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Venus Sextile Jupiter, October 14th – Lucky Day!

Venus Sextile Jupiter, October 14th – Lucky Day!
When Venus in Libra makes a beneficial aspect to Jupiter in Leo – the two fortunate planets in astrology – on October 14th, you can expect more of an easy flow. Areas that were blocked can free up making this a really enjoyable day!
Venus and Jupiter are known as the two great benefics in astrology. This means that they are the luckiest planets and they can bring extra money and more love into your life.

What to Expect with Venus sextile Jupiter

As Venus is in Libra sextiles Jupiter is in Leo, this is a day to play, enjoy yourself and indulge in life’s pleasures. It’s a wonderful day to get a new haircut or to buy some trendy clothes, jewellery or fancy accessories.
Expect good things to happen! Set a clear intention the night before that you will wake up with an attitude of appreciation and gratitude. Think about all the wonderful things in your life. There is so much that we tend to take for granted. We’re often only focused on what isn’t working in our lives. Set a positive tone from the outset and with the help of Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Leo you could set in motion a string of pleasurable and fortunate experiences in the weeks and months ahead.
It’s a time to unleash the child within. Be creative, do anything that involves a grand gesture. Jupiter in Leo is bold and likes to be seen and admired.
This is a wonderful time for a new romance, for doing any kind of PR, press releases, events. You could be noticed and if you are in the entertainment field, this could be the start of a series of big breaks.
Make a concerted effort to savour everything. For example, when you eat, really revel in each mouthful; let your senses come alive and bask in delight.
It’s a great day to express joy, to see the funny side of life, tell jokes or watch comedies.
You could meet the love of your life, you could get a job promotion or you could come into a large sum of money. These are all the wonderful possibilities open on this lucky day. True story: a woman aged 39, was having financial troubles and didn’t know how she was going to pay the next month’s rent. She decided to place just one pound on the lottery and she won 12 thousand pounds that day!
Another true story: a woman aged 29 had met a man over a year ago on a train in Germany. They had chatted for about an hour and she was very attracted to him, but they never exchanged contact details. She thought about him often all year and wondered if she would ever meet him again. Guess what? When Venus was sextile to Jupiter and also conjunct her natal Venus, she serendipitously bumped into him in a local supermarket! This was the start of a romance which later led to marriage!
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These are some of the beneficial events that can happen during this brief transit. 
Welcome foreigners into your life. Open your heart to a new experience.
Resolve to smile at every single person you meet regardless of their response – but you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised and you might even make some new friends! Just focus on connecting and widening your circle, you’ll feel better inside. Make a clear intention to enjoy this day. You may find something precious, learn a nugget of wisdom that changes your life forever.
If you have this aspect in your birth-chart, you will have an outgoing personality and people will naturally be drawn to you. You have the ability to say the right thing at the right time. Other people will see you as kind, helpful and optimistic – someone who always finds the time to be of assistance.
This aspect is very beneficial for someone working with people, teaching, or in the travel, hospitality and public relations industries.
With Venus at play, you may notice a craving for sweet things and because Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, you may have a tendency to overindulge. So be careful because you might enjoy a temporary high but then experience a real let-down later on.
Whatever you undertake you will be inclined to overdo today, so if you are spending money, make sure you start out with a clear budget and you don’t go out and recklessly buy drinks and dinner for everyone!
New contacts can enhance your life. Existing relationships can improve and new ones that develop during this transit will have fun and pleasure at their core. New friendships that you begin will flow easily.
Business negotiations will run more smoothly and if you are buying or selling anything, this is a great day!
Surround yourself with care and softness – physically, emotionally and mentally. Put aside the intense, urgent issues just for today and take time out to relax and enjoy. If you fully immerse yourself in the pleasures of life you’ll be twice as productive when you get back to work again.

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