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Venus trine Uranus: Love is Electric!

Venus trine Uranus: Love is Electric!

Venus trines Uranus on October 10th, 2020. Your Venus trine Uranus horoscope forecasts love at first sight, happy surprises and general excitement this weekend. So buckle up!

Venus is a love-explorer, always yearning for the next big thrill. Uranus is the planet of electricity and surprise, willing to try just about anything once. When these two combine forces there’s a fun and electrifying love-buss in the air! And that’s this weekend. Ready to experiment in love? Ready to mix it up a little?

Venus trine Uranus is like a light-switch coming on and everybody yelling "surprise!" It's an exhilarating, unpredictable and highly sociable energy. Don't stay in this weekend. Go to a party or better yet, throw an impromptu one yourself. Enjoy a concert. Or try speed-dating. Venus - Uranus promises to be oodles of fun! Go on, live a little!

Lady Gaga, female extraordinaire, and Mahatma Gandhi, the peaceful revolutionary, both have Venus trine Uranus in their birthday horoscope. This is your chance to try a more inventive approach and step out for a few thrills!

Venus trine Uranus: Your Star-Sign Horoscope

Venus trine Uranus brings the thill of the unexpected to your horoscope this weekend. How does this transit electrify your star sign? It's all in your horoscope, below. Don't forget that you can dial 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) to book a reading.


Whoa Aries! Get ready for a fun-packed, exciting weekend! You love to follow your whims free of 'oughts', 'shoulds' and other boring details such as what everybody else wants, can or cannot do. Venus trine Uranus in your horoscope gives you carte blanche to just be your brilliant, independent self! You're such a free spirit and that's exactly what someone loves about you.

You have an electrifying presence this weekend and others are drawn to you like moths to a flame. A holiday brochure may catch your eye or a handsome stranger may get you all fired up. Are you open to love? It may come from unexpected quarters this weekend!


Taurus does not cope very well with unplanned activities nor do you particularly enjoy a no strings attached attitude to pretty much anything, whether this is your home, your possessions or your sweetheart. So, Let others lead the party parade. You can follow behind observing people carefully whilst you scoff the pies.

A seance, intuitive flash, love-confession or sexual adventure could exhilarate you this weekend. As long as you can keep the excitement very much your own private business and behind closed doors, you'll be very happy.

Enjoy the excitement that Venus trine Uranus brings according to your horoscope. Spice things up in the bedroom! Have a go at the racetrack! You may also receive an unexpected gift.



Super-sociable Gemini has at least a thousand friends on Facebook and loves a bit of bubbly fun. So, this Venus-Uranus trine in today's horoscope is right up your alley. This weekend promises to be loads of fun with many friends gathering around in laughter and excitement. Time for some virtual networking, throwing a wild party or attending an impromptu gathering.If you are creatively inclined, this is the best weekend to join with others on a creative project.

As for love… Open relationship? Friends with benefits? Love, friendship and camaraderie all around. Someone looks particularly attractive and you're excited to share your goals and dreams with them.


Cancer does not fare very well in random, non-comital situations. You like to know exactly where you stand and who's on your side. Devotion is a must in love and you can sniff out a flake a mile off!

Good then that Venus trine Uranus rocks up at the office instead aka your career horoscope, which is anything but predictable these days, bringing yet more weirdness into your professional space. But it's good weirdness! Like seeing your boss drunk at the office party wearing a silly hat. This is just what you need to relax and loosen up a little. A work colleague helps you discover new career avenues. Get ready for some wild characters to spice things up. 


Love truly sparkles for you this weekend Leo! Venus is making you particularly attractive these days and Uranus is here to ensure that you are open to paths less well-trodden in your love life. The electrifying sex appeal that Venus trine Uranus bestows on you tempts you to go a little wild or try something off the wall according to your horoscope. This is a happy-go lucky, no strings attached kind of love. Let that handsome stranger sweep you off your feet! Follow your lover on that impromptu trip and never mind not packing your straighteners...

