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Virgo Full Moon February 2019

Virgo Full Moon February 2019

Virgo Full Moon

on 19 February 2019

at 10:54am EST/ 3:54 pm GMT

This month, we have a powerful Full Moon in the sign of Virgo on 19 February 2019. It’s the moment of truth! This is a time to get down to business, discuss the nitty-gritty details and find practical solutions! It’s time to show you can do the job and to make small improvements count! The key now is to think small... For 'small' in this case does not also mean "inconsequential". Neil Armstrong comes to mind:

"...one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" 

The Virgo Full Moon is here to tell us that in order to actually achieve anything, we need to do the work! It’s about the practical upshot of our plans, dreams and ideals. It’s about finding workable ways to increase efficiency and implement your vision. It’s about sitting down with a calculator and figuring out how to make the numbers tally up! Try to be mindful of what comes up and chances are you’ll have some serious thinking to do.

If something is less than perfect there’s no need to be downhearted about it. Start now. Just take small steps and get yourself to a better place. Time to detox and fix what doesn’t work. Acquiring better habits is like a skill. A daily practice. Choose to change one thing! It’s time for you to cleanse and purify your life.

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Virgo full moon meaning

Modesty, efficiency, planning, intelligence, practicality, diligence, precision - these are all Virgo buzz-words. Virgo asks us to work out a systematic course of action, eliminate waste and rectify what’s not working. They say that the devil is in the detail - and it is there that we must direct our focus if we are to see our efforts bear fruit!

Virgo is the zodiac sign most concerned with health, purity, perfection, workability and efficiency. Is there anything in your life that is not working properly? Anything that is dragging you down? Something that has needed your attention for some time but you were too distracted to address it? Now is the time to give it the once over. 

Virgo rules small things. But small things can make a big difference. Take the food you eat for instance. A small nutritional change - like cutting out sugar, dairy or wheat from your diet for a month - can have a huge impact, not only on your health but also on your mood and energy. The Virgo Full Moon might awaken the Marie Kondo in you! Cleaning out the back room, tidying up that drawer or clearing that desk that has been subtly and silently getting on your nerves for a long time is a seemingly unimportant task but it can have a big impact on your mood and productivity. And Virgo loves to be healthy and productive. This full moon draws your attention to life’s little details. Do not discount them for they have the power to change your world. 

Good things to do during the 2019 Full Moon in Virgo:

  • Examine your work-life balance - eliminate waste and increase health and efficiency.
  • Pay attention to the necessary detail in a contract, project or relationship.
  • Carry out a job to the best of your ability, cutting no corners.
  • Take notice of your health - what needs improving?
  • Spring clean your home or office - make your environment work for you.
  • Make any needed repairs.
  • Look through your to do list, do what's important and cross out what's not.
  • Examine your financial accounts and dutifully do the sums.
  • Concentrate totally on some demanding task and carry it out step by step.
  • Get a purifying body-scrub or facial.
  • Detox body and mind.
  • Cleanse and purify some aspect of your life!
  • Make a plan of concrete steps toward your goals.
  • Be practical - do what works!
  • Address nagging concerns and find modest, workable solutions.
  • Commit to one life-improving daily practice.
  • Complete a project that requires daily dedication and attention to detail.
  • Adopt a modest attitude & be willing to learn. Just practice with an open mind and see what happens.
  • Go natural (take a walk near greenery, switch to natural cleaning products, try 100% cotton sheets, go organic, do a three day juice cleanse...or whatever takes your fancy)

Ask yourself:  What small change can I make in my life now that will have the biggest positive impact?  How can I be more efficient with my time / energy / space?

How to make the most of the Virgo Full Moon:

