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Venus sextile Pluto transit December 2020

Venus sextile Pluto transit December 2020

Passions run high on 10th December 2020 as Venus, planet of love, sextile Pluto, astrology’s tall dark stranger. Love goes deep when Venus and Pluto get together; they make life sexy, mysterious and rich. Pluto rules all that is hidden and secret: profound life-changing experiences, ludicrous material wealth and great emotional depth and intensity. You could find yourself in the grip of powerful attractions, repulsions and even obsessions now. You cannot hide from Pluto’s all seeing eye! Your true feelings come out - times ten - be that about your relationship, a friend or your boss… As you'll also read in your daily horoscope this is an opportunity to be honest with yourself and others and build more meaningful relationships. It’s also a chance to increase your worth! But let's have a look at the Venus-Pluto forecast for your sign!

What you should expect in your love life with Venus sextile Pluto, December 2020

So what does Venus sextile Pluto have in store for your zodiac sign? Where do you feel passion gripping your soul? Your horoscope holds the key! 


You are keeping your cards close to your chest and no amount of scrutiny will reveal them unless you want it to! A clandestine romantic encounter could change your course. So could deep unconscious feelings and desires that are rising to the surface. A secret benefactor may invest in your career or put in a good word to help you get ahead.

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Venus is your ruler and her sextile to Pluto can only mean one thing: your sex appeal is off the charts! You’re feeling sexy and mysterious and this could attract a rather illustrious suitor from your circles. Friendly encounters are anything but superficial now and honesty is a must. It’s also a good time to seek VIP support to energize your dreams.


You’re a favorite with the powers that be right now and this gives you enormous power and reach. Do you need to charm someone to get them to invest in your career ambitions? You’ll have them eating off the palm of your hand! Or maybe what you’re looking for is marriage, kids and a joint bank account? It’s all within your reach!

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Love takes you out of yourself and into exotic lands! You’re obsessed with distant horizons or with a handsome and mysterious stranger who seems to hold the key to your happiness. Your need for a meaningful, uplifting relationship is strong now, so grab your chance. Others open up financial opportunities abroad or in publishing and advertising.


It’s the small stuff that makes you sweat, for instance your desire for love and companionship every day. You want someone to share small intimate moments with, not just on special occasions. Be honest about it. Obsessing over every detail of your most recent sexual encounter is just not helpful! A gift or commission could make you happier at work.

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Love knocks on your door! She’s so sexy and alluring and your heart’s pounding so hard that you're scared it's going to burst out of your chest! If there was ever a time for a hot romantic tête-à-tête this is it. Someone awakens your passions and your feelings run strong. Can you handle it? Take a risk!


Venus is your ruling planet and her encounter with Pluto ups your sex-bomb quota by a thousand! She also puts you in a good position to gain power and influence. This could be at work, where you’re enjoying special favor right now, at home with your family or at the gym. An office flirtation could hit a raw nerve.

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You're as hot as they come and nobody can resist your charms! And now that someone’s caught your eye, you're devising a cunning charm offensive to make them yours. Your chat up lines seem to hit their mark and happy times await! You might also come across a very lucrative investment idea. Sex is very satisfying right now.


Home is where the action is! Your eye is on a big prize and you want to take it home tonight. Make sure your home is pretty and inviting. Tidy up and use some nice scents or flowers. Then get ready to receive your prey! Your pulling capacity is on overdrive and so is your spending… Buy something pretty for your home.

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Like a master magician, you can hypnotize most anything in your vicinity right now. Use the force! Once something is caught in your magnetic field it stands no chance of escaping. Your thoughts and words have great powers to evoke love - or hate - in family and colleagues. Use them wisely! And try not to obsess about things.


Love is deep, meaningful and transformative - especially if you find that you’re on the same wavelength with your sweetie and that you share the same values. Now that’s a real turn on! Someone looks particularly attractive and this awakens unknown depths of passion inside your normally cooler interior. A lucrative proposal could be on the cards.


Feelings run deep! Now you can find out how you truly feel about a friend and how they feel about you. The same goes for a relationship. Is this person someone you can trust? Do you share common dreams and ideals? Venus is in your sign and your allure is off the charts. Why not use it to get a little closer?

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