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Venus Retrograde 2015: Journey into the Heart

Venus Retrograde 2015: Journey into the Heart
On July 25th 2015 love goddess Venus turns retrograde taking us all on a journey into the heart. Venus turns direct again on September 6th, meaning that this August is crunch time for relationships. The time is here for you to re-evaluate your love life and look deep into your heart for the answers. 
Relationships, finances and other emotional charged matters have entered shaky ground ever since June 21st. That's when Venus first began crossing over those Leo degrees that it's going to go back over this summer. This pre-retrograde period (June 21st - July 25th) is usually extremely stressful for relationships, as these venture into unknown territory. (The Greco-European crisis is a good example here.) By July 25th you have gone as far as you can and it's time to stop and take stock of the situation. By August you are deep into the process of re-evaluation and come September you can finally assume a new stance. But this journey of renewal will not be over until October 8th, for that's when Venus completes her full transit of Leo, allowing you to move forward with new conviction. 
What does Venus "Retrograde" Mean? 
A planet turns "Retrograde" when it appears to go backward in the sky.  Naturally, no planet actually reverses its course, but as each planet goes around the sun, they sometimes appear to go backward from the perspective of the earth. With Mercury and Venus, this happens when those planets are closest to the earth - i.e. between the earth and the sun.  When this happens, what these planets symbolise looms large, becoming really pressing. In Venus' case, it is relationships, finances, beloved projects and your overall value system that come into question.
Venus Retrograde 2015: From Virgo to Leo
Venus turns retrograde in Virgo but spends most of her retrograde phase in Leo. Leo rules the heart. Just as the Sun (Leo's ruler) is the giver of life at the centre of our solar system, the heart is the giver of life in our bodies. It is also the energetic centre of love. Your capacity for love, joy and vitality will come up for assessment this summer.
Leo is also the sign of the father. On the positive side, this is the life-giving spirit of leadership, generosity and patronage. On the negative side it is the tyranny of excessive pride, dictatorial behaviour and egotism. We are likely to see both of these come to the fore over the next 6 weeks.  
Since the retrograde begins in the modest sign of Virgo, a small matter may initiate your journey into the heart. This may be a work, administrative or health matter or a mundane, practical concern.  
On the world stage, we may see relations begin to unravel over administrative issues (Virgo). But this will eventually reveal a need for greater vision, patronage and leadership (Leo). 
On a personal level, details and every day matters may cause you to withdraw from a relationship, investment or project close to your heart and begin to question whether you are on the right track. But this will initiate a deep exploration of your heart's contents, with you asking yourself if you are truly happy in this situation and what you can do to bring greater joy, light and love into your life.

What you may Expect during Venus retrograde 2015

  • We feel strongly where Venus is concerned - unacknowledged love, jealousy, hate and desire may surprise you now. 
  • You may fall in love at this time and this may engender very powerful emotions. If so, wait until after September 6th to see where it is going.
  • Relations may break down and you may feel lonely during this time. Venus represents our values, desires and sense of self-worth as these are reflected in the world around us. But with Venus retrograde the relating impulse is turned inward. The outside world may fail to give you confirmation of your self-worth (or cause you the usual desires, reflecting your values). You are thereby forced on a journey to discover those things within. You may feel lonely at this time, but it is an important process to make sure you are in touch with yourself, without outside interference. 
  • Venus retrograde is associated with the return of old lovers and friends: a past relationship may come back now and be given a second lease of life. This will last only if there is something of value left in it for both parties. Otherwise, you will gain closure so that you can move on.
  • Alternatively, your mind may be turned to a past relationship: this may be triggered by a chance comment or encounter, giving you a chance to re-evaluate what happened and gain a new perspective. If you have been hung up on someone this is your chance to cut the cord and move on. Alternatively, if you didn't even know that you were being held back emotionally by harbouring feelings for someone long gone, you will now become aware of this and clear needless debris from your heart.
  • Since your sense of value is temporarily undergoing repair, this isn't a great time for major investments emotionally or financially. So, avoid a shopping spree. 
  • Still, you may come across a bargain whilst everyone is off their game. This is especially true if you know what you are looking for and have the expertise to recognise it. For instance you may find a special designer item on sale that is normally too expensive and that you have had your eye on for a while, or a hidden gem forgotten in a second hand store.
  • You may find yourself going back on a promise or agreement now. Or you may make good on one, mending broken relations. 
  • Venus goes retrograde in (almost) the same degrees every 8 years or so. Check what arose in your life back in summer-autumn of 2007 to get a sense of how you personally experience Venus retrograde in Leo.
  • If you are a Leo (and especially if you are born in the middle two weeks of August), chances are you will undergo a big re-evaluation of your life goals and direction now. Embrace your inner source of light, life, love and creativity!
  • You can also check to see if Venus hits something in your birth-chart during its retrograde, for it will give this planet in astrology a total overhaul.