  1. Declutter! This could be your closet, your desktop, your drawer or a room that has had a lot of junk gathering in it for a while. Virgo likes things neat! A place for everything and everything in its place. You might also be called to declutter your business, relationships or daily routine of what is no longer serving you - or simply redeploy things in more productive ways.
  2. Detox & Purify! This is a good moment to take stock of your physical health and commit to giving your body room to detoxify. You might decide to eat more organic produce, go dairy free or teetotal for a month, or tweak your diet in some small yet powerful way that will produce the greatest benefits for you. Virgo is the zodiac sign of the mind-body connection so watch for psychosomatic symptoms and the release of emotional toxic buildup as you focus on healing your body. Time to cleanse body and soul!
  3. Live Mindfully! Virgo is the most analytical zodiac sign and is often given to worry and criticism as a result. The antidote to getting bogged down in all this is mindfulness. Before you let a thought get into full swing ask yourself: Is this a useful, beneficial thought? Will this help me / the person I am offering it to? Stop and think. Find new and better ways of doing things. It might help to set some time aside every day to gain some distance from your thoughts so you’re in a position to discern the good ones. Learning something new also helps, as it invariable leads you to question thoughts you might have taken for granted. 
  4. Be Self-Sufficient! Virgo is the sign of the virgin female warrior, complete and self-sufficient onto herself. Do you have a dream? You have everything you need to move forward right here, right now! Don’t play the victim. Don’t wait for someone to come to your rescue. Focus on small practical steps you can take right here, right now. Take care for yourself and the relationship will come. Perfect your skills and the money will come. Purify your thoughts and the improvement will come. Focus on what you can do. Plant some crops in your back garden.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect! Virgo and Pisces create magic through the power of daily practice and devotion. Perfecting your skill is what allows for divine inspiration to eventually flow through and bring forth that masterpiece. Purifying your body is what eradicates disease. Discipline and dedication help you realise the dream. Daily rituals establish your connection with the divine. Spirit and matter are one. Devote yourself to the practice and let the rest fall into place. Rinse. Repeat.

How will the 2019 Virgo Full Moon affect your zodiac sign?

With Virgo, actions always speak louder than words. It's not about feeling loved or gaining admirers. It’s not about grand gestures, big ideas or impressing someone. How can you show someone your love? What practical steps can you take to reach for your dreams?

What’s this moment of truth all about for you? How does the Virgo Full Moon affect your star sign? Read your sun sign and your ascendant too to get the full picture.

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This full moon in Virgo shines a spotlight on matters around your work, life-style and overall state of health. Have you been burning the candle at both ends? Or maybe you’ve been filling your body with junk? If you have been working too hard, not taking care of your body, it may be time to sit up and take notice. Something snaps now telling you it’s time to detox, sleep better and learn to relax. Get expert advice if you have to! Embrace change! What positive daily practices can you introduce to your day to improve your health and productivity dear Aries?

Another possibility is that a work project you’ve been devoted to is coming full circle. This opens doors toward promotion even if there are those who speak against you. Worried about something? Don’t overanalyse things, just trust your intuition. Get some rest if need be and let your mind wonder. You’re in the process of reinventing yourself and your public image and keeping yourself well is part of it.

Cleanse & Purify: your life-style, your diet and exercise routine, your health, your to do list, your desk or office, your relationship with employees or coworkers.


This full moon in Virgo brings a matter close to your heart to culmination. Virgo hosts your house of love and the full moon there is always a very important moment in your love horoscope. Has an affair run its course? Or has something a friend said hit a raw nerve? Address it. Maybe you could try a fertility diet? Or get specialist advice? A creative project could finally see the light of day too. Follow your intuition.

What small changes can you make that would make you happier, more creative and open to love? A new love affair, personal enterprise or creative project - or a new experience around pregnancy and children is now yielding its first fruit. What do you dream of? Bring it sharply into focus and take creative steps toward it. You’re in the process of releasing the past and expanding your horizons. Release any resistance.

Cleanse & Purify: your heart, your love life, your sex-life, anything that holds you back from expressing your creativity, having fun, enjoying love and happiness.


This full moon in Virgo shines a bright light on your home-base and family, as well as your own sense of security and rootedness. Where is home, dear Gemini? Time to give it some serious thought. This full moon shines a light on your sense of self deep inside urging you to ask important questions about who you are, where you belong and whom you trust. It’s an important moment for you, dear Gemini.

A fresh breeze that has been blowing through your home, family and personal affairs is now bringing matters to the surface. This may be something around real-estate, a family member, a search for your roots, or the desire to reconnect with family or start a family of your own. Take stock and see where you stand, especially in view of your career dreams. A random negative comment could be the trigger, a professional rejection or the fact that others seem simply unwilling to help you reach your goals. You’re half way through changes in your friendships, your relationship, your shared goals and dreams, as well as your joint finances and it’s time to push forward.

