the media, then you are going to be very busy this weekend. If you have to travel, then you will find it rather intense, especially if it’s a work trip. And if it’s not, then work is sure to get in the way. Love-wise, the greatest danger now is to get lost in all the detail: “..and then he said… and then she said…” and so on… And if you find yourself obsessing over trivialities during the weekend, a happy surprise will blow the cobwebs from your mind come Monday.


Your finances take a turn for the dramatic this weekend, so you had better hide your credit cards! You may find yourself obsessing over a certain item, but if you go ahead and spend, the bill may come as a bit of a shock later. If you are obsessing over a certain happy outcome instead, remember to give it some space and let the magic happen when it will. You’re feeling really sexy and sprucing yourself up can do no harm. But don’t count your chickens until they hatch… Sex is unpredictable so do take the necessary precautions.


Oh boy are you up against it this weekend! All that you lovely and gentle Libra want is for everyone to get along. Well, fat chance of that now. Your home is a bit of an intensity zone with power-struggles lurking underneath every nuance. And while you may be trying to smooth things over and make everyone happy, there is definitely someone out there who only wants to shock, rile and shake things up. You know what? Let them! Yes, it may be upsetting, but it’s no use trying to control a loose cannon like that. No need to descend to their level… The storm will eventually pass and reason will prevail.


Office politics doing your head in? Is someone smooth-talking their way behind the scenes and spreading nasty rumours? If so, you will definitely know come Monday… Or maybe it’s you who is behind it all? Not unlikely for a Scorpio. A secret office affair runs the risk of not being so secret come Monday… Be on your guard but don’t let your suspicions take over and drive you insane. It’s probably not that bad… If you have been worrying yourself sick, use this weekend to tune in and banish your demons before they somatise…


Are you lovers or are you friends? A platonic relationship may turn into something more this weekend, which may come as a bit of a shock… On the other hand, a friend’s manipulative tactics hold no water with you and you can easily break free of this come Monday. Money matters are a bit intense too and you may find yourself wanting to take greater risks than would be advisable. While there’s nothing wrong with that, try not to stretch yourself too far now for things can go snap loaded as they are with too much raw desire…


You may spend your weekend plotting and machinating for ways to raise your caché and manipulate bigwigs to see things a little more your way. You may even think that it’s working up until the point where it turns and bites you in your …bottom… While you are busy trying to suck up and pass off a certain image, rebellion is brewing right at home threatening to overturn everything. Oh well, you’re better off revealing the truth anyway. Now you’re free to be liked for who you really are.


Don’t freak if you turn on the TV, open the newspaper or log into Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and find a smear campaign building up against you. Ok, not all of us may be that talked about but something underhand is going on this weekend and you had better get to the bottom of it. Is someone being a total bigot? You won’t resist mouthing off and setting a few facts straight come Monday. If you happen to be a zealous fanatic yourself and have a message to impart, then you can do so with great passion and panache this weekend!


Se-xyyy. You’re hot to trot this weekend provided you don’t mind a bit of drama… If it’s intimacy you’re after, then a bit of rough and tumble may well bring you closer with someone special and reveal a thing or two about yourself too. Alternatively, it may be a game of truth or dare that brings about the requisite transformation. Don’t get locked into pointless power-struggles with a friend. Gift with strings attached? Just say thanks and move on. Your finances are a bit volatile just now so avoid spending on credit.

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