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Venus sextile Pluto and Mars sextile Neptune: Romantic Passion!

Venus sextile Pluto and Mars sextile Neptune: Romantic Passion!
November has always had a sexy tone about it, being Scorpio's month. But with Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio synchronising watches all month long, we are in for an even more highly charged romantic and passionate stretch!
The month starts off on November 1st with a combination of wonderful aspects for lovebirds everywhere, as Venus (love) joins hands with Pluto (passion); and Mars (sex) links up with Neptune (romance). This combination is so rich, encompassing such romantic highs and passionate depths, that it would be a shame not to make the best possible use of it!  (Find out more about how Mars and Venus affect your choices in love in Venus in Love: where does Cupid strike? and Mars through the Signs: your Ideal Man!)
This is also an excellent combination for business and finance, as Venus (finances) gets a helping hand from Pluto (wealth) and Mars (enterprise) joins forces with Neptune (inspiration). This is the perfect day to put your plans into action!
To spice things up, Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn are both deeply sexy positions, full of passion and good for business.
Venus-Pluto Keywords
  • Love/Hate
  • Riches
  • Dark Stranger
  • Erotic Passion
  • Hidden Talents
  • Transformative Love
  • Art with Impact
  • Empowering Collaboration
  • Inheritance
  • Joint Finances
  • Seduction
  • Girl-power
Mars-Neptune Keywords
  • Inspired / Imaginative Action
  • Selfless Initiative
  • Spiritual Pursuits
  • Artistic Expression
  • Pursuing a Dream
  • Romantic Sexuality
  • Sexual Imagery
  • Glamorous Sports
  • Pledging your Services
  • Sea Ventures
  • Escapist Activities
The keyword for a sextile is Opportunity…and with two sextiles active today, opportunity abounds!  Opportunity for what?  Love, money and enterprise!

What Opportunities do Mars-Neptune and Venus-Pluto Bring Your Way?