Give your lover more freedom. Try a long-distance relationship. Let others surprise you. Just keep an open mind and have fun, dear Leo!


Virgo loves to have their universe in order, every last detail organised and their schedule fully predictable. But even you cannot control everything. Surprise comes from unexpected quarters this weekend according to your Venus trine Uranus horoscope.

This is a very rich weekend for you emotionally. A sudden house guest, a chance to bond with someone or a sparkly family gathering lightens your mood. Excitement is heading your way, but it is of the subtle kind. It may be due to a flash of psychological insight or a thoughtful gift. The experience could set you free. Trust your intuition. Have you played the lottery lately? Try your luck this weekend!


Your usual haunts seem filled with highly unusual people, invigorating you and bringing new opportunities for love and romance. And there you were, thinking that you were sooo bored... Not this weekend! Your world is full of surprises says your Venus trine Uranus horoscope, Libra!

Your partner could whisk you off on the spur of the moment, a stranger may chat you up or you may be out with people you normally wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Is there someone in your neighbourhood you can’t wait to meet? This weekend is oodles of fun, so accept invitations and step out and about.


Scorpio is not seduced by anything superficial but you may well splash out on a fancy new gadget this weekend according to your Venus trine Uranus horoscope. You just want to do something different with yourself. Are you entertaining an unusual work project or a more inventive way to make money? Experimentation is key. 

It's time to breathe fresh life into whatever is not working - be that your cooker or your love relationship. Invest in some sleek new technology! Get clued up on ways to spice up your love life! Your daily routine is about to get a few happy electric jolts and, yes, that's a good and invigorating thing.


Love rocks your world Sagittarius! You're this weekend's golden boy or girl. There is a party on and guess what: you’re the guest of honour according to your Venus trine Uranus horoscope! Few can resist your charms! Your appeal sky-rockets and you get to pretty much pick and choose… Do you fancy someone? Get up the courage and speak to them!

This is the weekend to forget your woes and have fun! Your creative inspiration is off the charts too and you could acquire quite a following of impromptu fans. Love is exciting, unexpected and with no strings attached - just as you like it! Ready to meet your fans?


You're probably still at the office, dear Capricorn, wondering what all the fuss is about. Yes, somewhere, out there, there is a party going on. And yes, people are having fun. But, unless there's something in it for your business, you're unlikely to care. Well, the universe has other plans, according to your Venus trine Uranus horoscope. Keep an eye out on your way home… The party may very well be going on at your place!

Someone lets you in on a secret. Exciting revelations are lurking rather close to home. Something unusual is going on all hush hush and behind closed doors this weekend. You want to find out what it is! Or maybe you're planning it? Spend some time alone with your sweetheart. You'll be glad you did.


Your entire world is buzzing with excitement! Venus trine Uranus is hosting a celebration this weekend and the show’s going on in your very own neighbourhood according to your horoscope, dear Aquarius. You're right in your element, interested, excited, connected. You’re popular and riveting to talk to. If you are selling, now’s the time to strike! Friends might also drop around for a delightful and unexpected visit.

What a delicious weekend this is! Your head is buzzing with ideas and - lo and behold - you now have the necessary audience too with people hanging on your every word! What is it you want? To protect the Amazonian forest? To petition the government? To promote your next exhibition? Quick! Where do we sign up? 


You're the boss, dear Pisces! Spent a fortune in the blink of an eye? Well, that's what this weekend is for. It's your money after all and you can decide to have a little bit of fun with it if you want to says your Venus trine Uranus horoscope. And to heck with the consequences! Plus, your investment is likely to give you immediate satisfaction or even an immediate pay off.

You may want to splash out on a new work outfit, showcase your talents on a new platform or go over and beyond to impress your boss. Your reputation sparkles this weekend and this attracts all kinds of dazzled suitors. You're looking good right now and can easily attract the attention of your higher ups. Your quirkiness puts you on the VIP list!

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