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Venus trine Mars

Venus trine Mars

Venus in Taurus trines Mars in Capricorn on April 11th 2018 and it’s party time! Astrology’s lovers Venus and Mars are raising the temperature this week, making for some really passionate moments. Master of romance Neptune in Pisces is also right there, in sextile to both Mars and Venus, playing match-maker and pouring hot liquid sugar on the whole thing… Talk about the magic powers of attraction! Venus sextile Neptune happens on 12th April and Mars-Neptune on the 14th. And so the fairytale unfolds, full of all kinds of sensual, sexy and romantic earthly delights! Venus trine Mars makes love and pleasure a priority. Steal a precious moment alone with your partner, no matter how busy you both are, to fan the flames! Single? Don’t hesitate to go on a date! Alternatively, have fun with friends, party and let your hair down. Something wonderful could well be in store for you! With Jupiter-Pluto also on the cards, you could well find the treasure at the end of your rainbow!

Note that Venus and Mars will trine three times throughout 2018 - a rare event - but Neptune is only involved this once, on 11 April, when it happens in earth signs. This is when you can really find that sweet spot!  The aspect repeats again 7 August and finally 9 November 2018 - this time in air signs Libra and Aquarius, bringing a greater air of detachment.

Neptune is also involved in this April 2018 Mars-Venus trine so you have an added bonus... What's that all about? 

  • Love, sex and fairytales are all rolled into one!
  • Enjoy a romantic getaway! Your need for escape and pleasure is strong now. You can also go to a spa or have a massage, go wine tasting or even enjoy a photoshoot.
  • Make a grand romantic gesture, act out your fantasies, enjoy a candlelit dinner or daydream with your beloved. 

Venus trine Mars brings passion and romance! Here’s how to make the most of it:

  1. Have fun! Don’t just go home after work. Flow with the energy and see what happens! Go for a drink, socialise, attend a party, go dancing!
  2. You might feel a strong attraction now. Flirt your socks off and revel in the chemistry you have with someone.
  3. This is a good time to throw yourself into a creative project or indulge in your favourite hobbies. 

Here is your Mars-Venus horoscope!


You’re hot stuff, dear Aries! ‘Aren’t I always’ you might retort and, yes! But now even more  so. You’re going places and everyone wants a piece of you! It’s time to show them what you’ve got. Parade your assets and be top dog! What’s your secret? It’s your mojo and you’re not about to (kiss and) tell. Enjoy the magic that makes your stock rise. You want to have fun and cash in your chips, or bonus points!

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Party time, Taurus! And, for you, a party must involve tons of luxury, pleasure and earthly delights - food and wine at the very least. Venus in your sign makes you irresistible! It also makes it hard for you to resist temptation… Give in! You’re in the mood for adventure and eager to indulge in some romantic escapism! If you go away with friends, someone from a foreign land might be drawn to you like a big burly bear to honey!

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Do you have a secret crush, Gemini? If that’s not it, something’s got your attention in any case because we’ve lost you of late. Where are you? Enjoying a red hot tete a tete behind the curtains perhaps? Or deeply engrossed in a creative project or some other private business? There is surely a touch of glamour to what you’re up to and we’re all dying to know… Love can heal and transform you as you go deep down that rabbit hole. Come out soon!

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Your world is in a mad whirl, dear Cancer! Invites are pouring in, people are vying for your attention and you can’t help but feel inspired by it all. Single? Someone is sure to get you out of your carefully guarded shell this week - even if they only manage to do so by extending some sort of challenge! Accept invites and go out because you will find many a gorgeous romantic prospect among friends. Let love and romance carry you off on wings of magic…

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Your stock is on the rise, dear Leo! Success is a real turn on so it’s good that the world is treating you with the respect and deference that befits your station. A perfectly sculpted body is number two on the list and whoever has your eye will certainly showcase qualities you admire. Being as bright and shiny as you are, you’ll attract no shortage of worker bees who will be more than happy to serve their queen! Now, are you willing to let them get under your skin?

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You’ve hit pure gold, dear Virgo! Love, romance and hope for the future are all yours. You just wanna have fun, escape your day to day routine and delight in a change of scenery. A mini romantic escape with your sweetheart could do absolute wonders for your relationship now! Single? Revel in your new-found popularity. Flirt a little and enjoy what the single life has to offer! It’s a good time to indulge in a creative hobby with someone who inspires you.

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Where’s the passion, dear Libra? Behind closed doors, that’s where. There is lots going on back there and you’re not about to share. You find pleasure in the little things now. It’s all about those small romantic gestures that bring magic and romance into the every day. Things at home are sure to heat up and you can enjoy some really intimate moments with someone now that will bring you closer together. 

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You’re feeling hopelessly romantic, dear Scorpio, and who’s to blame you? You’re high on love and others are only too willing to oblige! Add to that some good chat and your most penetrating gaze and we have a winner! Someone out there is looking very attractive right now. Are you ready to move in for the kill? You’re popular, your powers of persuasion are sharper than ever and nobody will be able to resist your charm.

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You’ve gone to ground, dear Sagittarius. You’re pouring all your energy into your work and that’s no bad thing. No less because you get great pleasure from it. Is it the project or that hottie you’re working with that’s got your attention? Pour your heart and soul into it and get yourself some satisfaction. Single? Keep an eye out. Your talents have caught someone’s eye! An office romance could offer sanctuary.

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There is absolutely nothing you cannot be, do or have, dear Capricorn! Mars is in your sign and Venus in your house of true love and - oh boy - you have the power to sweep anyone off their feet! Ten years younger? So what? Take a chance! You won’t be disappointed. Attached? A short romantic getaway would be ideal. This is also a fantastic opportunity to channel your energies into a favourite hobby, a start up business or into creative pursuits. Pure delight!

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Let your inner romantic out to play, dear Aquarius! Yes, you’re not the soppy kind, we know, but your idealism is well known. And isn’t that romantic? You are working hard behind the scenes to make the world a better place so why not begin at home? Draw the curtains and show your partner how much they mean to you. Single? Put the past to bed. You’re worth so much more. You can see that now. Love blossoms behind closed doors!

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Isn’t life just dandy, Pisces? You’re the apple of everybody’s eye — friends, potential suitors and acquaintances all rally around to experience your own special brand of magic. Be generous! Single? You absolutely need to step out and about, as there’s sure to be someone delicious in your vicinity! If you’re attached, a romantic getaway could be just the ticket to rekindle the spark. So would a movie, joint workshop or simply exploring your neighbourhood. Mix it up a little!

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