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Venus sextile Saturn & Mars square Uranus 2018

Venus sextile Saturn & Mars square Uranus 2018

On September 18th, 2018 Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, while on September 13th we had Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn. This can be a really challenging combination!

Roll Venus-Saturn and Mars-Uranus into one on September 2018, and we have a recipe for potential challenges. If you have anything important planned for these two weeks, you may want to reschedule and lay low as you test the waters.  If, on the other hand, people and circumstances paint you into a corner, then do your best to keep your cool and consider your options carefully before you make a decision. Avoid flippancy, as whatever you decide is likely to have long-term relationship or financial repercussions. 

If you manage to handle the energies constructively, you can break free of a tyrannical situation and restore your sense of potency, while also manifesting something that you want – whether this is a relationship, financial deal or artistic project.

What to expect when Mars squares Uranus and Venus sextiles Saturn 

Venus-Saturn may bring a narrow passage in relationships or finances, testing people's loyalties and forcing you to either compromise on what you want and commit to a concrete proposal to achieve results, or otherwise cut your losses. This is a moment of truth when it comes to money or love – time to put your cards on the table… Tough decisions now can help you consolidate affairs of the heart and make long-lasting investments.

At the same time, Mars-Uranus brings surprises out of left field to keep you on your toes. Things are unpredictable and go ‘snap’ under this influence, which brings a desire to cut ties and break free from whatever has been oppressing you and forcing your hand. It can signify unruly people, unstable circumstances and things blowing up in your face. There is a strong urge to carve your own way now, which can lead you to pioneer new paths. Try to avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater if you can…

What to Do & Watch Out For with Venus-Saturn and Mars-Uranus 

Good things to do

  • Proceed with caution
  • Examine your finances
  • Reduce our costs
  • Evaluate an important relationship
  • Say yes to something you are serious about and truly want
  • Break away from a constrictive situation
  • Innovate and follow your own path
  • Lay low to avoid getting caught up in others' crossfire
  • Consider your options closely (If something is worth it stay.  If not, move on.)

Things to watch out for

  • Flippancy
  • Needless rebellion
  • Immature behaviour
  • Rashness
  • Narrowing options
  • Excessive criticism/coldness in relationship
  • Constricted cash flow
  • Compromising too much / giving in too much
  • Surprises catching you off guard
  • Your fear of commitment ruining a good thing
  • Others acting out 

How will Venus-Saturn and Mars-Uranus affect your sign?

Read both your sun-sign and Ascendant below (don't know your Ascendant? If you know your birth time, draw your free birth chart and find it out!)


Venus-Saturn may bring on a serious merger or relationship decision. Joint finances may require serious examination or you may need to restructure debt. Deeper emotional and financial commitment may be called for in intimate relationship.  

Mars-Uranus may bring sudden surprises in your career. Someone in power may be acting in a way that provokes you to rebel. You are on the cutting edge (or ragged edge) and could have a breakthrough or reach breaking point.

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Venus-Saturn will make your spouse or business partner extra demanding. They may ask you to commit beyond the point where you are comfortable to, testing your loyalty.

Mars-Uranus may activate an unconscious urge to break free from constrictive situations and cause you to act out without meaning to, or attract some circumstance that does it for you. You have a great urge to escape through travel, no matter what.

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Venus-Saturn may tax your energy and health, or bring work pressures, testing your commitment and causing you to work overtime to reach the desired results. You may still feel that you have given too much for what you get.

Mars-Uranus may cause all kinds of financial mayhem to break loose - maybe bringing a disagreement over joint finances with a friend that takes you by surprise. Try to exercise restraint.

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Venus-Saturn brings a serious tone to matters of love, children, creativity and speculation. You may take a loss, or you may be required to commit further to consolidate your position.

Mars-Uranus may see sudden career developments with someone acting out left-field to challenge you openly. Something or someone may blow up in your face. You may be faced with professional competitors and people generally acting out.

