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Venus trine Pluto: Sudden Romance ...or Win the Lottery!

Venus trine Pluto: Sudden Romance ...or Win the Lottery!
On 14th September Venus trines Pluto. Venus, the planet ruling pleasure, love, relationships and money is in Virgo, while Pluto, the planet ruling power, control, obsession, death and rebirth is in Capricorn.  Read The Planets in Astrology to find out more!

What to Expect when Venus trines Pluto

This aspect often indicates love at first sight.  If you meet someone on this day, you will probably have a strong karmic connection with them. It could feel as though you have known this person before and there will be a very strong magnetic attraction.
You could have a feeling that this is your soul mate.
With Pluto involved, this is potentially a very sexy transit and the attraction that you feel could be intense and even obsessive. The relationship could be completely life-changing. Because Pluto represents the unconscious, feelings are often difficult to control. You may feel very possessive, as Pluto doesn’t like to share.
The kind of person you will attract during this transit will most likely have Scorpio energy or be a strong Pluto type. (Check out the Planets in Astrology to find out more about Pluto’s characteristics) You could even feel as though you are under someone’s spell!
As this is a free-flowing ‘trine’ planetary aspect, you need to be careful about being seduced by what appears to be an ideal situation in your love-life or your finances. Keep in mind that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
On the other hand, this can be a good aspect for winning the lottery! Because of the obsessive nature of Pluto, it’s important not to go wild, however. Just buy one or two tickets but do not go into debt or spend money that you cannot afford.
Other people may help you out financially at this time too. For instance, you could find an investor for a business idea.  If you want to negotiate a deal, this is a great day for it as your powers of persuasion will be especially strong. You could attract people who want to support you financially or to invest in you.
As Venus rules money, this is a great time to take positive action to increase your income. If you are focused in your efforts, the money will begin to flow. It’s a powerful transit for enhancing your financial situation. Or, there could be a successful outcome with a legal case.
During this transit of Venus in Virgo trine Pluto you’ll notice that your emotions will be more intense than usual. You’ll have a heightened awareness of anyone who is trying to control you. If you are in an intimate relationship, there is the possibility of greater sexual stimulation and desire.
You’ll have an opportunity now to share your feelings at a deeper level with friends and loved ones. Secrets can be revealed. For instance, you might find out about someone having an affair. Or something you have been hiding may be found out.
Think about whether your desires control your actions, and have power over you. For example, if you know that alcohol doesn’t really agree with you, and yet you find yourself drinking yet another glass of wine, how can you stop that powerful addiction? Do you need to stop drinking alcohol altogether? What is causing the craving? Could it be something you are eating? Sugar is known to be a stimulant that causes a desire for alcohol and other mind-altering substances.
Pluto wants you to go deep, so try to get to the bottom of a destructive behaviour pattern. If you are obsessed with a married man, see if you can understand what it is that is drawing you back into this unhealthy relationship. Do you love the unattainable? Is the grass always greener on the other side? What will it take for you to break this obsession? Do you need to completely cut yourself off from him and his attentions? Do you need to go for counselling?
During this transit you will have the opportunity to regenerate your relationships and your finances. Someone from your past could come back into your life and the relationship could go deeper than ever before.
These are the kinds of things that can be triggered during the transit of Venus trine Pluto.

Venus trine Pluto in the Natal Chart

If you have this aspect in your birth chart, you may never have had to worry about money. True story: a woman aged 70 years met her husband when she was 20 years old and never had to work because she was supported by her husband’s great wealth all her life. 
The Queen of England has Venus trine Pluto and she is considered to be one of the world’s richest women. There is a tendency to keep their emotions to oneself and that is certainly true of Queen Elizabeth II. She has never really shown a public expression of emotion. This is someone who doesn’t waste her energy on trivial liaisons. She seeks stability, depth and security in her relationships.

Famous people with Venus trine Pluto

Virginia Woolf, Leo Tolstoy, Bono, Bjork, John Steinbeck, Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Alice Faye, Mia Farrow, Michael J. Fox.
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