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Venus sextile Uranus: Do Something Different with your Day!

Venus sextile Uranus: Do Something Different with your Day!

The definition of madness, they say, is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Well, why not do something different this week? “Different how?” you might say. Venus in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries on 6th-7th February 2018 and this helps you lose your inhibitions. You don’t have to overthink things right now. Let it all happen! Expect pleasant surprises and instantaneous attractions as Cupid looses his arrows in all directions! It is a bubbly, infatuating combo and great for a bit of fun so why not have a night out with friends? Maybe there is a party you could crash? Things could happen at the drop of a hat so keep an open mind. If you are experiencing a creative block, Venus-Uranus could well bring a breakthrough. This is a good time to follow an impulse or act on an insight. Go on, loosen up a little!

Venus-Uranus Horoscope for your Star Sign

Where do Venus and Uranus mix things up this week? Where’s the party at? The horoscope for your star sign has some pointers. Love at first sight? Can’t wait to know how it will turn out? Why not call 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) to book a reading with one of our friendly psychics?


You’re full of surprises these days, dear Aries, and the merest thought of sticking to the same old boring routine has you running for the hills. Well, why not plan a spontaneous evening out with friends? If you’ve been there, done that, try flirting with a friend to see what happens. It might drive them crazy, as they won’t know if you really mean it or if you are pulling their leg. Surprise them and you might surprise yourself!


Are you ready to shake up your public image? Ready to come out of the closet? This is the moment when you could suddenly gain fame or even notoriety! Whichever it is, the world can’t get enough of you. Your might pleasantly surprise your boss with an insight or secret. If you are unsure of your next career step, stop trying to think it through. You might get the answer in a dream or when you least expect it.


Stuck in a rut, dear Gemini? Are you yearning for a bit of escape and renewal? Let your friends oblige!  Accept the invite, no matter how whacky it is! No more same old staying in your comfort zone for you. A last minute road trip or plane ticket might be just what you need to shift your perspective. Say yes! A handsome stranger, acquaintance or friend of a friend, might be just the distraction you need.


Your career is full of twists and turns, dear Cancer, and you don’t know whether you are coming or going. But one thing is constant and that is your nose for a good investment! Others recognise this now and shower you with gifts. You might receive a generous pay check or business proposal that turns your career around and opens up a whole new direction for you, in a flash.


You are crying out for change and renewal, dear Leo, but you can’t do it all by yourself. Here’s an idea. Have a day when you only say ‘yes’! Where is your sense of adventure? Do it for fun. Do it as an experiment. Just be open to others and see where it takes you. You might enjoy a sudden attraction with someone who is very unlike your usual sort. Great. Experiment a little!


You’re one mean lean working machine, dear Virgo! You can cut through any problem with your sharp insight and skill and even experience a breakthrough at work. You can rid yourself of a health concern in a flash by having that op or smash that weight loss plateau with a new diet and exercise routine. A bit of extra work on the side brings in a lump of cash. 


Are you ready to fall in love, dear Libra? Yes? Cupid is loosing his arrows in your vicinity so you’d better watch out!  And if you are in a long term relationship already, you light a match that re-lights the fire between you and your partner. Let others surprise you! Let them sweep you off your feet. It is oh so delicious. If you work in arts or entertainment, you could be an overnight hit!


Home-work-home-work-home…No! This is no time to follow your usual schedule. Why not do something different and take your family by surprise? They will love it! You can also make swift progress with a property matter and could cut through all that red tape. Whatever you do, don’t force yourself to conform. Even something as small as wearing mis-matching socks could give you a kick and make you feel good all day long.


Love at first sight, dear Sagittarius, well that certainly doesn’t happen every day! There you are, walking to your corner store when someone catches you eye and you end up having a drink. If you work in arts, media or entertainment, a brilliant idea strikes you. Are you in sales? You’re on a roll! This is a day of love, fun and creative brilliance. But you need to get out and about. Nothing will happen if you just sit tight.


Do you have the sudden urge to spend a nice lump sum on decorating your home, dear Sagittarius? Time spent with family is a real gift right now, boosting your confidence and your wallet.  A property could become an asset. You might have a brilliant idea on how to work and make money from home or about turn a profit from your house, land or home-grown produce. Loved ones give you praise and self-assurance.


You’re looking so sexy right now that you are literally generating an electric forcefield all around you, Aquarius! You’re holding the room to attention, drawing others like moths to a flame. You can convince near anyone of anything so what do you want? What is your wildest idea? Try it on! It’s a day to sell, communicate, network and connect. Plug yourself in. You might receive an unexpected romantic proposal. 


Money troubles? Lack of funds? Physical problems? The solution drops right out of the sky! You could alight on a brilliant idea to boost your funds, start a business or overcome a physical obstacle as if by magic. If you are feeling under the weather, some rest could do wonders for you right now. Just close your eyes and let sleep take tare of the rest. Someone has a secret crush on you!

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