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Venus sextile Jupiter Horoscope: 26th October 2016

Venus sextile Jupiter Horoscope: 26th October 2016

We have a very sweet aspect this week and that's Venus in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Libra. It happens on Wednesday October 26th (but is effective 24th-27th) and horoscopefriends cannot wait to tell you all about it in your Venus-Jupiter horoscope

Jupiter is the planet οf luck, optimism and abundance. Venus rules love and relationships, money and pleasure. This is a happy and luxurious aspect! It's what prompts you to add whipped cream on your morning cappuccino or put change into the charity jar. It's perfect for a bit of pampering too and you could enjoy a quality lunch, a visit to the spa or a spot of shopping with a friend. If your pocket can afford it, that is, because yes, Venus-Jupiter likes to spend! And their influence is even stronger now that they are in each others' star signs (Libra and Sagittarius respectively) This sextile is also ideal for smoothing things over in your relationship, building bridges, chatting someone up, asking for more money or approaching A VIP with your ideas. Extra whipped cream anyone?

How does Jupiter sextile Venus affect your star sign?

What goodies do Jupiter and Venus have in store for your star sign? It's all in your horoscope! Read your Ascendant sign too if you know it - you can discover by drawing your birth-chart for free. And if you want one of our expert astrologers to cast a personal horoscope for you you only need dial 0207 111 6384!

Aries, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

Other people are lucky for you, opening doors. You can use an agent to settle a legal issue or collaborate with others to expand your business. Love-use, you could meet someone wonderful if you step out of the house and dare to visit places you normally would not. Travel is also lucky for you and a foreigner could steal your heart. 

Taurus, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

Venus and Jupiter bring you a health boost! Your healing and recuperation powers are great making this the perfect time for a procedure (more so if it's cosmetic). Work opportunities also abound and you could be due for a bonus or receive extra perks. An office romance could blossom now too and you can use this time to enhance trust and harmony among your colleagues.

Gemini, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

Love is on the cards for you! Venus-Jupiter could be a new lover who sweeps you off your feet, or help you rekindle the spark with your long-term partner. A creative partnership could also be good for you now - especially as the other person is positively disposed toward you (finally). If love could not be further from your mind, then use this lovely few days to have maximum fun with friends.

Cancer, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

Venus-Jupiter bring an opportunity to work from home, to work for someone you used to know or relocate somewhere more pleasant with your job. This is a good time to invite work-colleagues over or improve your living quarters. This is a good time for healing too and having a more relaxing routine helps renew you psychologically too.

Leo, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

A short recreational journey is on the cards that will bring much pleasure. And even f you aren't going anywhere, you could meet someone exciting in your daily commute, or even just walking around in your neighbourhood. You are certainly popular! If you like to write or are otherwise creatively inclined, your output is well received now.

Virgo, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

Your finances could receive a boost from a family member. Or you may increase your cashflow through the sale of a property. The opposite is also true, namely that you are willing to go the extra mile to improve your living situation, decorate your house or purchase your dream home, whatever the price! The safety of your home and family make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You may also feel like indulging in your favourite dessert.

Libra, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

This is a golden ticket for you to sell whatever it is you’re selling! Others are open to your views and even admire you. Your charming, tolerant attitude puts others off their guard. You can successfully pitch a sale now, take a pleasant short vacation with family or friends, approach someone you’ve always fancied or express yourself creatively to an approving audience.

Scorpio, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

Your finances have taken a beating in recent years, but this aspect is like divine providence swooping down to lend a helping hand, even if just for a moment. You may feel more inclined to give to charity or offer your help without expecting anything in return. This is exactly what brings you financial luck! Things could also heat up in the bedroom this week. 

Sagittarius, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

You’ve been battered a bit this year (what with Mars in your sign for so long) but Venus’ presence can finally restore you to your default charming and attractive personality - even if it's just for a while. And the result? Others are instantly drawn to you! You could gain a sponsor, gather admirers or get a reassuring pat on the back. This is a great week to tend to your appearance.

Capricorn, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

Someone is putting in a good word for you and this can get you promoted. Your graceful handling of office politics helps you rise through the ranks and this is the moment to boost your reputation and social status. You could also be let in on a secret that helps your career. A health matter could put you in the spotlight or you could develop a secret love affair with a VIP.

Aquarius, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

Many congratulations seem due! Yours is the winning team. Your star is on the rise and there’s an abundance of friends, admirers and VIP supporters at hand. You could experience great success with a marketing campaign or other outreach project in your pursuit of a dream. This is a time to have fun with friends in an open, friendly atmosphere. Love is great with someone who shares your ideals. 

Pisces, here’s your Venus-Jupiter Horoscope

Both Venus and Jupiter have strong ties to your star sign and their handshake is wonderful news for you. You could see a promotion accompanied by a perk or bonus for work well done. Others trust you implicitly now and this could help you gain a sponsor, or deepen your intimate relationships. Getting married? You are being handed the keys to the kingdom!

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