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Venus square Saturn: Tough Love

Venus square Saturn: Tough Love

Venus squares Saturn in Sagittarius on January 27th, then again on April 8th and 21st 2017. This is the quintessential aspect of ‘tough love’, teaching you to take responsibility for your own happiness and to forgo immediate pleasures to earn greater long term rewards.

Venus square Saturn works hard to earn your love. Because love is conditional: “If I lose weight, I will be loved.” “If I make money women will want me.” “If you do as I say, only then will I love you.” These experiences make your self-worth conditional on others’ approval, internalising a sense that you’re not worthy of love unless you meet certain standards. And if you don’t make the cut, you can feel rejected, poor, ugly and unloved. If such an experience comes now, it is to urge you to question the measure by which you evaluate yourself. Learn to love yourself even in your darkest moments and take responsibility for your own happiness!

Is there an upside? Venus square Saturn is serious about love, looks and money and you can use it to build in these areas. You now find it much easier to forgo instant gratification and make an investment for the long term. This could help solidify a romantic relationship, show you are serious about a career opportunity or allow you to lose weight, curb your spending or clear out junk from your closet. See, every cloud has a silver lining! 

Your Venus square Saturn Horoscope

Where do you need to work on your self-esteem? Where do you need to put in the work to make a relationship go the distance? It’s all in the horoscope for your star-sign. If you’re going through a tough time in love give our relationship experts a call on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470).

Aries star sign or Aries ascendant

Are you beating yourself up over unconscious wishes and desires that you’re too ashamed to admit to? Your secret crush could hit a brick wall of morality right now. Don’t use some rigid ideology to beat yourself up or victimise someone else. Spiritual pursuits leave something to be desired. You can make a relationship official but love comes with sacrifices now.

Taurus star sign or Taurus ascendant

The Venus-Saturn cycle is all the more important for you because Venus is your ruler. You may be working hard to gain entry to an exclusive club or make your dreams a reality now  despite financial limitations. This is no easy matter and it requires you to reach deep within you and face your worst fears of worthlessness. If you put in the work you can build lasting relationships now. This is also a good time to lose weight.

Gemini star sign or Gemini ascendant

You may have to sacrifice your career goals now to preserve a relationship. Or it may be that you cannot succeed in your plans without the help of someone else. But that someone is being very difficult to charm! Is this relationship worth the effort? If so commit for the long term and forget instant satisfaction. All good things come to those who wait. 

Cancer star sign or Cancer ascendant

You’re working hard to impress VIPs but it could feel like you’re putting in too much effort for little or no reward. Relationships with family and friends require sacrifices now and could feel like too much hard work. But this is also a chance to work toward a dream or ambition and carve out a place where you feel that you belong. Don’t expect an easy win.

Leo star sign or Leo ascendant

Love seems too much like hard work these days. This is a temporary influence and you could feel money as a result. It’s time to review your long term relationship goals. If you do decide to have that serious chat with your sweetheart make sure you’re clear on how much you’re prepared to invest to give this relationship a chance. Gifts come with heavy strings attached. 

Virgo star sign or Virgo ascendant

Relationships require extra effort, hard work and commitment on your part right now - whether with your sweetheart, with friends or with family members. It’s time to decide what is most important to you and invest your energies exclusively. This will require you to say no to something else. It’s a good time to diet or work toward a trip, publication or qualification.

Libra star sign or Libra ascendant

With Venus as your ruler, chances are you’re feeling this cold front rather strongly. This is a good time to lose weight or clear out your drawers of needless junk. It’s time to focus on the bare essentials of your life and forgo frivolous pleasures. The atmosphere at work could be rather chilly and your usual charm is getting you nowhere. It’s best to be honest with others now and build long-lasting working relationships.

Scorpio star sign or Scorpio ascendant

Financial limitations could spoil the party now. This is no time to speculate on risky ventures - whether in love, business or the stock market. It’s time to forgo ephemeral pleasures and build value for the long term. Love and romance leave something to be desired and there could be a cold atmosphere with your sweetheart. Don’t let it affect your self-esteem!

Sagittarius star sign or Sagittarius ascendant

These days require maturity on your part. You need to show how much you’ve grown, either by taking on family responsibilities or by building boundaries to protect what is of value to you. Your home and family life leaves something to be desired and you could feel lonely as a result. You can take this in your stride and work hard toward your ambitions.

Capricorn star sign or Capricorn ascendant

Conversations are not likely to go your way. Maybe it’s a Freudian slip that derails a relationship or maybe you’re experiencing coldness and hostility that seemingly comes out of nowhere. Relationships with colleagues, relatives and neighbours are hard work but, equally, you can build lasting beneficial relationships if you put in the work now.

Aquarius star sign or Aquarius ascendant

Are your friends being cold and distant? Or maybe you just don’t feel like you fit in? If you feel like the odd one out, the challenge is to love yourself and cherish your gifts even when others don’t acknowledge your loveliness. Money doesn’t come easy right now but you can work hard toward an ambitious dream. A friendship could be tested.

Pisces star sign or Pisces ascendant

It’s a case of duty before pleasure, whether it is your love life that has to be put to the back burner because of work, or whether you need to tighten your belt financially to pursue longer term goals. Someone you rate highly could put a crimp on your day and make you question whether you are good enough. Of course you are! It’s just that you need to work on this relationship.

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