Cleanse & Purify: your house, your relationship with a parent, your family, your feelings toward your place of origin, your sense of self-reliance and security, any psychological hangups.


This full moon in Virgo lights up your brain - it could be news, a short trip, an idea or a bit of networking that brings you inspiration. Virgo is a friendly sign to yours, dear Cancer and this full moon brings a moment of truth about your way of thinking, your colleagues, associates, neighbours and siblings. People, ideas and places you were introduced to in the past are now bearing fruit or moving on. There’s a flurry of activity but also certain limitations that have to be taken into account. For instance, an increased workload could mean less free time. The upside? A door swings open to a potentially life-changing partnership. 

Information will pour in now to help you make heads or tails of things, especially in light of your hopes for the future. Expect extra commotion if you work in media and communications, as something comes to a head. This full moon may also bring your attention on your brother or sister. You’re in the process of completely redefining your public image and the way you relate to others and you need to keep going.

Cleanse & Purify: your thoughts, your communications, your inbox, phonebook or network, your filing cabinet or computer, your car, your neighbourhood, your relationship with a sibling.


The Virgo full moon shines a spotlight on your body, your finances and your sense of self-worth. Do you truly love yourself, dear Leo? Yes, everyone knows you’re wonderful but it’s no good if you’re feeling insecure inside. This is a moment of truth about your sense of self-worth. If an important relationship falls short of delivering the goods it’s time to consider exactly what it is you deserve.

Do you feel appreciated at work? How about in your relationships? Are you managing your money efficiently and using your skills and talents to the best of your ability? Time to re-examine your values and make small adjustments in your priorities. . Of course, this whole full moon could simply be about money! Dosh, cash! How far are you prepared to compromise your creativity and happiness for a pay-check? Take an honest look at your assets and turn them into skills! It’s time to transform the way your work and earn your living. Alongside comes a budding sense of self worth, opening the way for you to feel stronger eventually, both in your romantic relationships and in your business dealings. Keep going! You’re half way through a journey to transform your work, life-style and outlook on life.

Cleanse & Purify: your body, your finances, your values, your sense of worthiness, anything and anyone adding no value to your life.


This is a major moment of realisation for you, dear Virgo! It’s time to go after each and every one of your dreams - don’t hesitate for a moment and don’t waste time! This is your opportunity to focus squarely on yourself and pursue your own desires for a change (we know how dutiful and helpful to everyone Virgo normally is). All the strands of your life are coming together to reveal exactly where you stand on what you desire most - be it a loving relationship, a healthier body, a baby or a more fulfilling career.

Something important to you personally culminates this month, giving you a chance to evaluate how far you have come and how far there's still to go. This full moon is the half-way point in your own personal transformation out of the chrysalis, so take a moment and take stock. What can you do to help things along? Others may be an inspiration now. You’re well on your way to transforming your sex life, improving your finances and making room for lots more love, joy and happiness so keep going! Your family makes heavy demands on you and the last thing you need is criticism from a partner or anyone else. Take a look at what needs fixing and commit to it. This opens a door to greater happiness and self-fulfillment!

Cleanse & Purify: your body and mind, your self-image, your looks, your goals and desires, the way you approach things, your whole world.


This is a time of endings, dear Libra. A time of letting go. It’s a moment of truth about the past and about your innermost fears and demons. Take time to be by yourself. But don’t wallow. It’s important to stick to a daily discipline and keep yourself busy with simple tasks. Don’t let negative thoughts get you down. This full moon is potentially a time of deep psychological healing and self-knowledge. Your biggest source of support right now is your own space, your home and family. Retreat and recharge your batteries.

A secret may be revealed to you or you may be holding onto a secret yourself and waiting for the right moment for the big reveal. Trust your intuition and watch for any messages in your dreams. You may need extra rest during this full moon, so don’t hesitate to give your body and soul some alone time to process things, especially as you may be extra sensitive to stressors and subtle power-plays in your environment. You’re in a process of transition in your personal life and relationships. Whatever is passing away from your life, let it. You’ll be ready to finish things off this autumn and embark on a whole new and happy life chapter.

Cleanse & Purify: your body, your subconscious (i.e. write down your dreams, take a time out for contemplation or do some therapy), your sleeping patterns, your organisation, your sex life. 


This full moon in Virgo shines a bright light on your friendships, your social circle and your aspirations in life - all of which are subtly changing. You may be in the process of reconnecting with old friends. Or you may be cutting friends out of your life.