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Venus-Saturn may bring a major home expense or see you compromise at home or to accommodate a family member. If conditional love is involved, time to see things clearly and decide your next steps.

Mars-Uranus might see surprises of a legal nature to do with work. Or some irritating event at work may cause you to suddenly decide to take a trip, embark on a course or do something to escape and broaden your horizons. Do not travel or sign work documents.

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Venus-Saturn may present a test for your communication-style, knowledge or writen work. Time to show your worth in your immediate circles or your commitment and love to a sibling.

Mars-Uranus may bring a nasty surprise involving speculative investment, love or joint finances. Sex can be mind-blowing.

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Venus-Saturn puts your finances through the grinder. Time to cut down to the bare essentials and evaluate what is worth your time and money and what is not. You may also be called to put your talents to the test.

Mars-Uranus is rocking up your relationships and your home and family life. Problems at home or with real estate may have your partner acting erratically, or you may have agents and contractors throw a spanner in the works.

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Venus-Saturn in your sign may force your hand on some issue, asking you to commit one way or another and generating financial burdens. Relationships are rather demanding right now. Make sure to take care of yourself and your body. Any changes to your appearance right now are here for the long haul.

Mars Uranus carries the potential for accidents, arguments and irritations. Work is hectic, transport is disruptive, and chaos may erupt all around you generating a lot of stress and taxing your health. Keep calm and stay out of trouble.

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Venus-Saturn may bring you face to face with unconscious habits that sabotage your conscious efforts. A friend or ally may force you to do some soul searching and evaluate what you are prepared to sacrifice to get what you want. Be honest with yourself.

Mars-Uranus may bring a few financial surprises your way - especially where your children or a creative project is concerned. Romance may also prompt rash expenses, so don't go that way.

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Venus-Saturn urges you to acknowledge the support of a friend and pay them your respects. You may have to seriously consider what you really want from your social circle and either make a commitment or cut your losses.

Mars-Uranus may shake up your sense of security and put you right in the middle of some family upheaval. Alternatively, surprises around your home-base may throw your plans into disarray.

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Venus-Saturn may bring rewards of past efforts now, even if the honours bestowed on you will come with heavy strings attached. Compromise may be required to preserve your social status.

Mars-Uranus may bring all kinds of disruption in your communications and movements. Arguments may be sparked off by a flippant comment or a Freudian slip on your part. Avoid travel and negotiations if you can.

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Venus-Saturn may bring heavy financial costs and force you to compromise when it comes to travel or a legal or educational matter. People in high places may be overly demanding. Time to give your future some serious consideration: either invest for the long term or withdraw.

Mars-Uranus may bring financial surprises your way, influenced by the erratic behaviour of a friend or your social community. This might cause considerable anger at those around. Avoid rash financial decisions.

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Mars square Uranus in the Birth-Chart 

People with Mars square Uranus in their birth-chart have a disobedient and unruly side to them. They are contrarian, innovative and unpredictable, they like to buck the trend and go against the current. Well someone has to! They love a challenge. This is the signature of the innovator, iconoclast or freedom-fighter.

Mars-Uranus Keywords: rebellion, obstinacy, recklessness, challenge, eccentricity, progressive action, unpredictability, destructive, willfulness, originality, innovation, bucking the trend, contrarian.

Famous personalities with this aspect include: Madonna, Steve Jobs, John F Kennedy, Elton John, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta Jones, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Eva Herzicova, Woody Allen, Coco Chanel, Noam Chomsky, Mother Teresa, Ernest Hemingway, Ray Charles, Mike Tyson, Ewan McGregor, Kim Basinger, Tim Burton, Brittany Murphy, Katie Price, Billy Idol, Harry Houdini, John Cleese, Alexander Graham Bell, Jack Kerouac, Clark Gable, Nathan Fillion, Doris Day, Elijah Wood, John Malcovich, Tom Cruise

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