Relationship Crisis? Arm Yourself with this Calendar! 

June 21st: The countdown begins. Relationships enter uncharted territory, setting the scene for future developments. The show won't be over until October.  
July 25th: Venus turns retrograde. You've gone as far as you can and it's time to hit pause. July 18th-31st especially is a time of intense re-thinking.
July 25th-September 6th: A period of re-evaluation for all your relationships / emotional and financial investments and the value system that supports them. Watch out for clear signs as to what has to change.
August 4th-5th: A difficult reality check as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Leo and squares Saturn in Scorpio, 
August 15th: Venus conjunct Sun: Something important comes to light. An inner transformation takes place. Get ready for the more challenging phase of the retrograde, when key events take place. Uranus in Aries trines Sun/Venus brings an element of surprise.
September 1st: Venus conjunct Mars: Anger, dynamism, sexual heat and passion. This may bring on hostilities or urge you to pour all your energy into a project or relationship.
September 6th: Venus turns direct: time to begin straightening things out. The first 10 days of September are an important turning point that reveals a new order.
September 6th - October 8th: Changes of heart and new priorities can now be implemented. Bad relationships are left behind. Repair work begins on relationships and projects that have passed the test. 
October 8th: The cycle is complete. Your heart is ready to fully commit to something new. Normalcy returns. 

Venus Retrograde and Your Star-Sign: What's up for grabs?

Wherever Leo falls in your chart, this is the area where you will re-evaluate your life and unlock the secrets of your heart. Check your star-sign and your Ascendant.
For a more detailed reading for your sign, check out your free summer 2015 love horoscope! Or call our accomplished love psychics on 0207 111 6384 for a one-to-one reading.
Romance, love, sex and children. Personal creativity and risk-taking. Sports, recreational activities, hobbies and speculation. Your popularity. 
Home and family. Parents and ancestry. Flatmates and living conditions. Your land, real-estate and roots. Inner identity, psychological issues and your sense of belonging. 
All that is familiar, your immediate environment and siblings. Your thinking. Learning, schooling, communications and your everyday movements.
Finances, earning power, expenses. Your sense of self worth. Your assets and talents. Your physical body and possessions.
Personal identity and capacity for leadership, your goals, and overall approach to life. Your appearance, health and vitality.
The past, karmic baggage and ancestry. Letting go, spiritual renewal and recovery. Isolation and retreat. Facing personal demons. 
Friendships and alliances. Communities, groups and clubs that you belong to. Your ideals and dreams for the future. Social sphere. Financial rewards.  
Your direction in life. Your career, profession and social status. Authority figures such as bosses and parents. Your public image. Your responsibilities.
Your beliefs, religion and philosophy of life. Your sense of purpose and meaning. Matters relating to education and travel. International and legal matters. 
Intimate relationships and interdependence. Joint finances, taxes, loans, grants. Dependency and matters of trust. Sex and transformative experiences.
One to one relationships of all kinds: marriage, business partnerships, collaborations. Contracts and agreements. Popularity and the public. 
Work relationships and working environment. Daily Routine. Health, diet and exercise. Pets, apprenticeships and other elements in your life requiring discipline.
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