Here is the lowdown. Check your sun-sign and ascendant. Need to know more? Draw your free birth-chart! Alternatively, speak to one of our expert advisors for a personal reading!
With Pluto up in your career and public image zone since 2008, you have been undergoing a very intense and, at times, uncomfortably public transformation. Now Mars in Capricorn energises that sector even more! The Venus in Scorpio sextile highlights your professional and social status in relation to joint finance. It might be the perfect time for a financial partnership with people in power that consolidates your image, or for a new deal that brings you status.  Venus-Pluto might also represent a prestigious marriage, or your partner doing well. Mars-Neptune, meanwhile, might inspire you to take action behind the scenes on behalf of a greater ideal, to help others and give back in some way, or to find a public outlet to express your creativity.
Venus-Pluto fires up your partnership and travel zone. You might fall in love with a tall dark stranger or rekindle the spark in your marriage through travelling together or embarking on some course of learning. Or you might see a beneficial legal contract come to life. Mars in Capricorn is also in your travel zone currently, making you particularly active in matters to do with education, law, travel or publishing. Its sextile to Neptune in your friend-zone might bring you into contact with people who inspire you to do more and go after what you want. This is the perfect time to disseminate and promote your ideas.
With Pluto in your sector of intimate relations and joint finance since 2008, you are undergoing a deep transformation in your relationships and partnerships. With Venus in Scorpio in your sector of work and daily routine, Venus-Pluto might bring you opportunities to gain trust and find favour at work through some powerful financial collaboration, or it might bring you closer with a colleague because of a deep transformative experience you undergo together. Alternatively, this combo is also very good for recovery. Do all you can to boost your system at this time. Meanwhile Mars-Neptune can give your career a helping hand and even make you popular in the media and help you establish fruitful partnerships.
Pluto has been shaking up and transforming your one-to-one relationships since 2008 and with Mars in Capricorn too, it seems like all your attention and focus is now on personal and business relationships of all kinds. Venus-Pluto brings the gift of a passionate day for love and romance, as Venus in Scorpio fires up your desire for love and Pluto is receptive to her advances… Expect fireworks in the bedroom! Alternatively, you may enjoy good times with your spouse and children. Mars-Neptune meanwhile, fires up your desire for a romantic escape with your significant other. On the business front, now is the time to bring a collaboration to the next level and expand your base of operations.
Pluto and Mars in Capricorn are making this a busier time than usual. Maybe you are taking on a lot of responsibilities or there are many changes in your daily life that require your attention. Venus-Pluto brings a wonderful opportunity to balance your work and home-life and to feel happier at home and more secure, by establishing positive habits. You might want to help a family member or loved one. If you do so, this will bring great satisfaction - this is a deeply healing day for you. Meanwhile, Mars-Neptune is allowing you to let go and build greater trust in your business and intimate partnerships and work closely with someone else in a way that is empowering.
Pluto has been showing you how imperative it is to express yourself and pursue what makes you happy. With Mars in Capricorn now too, your attention is firmly turned to love and romance and to finding creative outlets of self-expression. Children also fall into this category, so your attention might be squarely on your children at this time, or you may be actively trying for a child. If so, Mars-Neptune opens the doors to romantic passion with your partner, giving you a blissful day for love!  Venus-Pluto meanwhile brings great opportunities to express yourself creatively or communicate successfully with your children or about children. It is also the perfect time for a short romantic getaway trip. You, dear Virgo, have hit the jackpot for love and romance, so make the most of it!
Mars in Capricorn and Pluto keep all your attention firmly on issues related to your home base or family. Maybe you are moving, redecorating, buying or selling property, or maybe a family member needs all your time and attention.  Venus in Scorpio brings financial aid to your cause - an opportunity to secure a base for yourself or to receive financial aid from a family member. It may also be an opportunity to buy something you love for the home or put your personal stamp on your dwelling. Meanwhile, Mars-Neptune inspires practical solutions for your home and family life. This is the perfect time to establish good daily routines, or create a beautiful workspace and enjoy a pleasant day at home alone or with family.
Your ruler, Pluto, has been right in your back yard, transforming all things familiar to you. With Mars in Capricorn now too, there is a lot of movement around and it seems you have to take charge of your environment and make things happen. With Venus in Scorpio batting for your side, your irresistible charm and diplomacy mean you can easily win others to your cause. Venus-Pluto is likely to make you very persuasive in love and business, so use it to fight your corner! Meanwhile, Mars-Neptune offers a great opportunity for love and romance, or for artistic self-expression. You can have a productive talk with your children (or about children) now too.
Pluto has been shaking up your finances since October 2008, and with Mars in Capricorn now too, all your attention, it seems, is on your incomings and outgoings.  With any luck, Venus in Scorpio may well signify a hidden benefactor, with Venus-Pluto bringing the money-fairies to help you out!  Alternatively, you may decide to offer your services for less in order to gain new skills. Whatever you do, you will be the richer for it!  Mars-Neptune meanwhile suggests that your energy and resources can be beneficially employed in addressing home and family matters. You might purchase beautiful things for your home, or you may help out a family member. Whatever happens, this day can help you consolidate your financial affairs and make you feel more secure.
Pluto has been transforming everything in your life since 2008, including your very person, your self-image, your body and your outlook on life. With Mars in Capricorn right now too, all eyes seem to be on you and it falls to you to take charge and the steps necessary to make things happen. Venus in Scorpio brings some relief in the shape of a little help from your friends. This time is perfect for seeking emotional support and even financial favour from your circle and for making new and powerful allies. Mars-Neptune on the other hand, makes you extra-persuasive and proactive in promoting your ideas. Your way with words can win you great popularity, so reach out and make things happen!
Pluto took up residence in the deepest part of your chart since 2008, urging you to go undercover and giving you power behind the scenes. With Mars in Capricorn joining him now too, it seems that there are a lot of secret preparations underway... Venus in Scorpio is in your house of honours and awards making you very popular in the meantime and offering you an opportunity to use this popularity for the greater good. Venus-Pluto may bring you into contact with powerful people behind the scenes and offer you a chance to make a difference. Meanwhile, Mars-Neptune may open a door for you to act according to your own values and take concrete steps to realise your dreams.
Pluto has been transforming your friendships and ties to groups and societies since 2008, and with Mars in Capricorn joining him for the first time since 2010, you may be busy re-evaluating friendships, pursuing your goals, or taking a more active role in your social sphere. As Venus in Scorpio activates your zone of education and travel, the sextile to Pluto may bring you in contact with powerful allies in religious, legal or educational institutions who are friendly to your cause and can help you realise your vision. With Neptune in your sign sextile Mars too, there is a certain allure and glamour about you that nobody can resist! Time to weave your magic spell...


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