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Venus square Jupiter: Hey Big Spender!

Venus square Jupiter: Hey Big Spender!
This weekend (November 7th-9th), we have Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo, culminating Sunday the 9th of November.
Venus represents love, beauty, money and pleasure.  
Jupiter brings faith, optimism and freedom. It always looks to the future, is full of promises and wants bigger, better and more of everything! (Check out Venus in Love and the Planets in Astrology for more...)
The square is a stressful planetary aspect and has an action-oriented, compulsive flavour to it.
This is a signature aspect of largesse, optimism and for reaching out for the best life has to offer…but also of reckless spending, self-indulgence and the insatiable pursuit of pleasure. It gives rise to big appetites: we want more love, more money, more pudding, more shoes, and more of life's good things all round. And only the best will do! It is also a hungry and hopeful aspect, compelling us to live life to the max and spare no expense to reach our goals, borrowing from tomorrow to enjoy today.
Scorpio and Leo are both fixed signs: slow burning, obstinate and proud. They bring intensity and dramatic flair to this aspect, making it sexier and more extreme than it otherwise would be. Beware of going OTT on retail therapy especially!
Still, with some expert handling (i.e. keeping an eye on excess consumption or expenditure), you can push forward with your goals, reach for the stars and have a large dollop of fun in the process.
With Mars conjunct Pluto in the mix this weekend too, beware of obsessive and extreme behaviour. You have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude – or someone else does – and nothing can stand in your way… Make sure, at least, to aim for something that you really want.

How does Venus-Jupiter affect You?

Aries - Hungry for love? You're insatiable today. Alternatively, don't break the bank to get that toy. Kids may be acting out...
Taurus - A home and family extravaganza!  Extending your reach with a little help from your dad, mom or a special someone...
Gemini - Too much to do, think and talk about!  Promises... Buying 'how to' books? Self-indulgence due to good conversation... Verbal overflow.
Cancer - Big expenses for love and romance, or fun and pleasure. Or a big gift for the kids. Speculation overload.
Leo - You are in the spotlight at home - the star of the family!  Maybe a lavish home party? Can you handle the attention?
Virgo - Mental and psychic overload. Maybe a benefactor? Brimming with clandestine ideas. Words flow... Try your hand at automatic writing. Don't make promises you cannot keep.
Libra - Spending to impress your friends. Need to buy a lavish gift for someone? Or maybe contemplating potential winnings? You are going all in on your dreams...
Scorpio - All eyes are on you! Tempted to vamp up your image? So what if this jacket or handbag costs an arm and a leg? Only the best will do. You must dress to impress after all.
Sagittarius - A difference of opinion with a benefactor? Total immersion escapism... Yearning to travel. Remember to take off your magic slippers on your return...
Capricorn - A large sum of money takes you by surprise. Maybe it’s taxes, but it might also be a bonus or generous offer from a friend! Don’t blow it all at once! Alternatively, are you going in the red to show a friend you care?
Aquarius - Splashing out with your special someone makes you feel like you've made it big. Attending a glamorous event with your spouse. Or, a potentially lucrative, if a little volatile, collaboration is in the cards.
Pisces - Hungry for escape to distant lands? Yearning to eat exotic foods? Your soul longs for something outside the trodden path. Expenses around travel, education, health or a legal matter.

Do you have Venus-square Jupiter in your birth-chart?

If you have Venus square Jupiter natally, you have large appetites, aim high and can be rather extravagant as you seek to impress! Generous to a fault and warm-hearted, you appreciate good humour and honesty in others and seek meaning, freedom and growth in your relationships. You probably also like to play the field a bit, as you have an insatiable appetite for adventure and new experience. Although your intentions are good, you sometimes overestimate your capabilities and promise more than you can deliver.  Unless you have modifying influences, you probably tend to live beyond your means. Moderation is a real challenge!
Indicative quotes by famous Venus-square-Jupiter folk: 
"The best way to know God is to love many things" - Vincent Van Gogh
"I like to spend my money." - Elton John
"The secret is not to give up hope." - George Lucas
"Life is a game. Money is how we keep score." - Ted Turner
Famous people with Venus square Jupiter include:  Britney Spears, Elton john, C.G. Jung, Edie Murphy, Ted Turner, George Lucas, Bill Gates, Vincent Van Gogh, Noam Chomsky, Sean Connery, Alice Cooper, Michael J. Fox, David Lynch, Dolly Parton, Tina Turner.
Is this your kin? Check out your free birth-chart to find out if you have Venus square Jupiter too!
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