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Who Will Win The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament?

Who Will Win The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament?
Wimbledon is as British as strawberries and cream and June 23 2014 sees the start of this much-adored two week event in the UK calendar.  One of four Grand Slam events in the tennis schedule, this is the one that most tennis players would love to win and over the last 10 years, four men have dominated the event: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and the British no. 1, Andy Murray.
All four men have competed in at least two Wimbledon finals in the last 10 years and one of those men, Roger Federer, equals the record for the most Wimbledon titles. He’s lifted the trophy 7 times since 2003. Rafael Nadal has won twice in 2008 and 2010 and Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray have both lifted the Wimbledon trophy once, Djokovic in 2011 and Murray in 2013.
Try this link for real time live tennis scores for the Wimbledon and many other tennis tournaments.

The Astrology of the Major Players

Here’s the birth data for the top four who are likely to be the top four seeds at Wimbledon 2014:
Andy Murray, born May 15 1987, Glasgow, UK 2:10pm
Novak Djokovic, born May 22 1987, Belgrade, Serbia, 11:25pm
Rafael Nadal, born June 3 1986, Manacor, Spain, 6:20 pm
Roger Federer, born August 8 1981, Basel, Switzerland, 8:40am
Can astrology reveal why these four players have dominated this esteemed sporting event and go one step further and help predict who’s going to win the title? Here are some key astrological factors which show that winning is a mix of natal potential plus good timing.
Sun Sign
Gemini is the sign of the tennis player and two of the top four tennis superstars who have excelled in recent years are Sun Gemini. In fact, this pair faced each other yet again in the final of the French Open 2014 which took place on June 8 2014. They are Rafael Nadal (b. June 3 1986) and Novak Djokovic (b. May 22 1987). Being a Sun sign Gemini can definitely help your tennis success.
Mercury Sign
Mercury is the astrological planet that rules Gemini and in mythology Mercury was the fleet-footed God. A quick-moving planet, it’s helpful to have Mercury strong in your chart if you want to be a top tennis player. Out of the top four tennis players, three of them have Mercury in Gemini in their natal chart, the perfect placing for enhanced agility and swift movement. They are Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.
If you’re wondering why Roger Federer, 7 times Wimbledon champion, is not in this list, he also has a strong Mercury in his natal chart. His Mercury is conjunct his Sun in Leo emphasizing this key planet and promising good eye-hand coordination, another vital skill of the tennis player.
The Midheaven represents the success point of the natal chart and it’s not surprising to find that two of the four, Roger Federer and Andy Murray, have Gemini on the Midheaven, the sign associated with tennis. When key planets are conjunct the Midheaven by transit and move through the 10th house which rules career and vocation (see the 12 houses in astrology), you can start to predict who’s going to do well and who may struggle depending on the planet involved.
For example, in July 2012 Roger Federer beat Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final when lucky Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, was almost exactly conjunct their mutual Gemini Midheavens (Federer’s MC at 6 Gemini; Murray’s MC at 7 Gemini). Jupiter reached Federer’s Midheaven first and he was crowned champion. See where Jupiter is in your chart!
Conversely Novak Djokovic has struggled to win a major tennis tournament since Saturn, the planet that represents obstacles and frustration, entered Scorpio in October 2012. and Scorpio is the sign on his Midheaven. Djokovic has been runner up four times in Grand Slam events since late 2012 and only won once at the Australian Open in January 2013. Reaching a final is a great achievement but losing in a final must be a huge disappointment.

The Wimbledon Chart

A quick way to look at what the planets are doing and to start working with astrological prediction is to draw up two charts, one for the start of the Championship and one for the date and time of the final.
Here’s the relevant data:
Wimbledon Championship, June 23 2014, 11:30 am, Wimbledon, UK
Wimbledon Men’s Final, July 6 2014, 2:00 pm, Wimbledon, UK
The chart that symbolizes the start of the Wimbledon tennis tournament has Virgo on the Ascendant which makes Mercury its ruling planet. Mercury is strong in Gemini but retrograde, i.e. moving backward rather than forward. Mercury retrograde themes can be tricky but also connect with the past. Will this be returning champion, Andy Murray, making his comeback and winning Wimbledon for the second successive year?
Certainly, the ruling planet of the Wimbledon chart seems to favour Murray as Mercury at 26 Gemini is conjunct Murray’s natal Mars at 26 Gemini. Plus Mercury turns direct on July 1 2014 and on the day of the final it’s almost back at the same point in the heavens at 25 Gemini. A strong Mars delivers the athletic prowess and fighting spirit vital for a winning performance and this could make the difference for Murray as his Mars is emphasized throughout the tournament. He will need the luck of the Gods on his side as he’s had a tough year since winning Wimbledon 2013 due to surgery on his back and splitting with his coach Ivan Lendl.
One tennis player that you can never count out is Rafael Nadal who soundly defeated Murray in the semi-finals at the French Open in June 2014. Nadal’s versatile Mercury is also at 26 Gemini so this is good news for Nadal as he begins Wimbledon with a Mercury Return albeit retrograde and you would expect him to play well with his tennis-playing planet Mercury prominent. Nadal has one of the most attacking styles in tennis shown by his ruling planet Mars which is exalted and powerful in the sign of Capricorn but grass isn’t his favourite court surface and he plays best on clay.
Djokovic doesn’t have any major astrology that links to his natal chart from the Wimbledon championship and Wimbledon final charts, and with Saturn remaining close to his Midheaven, this suggests it will be an uphill struggle for him to lift the trophy this year. There is a glimmer of hope astrologically, however, as Jupiter, the success planet, is closely conjunct the Midheaven on the Wimbledon final chart and traditionally this means the favourite will win.
Roger Federer is the oldest man of the four, age 32, and in the modern era of tennis no-one has won Wimbledon after the age of 31. There’s no doubt that Federer has been the best player of all of them having won more titles. In fact, he is probably the most gifted and talented player the world has ever seen and like all Leos he knows how to win. Lucky transits are lacking for Federer this Wimbledon although the angles of the Wimbledon chart mirror the angles in Federer’s natal chart as both charts share a Virgo Ascendant and a Gemini Midheaven. This may not be enough, however, to propel him to his 8th Wimbledon title.
To sum up, Mercury retrograde could play tricks on Murray and Nadal although you expect them to be there or thereabouts and it will be interesting to see whether Djokovic can overcome Saturn close to his Midheaven during Wimbledon. With Jupiter conjunct the Wimbledon final chart, the stars in the sky predict that the ‘favourite’ or no. 1 seed will lift the highly-coveted Wimbledon trophy.
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