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Venus Trine Jupiter

Venus Trine Jupiter

Excitement, romance and luck in love walk hand in hand on 8th of August 2019, when a stimulating astrological aspect brings passions to a boil! Venus trines Jupiter -  a golden aspect for love, money and all good things in life! Plan something special for the Thursday 8 August! Lucky Jupiter is throwing a large party and giving your story a happy ending. So have faith! A breath-taking few days lie ahead…

Venus trine Jupiter 2019 Horoscope for Every Star Sign

How does Venus trine Jupiter bring you luck and opportunity for love and money? Where does this aspect colour you romantic? And what surprises does it have in store? Horoscope Friends breaks it all down, star sign by star sign. For a more in depth love reading, call 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) and speak to one of our friendly relationship psychics!


You’re lucky both in money and love/relationships, dear Aries! Someone is a real asset to you right now. This could be a sibling, neighbour or love interest from your familiar environment! Dare to express how you feel! Expect surprises on the home front and watch out for Freudian slips and for misleading someone with your words…


Venus-Jupiter is a golden money-aspect for you, Taurus, one of your favourite subjects! You’re lucky in all matters involving money and work and can use this to ask for a raise and get it! You’ll also come across as quite altruistic with your cash but try not to lend to friends or let them walk all over you! Watch what you say! Expect surprise revelations or you may be the one to let the cat out of the bag!


You’re lucky in love, dear Gemini! You ooze charm and sex appeal and can use that to have anyone fall head over heels! If it’s a creative enterprise you’re invested in, expect things to go swimmingly!  Try to steer clear of unrealistic goals, career and personal. Having trouble with money? Time to think big and try some unconventional solutions!


You might come to realise that you have a secret admirer, dear Cancer! Love can be found close to home and among friends. Give of yourself freely. This will bring you luck! You seem to have a highly idealised vision of what you want. Let rigid preconceptions go. Are you a trouble maker? A mighty surprise awaits you in your career!


Have a party, dear Leo! A fabulous time with friends lies ahead and you’ll want to enjoy July 18th to the max! Especially given the stress of work and office politics, which may have taken a toll on you. Single and looking for love? Let a friend make the introductions! A stranger may ignite buried passions in you. Longing for the perfect union makes you vulnerable.


8th of August brings you an excellent money-aspect, dear Virgo! Your value is finally recognised by higher ups, as is your important role and contribution. A raise, complete with higher status is on offer should you want it - even amidst financial surprises and upheaval when it comes to your joint or family finances. Try and keep your expectations of others realistic and don’t put them on a pedestal.


Ah, finally you can let your hair down, relax and party, dear Libra! Venus-Jupiter brings you luck in virtually all aspects of your life provided you’re willing to look to the future, have faith and open yourself up to love. You long for escape from the day to day. Expect surprises in your career and relationships!


You’re feeling rebellious against the moral rules and everyday chores and strictures of your life, dear Scorpio, and you want to try a different approach. Do! Hire help! Work abroad! Get a second opinion! Any romantic disappointment you feel is quickly restored by yours or someone else’s generosity and depth of feeling. Any good you do comes back to you tenfold now!


Others are lucky for you, dear Sagittarius! You have friends in his places and allies who are willing to put all their faith in you! This helps you get ahead in love and business alike on 8th of August! Don’t compromise a wonderful relationship opportunity due to any unrealistic expectations around the home and family front. Sex with a new lover could be mind-blowing! The funds for a creative project suddenly appear!


This is a golden moment for your work and career, dear Capricorn! It has the potential to bring you much happiness, raise your profile and bring you closer to your goals! Single? You’re most likely to meet someone in the office or the gym! Don’t read more into someone’s words or you’ll feel let down. Expect sudden twists and turns at home and in an important relationship!


Venus and Jupiter crown you love’s favourite child, dear Aquarius! Let your hair down, book a holiday and let things happen! Just be careful how much you spend… Chaos erupts at work come Monday when you or someone who works for you no longer feels like playing by the rules. While this is disruptive it makes space for some brilliant new ideas!


You live in La La Land as it is, dear Pisces - more so of late - and you’re chosen to experience some magical moments of love and happiness this week! Venus and Jupiter bat for your team and help you to bond with someone more deeply and blissfully. You could also receive an expensive personal gift.

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