Who are your people? What's your place in the world? You’ve been asking yourself these questions for some time now. Now it’s a moment of truth. Is what you’ve achieved in line with your ideals? A social event could bring on important realisations. It’s financial difficulties that are putting a crimp on your enjoyment these days. And a lack of self-worth could be more insidious, standing in the way of happiness. A door to change opens for you now. Step through! This full moon can give you a fair idea of how things are shaping up and an opportunity to make any small adjustments. This is ultimately a highly rewarding process, so be patient and keep at it - especially as you are only half-way through (phase two begins this autumn). A short work trip may be on the cards, or you may need to rethink your working schedule.

Cleanse & Purify: your friendships, your social circle or club-memberships, your future aspirations, your ideology, your investments.


Your career hits a high point with this full moon in Virgo. You may experience a victory, catch the eye of a superior or otherwise learn how you can improve your position.

It’s time to take stock of where you are headed and make adjustments to your course if you want to. You’re in the process of major changes in your love life and finances and a home or family matter may feature largely in your dreams. This might include some less than pleasant realisations, stemming from where you’re based, your home and family. All this is calling you to work from the bottom up and redefine who you are. The good news? A door to greater riches and a better income opens to you, right now. And it’s all down to you and your talents! Step up to the plate. All this is part of a maturation process. so keep at it.

Cleanse & Purify: your public image, your goals, ambitions and life-direction, your career, your relationship to a boss, parent or superior.


This full moon could well lift a weight off your shoulders! Maybe you’re planning a change of scenery to lift your spirits and get away from those who seem to undermine you. This full moon in Virgo illuminates the far horizon giving you a sense of the expanse over which could spread yourself. This could pertain to a holiday you are hoping to take, a marketing campaign that can expand your business, a legal matter which can give you back your peace of mind or a university course that can help you get to the next level.

If you work in academia, communications or marketing, this is an important moment in your career. A project you’ve been working on finally reaches completion. A legal matter could also come to a head or you could be finishing up a thesis or gaining a qualification. This is mentally very demanding, but you can do it! And the results? So empowering! Give your mind free reign. You’re nearly done setting down new roots and redefining yourself and this full moon urges you to push on to the finish line.

Cleanse & Purify: your outlook, your travel plans or your marketing campaign, any legal matters pending, your book or thesis.


This full moon in Virgo shines a spotlight on your financial and emotional dependencies and agreements. Have you been concerned with paying off old debts, or looking for a loan to enable you to reach for something better? An unexpected communication could show you exactly where you stand with friends, banks and backers. You may now receive the money you have been waiting for or address any matters with your sweetheart.

This full moon highlights details in all these agreements allowing you to make small but powerful adjustments to help you reach your financial goals. You’ve been striving to follow your worldly dreams even when friends have let you down. Now it’s time for an honest review of what matters most and where your loyalties lie. And if need be, know that you have access to unprecedented power and resources.

This is also an excellent time for some bonding with your sweetheart. Your world is rapidly changing and it's time to flex your muscles. 

Cleanse & Purify: your financial dealings with banks, lenders, creditors, grant bodies, partners and sponsors, your sex life, whatever you are holding onto emotionally that no longer serves you, questions around trust, your controlling tendencies.


This full moon in Virgo shines a wonderful spotlight on your relationships and the wonderful people in your life. Have you been giving your significant other proper attention? You are undergoing major changes and these are also affecting your relationships. This may relate to a re-allocation of duties in an existing partnership, a flirtation getting serious, or a readiness on your part to enter a relationship if you have been single for a while.

Your increasingly heavy responsibilities don’t seem to make things any easier or leave room for you to work on your relationship. But this is no excuse. The matter becomes urgent now. Be honest about your feelings. This could open the doors for a true meeting of minds. Your dreams speak loudly to you now - time to share them with another. Take a moment to purify your intent and reach out. If you’re more concerned about a business partnership, or about presenting your work to the world, overcome your fears and do it! This wins you powerful friends.Social and material conditions in your life are still in flux and this puts pressure on you and on an existing or potential partner. But you can do it! 

Cleanse & Purify: your relationship, your business partnership, your professional contracts and agreements, matters around publicity, your attitude toward others (friends or foes).

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