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Winter Solstice 2019

Winter Solstice 2019

Happy Winter Solstice 2019 everyone! In 2019, the winter solstice arrives on December 21, at 11:19 p.m. EST  / December 22 at 04:19 a.m GMT. The Winter Solstice or Yule, or the Longest Night, is said to be a hiatus time as the sun gathers its strength and starts making the day’s longer, and we gather momentum ahead of that double-shot of espresso percolating down from the heavens in the spring.

This is the time when the night is longest, the world turns white (if we’re lucky) and the air turns cold – when all on earth dies and undergoes a mysterious transformation ready to be reborn in spring. It's no accident that it's in the darkest night that the miracle of the divine birth takes place. This is a moment of immense creativity on the physical plane! 

Winter Solstice spiritual meaning

If the Solstice happens to be your birthday, or you’re born close to it, then you’ll have a gift for economy, be a sharp shooter in business, and will have far to go in life! And of course Winter Solstice is a deeply spiritual time too, being the birth time of religious saviours the world over, like Jesus Christ and Egyptian god, Horus, (not that we’re encouraging all you solstice-born Horoscope Friends readers to develop a Messiah Complex you understand!), and there’s a sense of being born again at this time of year for all of us, regardless of your birthday. Although much of astrology is about new beginnings, we hesitate to jump on that particular bandwagon with the Winter Solstice, but it’s true to say that this is a time of renewal and enlightenment.

It is therefore an apt tradition that we now welcome the New Year and make New Year resolutions. And even though some of us scoff at this tradition, we all tend to subconsciously examine the past year, making a mental note of our failures and successes and thinking about where we want to go next. If you are the type who enjoys goal setting and planning, this may be your favourite time of the year, where you can take stock and set new goals for the future. (If not - well you can always make fun of everyone else!)

Like the earth in winter, it's a moment where we all take part in a participation mystique - magically creating our own personal reality. Arguably, this is the deeper meaning of making a wish list for Santa, or of the more grown-up version: setting goals, or making New Year’s resolutions! What do you want to attract into your life in the year ahead? What do you wish for? Time to give yourself permission to believe in the magic of the darkest night :) ...and make a wish!

Sun's entry into Capricorn 2019

The winter solstice is the time of year when sun moves into Capricorn, marking the start of winter in the northern hemisphere. The sun's entry into Capricorn signifies an initiatory and generative moment for us here, when the earth - and we alongside it - reinvents itself! It’s in Capricorn – the sign of the goatfish – with the tail of Pisces tagged on the end, the most sensitive, spiritual and fluid sign, so it’s a time of deep feeling.
It may be a good idea to take some time during the holidays, while Sun is in Capricorn, to become consciously aware of this subtle change of priorities and to plot a new course for the future. Ask yourself: what do you want your future to look like? As the world sleeps, now is the magic moment to go within and plant new seeds.
"Oh the weather outside is frightful... but the fire is so delightful..."

How does the Winter Solstice 2019 affect your zodiac sign?

The most magical nights of the year are here. Winter Solstice is a time of celebration! Our expert astrologers have taken a snapshot of the heavens, so as well the turning of a corner for all, here’s what else your sign’s Winter Solstice & Sun in Capricorn Horoscope says…...


It is the time of year when the spotlight falls on your career and public image. You can now devise new strategies to increase your visibility in the coming year and achieve your goals! You are likely to have lots to do over the holidays this year with people looking to you to carry responsibilities. Tensions may run high over Christmas - especially if you clash with a boss or parent - but you can count on intuition and inspiration to carry you through. New Year is crazy sociable and fun this year for you! The first weekend of the year brings a major turning point in your career or with a family member, which carries immense creative and healing potential. Is it time to break away from under someone's shadow?

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Your mind is always on traveling, exciting ideas and on ways to expand your world at this time of year. The spotlight falls on the things that inspire you! This is a good time to study, travel, publish or broadcast your views and to let your mind soar with a sense of purpose and meaning that can carry you through the year to come. Watch out for nervous tension on Christmas Day! Travel may be tiring, but you can tap into the community spirit. New Year’s Eve may be challenging, as you are pulled between your home and your professional commitments. Expect a major turning point around January involving education or travel, or the pursuit of your beliefs. You can count on your friends to show you the way.

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This is always an emotionally vulnerable time of year for you, when the spotlight falls on intimate relationships and financial matters. This is your moment to sort out finances, strengthen close emotional bonds and do whatever you can to enter the New Year feeling empowered! Serious emotional or financial talks may be on the cards this year. Christmas sees tensions rising in a close relationship or friendship - especially if joint finances are concerned. You could play the role of one of the three wise kings and diffuse tensions.  New Year’s Eve promises to be super-exciting, with lots of ideas floating about. Watch out for sudden surprises if you are travelling though! You may experience a bit of a financial or emotional crisis with someone close to you on January, but it is within your power to lead by example and help heal rifts.

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This time of year is always about your relationships with a spotlight falling on all kinds of romantic and business partnerships. It's your cue to invest in those relationships that will sustain you in the coming year! Communication channels are open this year with your spouse or business-partner. Christmas may be a little stressful due to tensions mostly coming from your partner, boss or family. You can take the high ground and be the voice of wisdom.  New Year may be a bit of a splash financially - but try not to be too reckless! The first weekend of 2019 may see a major turning point in your relationships and life direction. A trip abroad may hold the key...

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This is the time of year when the spotlight falls on work and health matters for you, with lots to do and many errands to run. It's your cue to get a healthy and productive daily routine going - whether at the office, at home or by establishing good habits that are going to carry you through the coming year. Time to get all your ducks in a row! Bored with the usual fare you may want to break out of the rut and try something new this Christmas to nourish your soul. New Year’s Eve may bring exciting people into your life - even volatile - don't let them rattle your cage! The first weekend of January brings realignment with your need for meaningful work and a healthy life-style. You can count on trusted loved ones for help.

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This is always the most creative, romantic and joyous time of year for you. The spotlight falls on love and romance, children and creative projects - all the things that make you feel young and full of wonder. It's your cue to reconnect with your own creative impulse and give birth to whatever you want to manifest in the year to come! You can use this period to get creative projects off the ground. Christmas can see discussions around children or a creative project heating up! If things get too hot, you can count on your partner to bring a wise touch. New Year may see you having a million things to do or stressing over work. Try to take it easy and soothe those nerves. The first weekend of the year realigns you with your need for love and creative self-expression or with your desire to have children or spend more time with them. Your partner can be an asset here.

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Your attention is always on home and family at this time of year, allowing you to touch base and reconnect with your roots. This is your cue to go within and establish a secure emotional and physical foundation from which to grow in the coming year. There is likely to be lots of commotion around the home now, involving real-estate or preparations for a family gathering. Christmas may see heated words as the family comes together. A practical, down to earth approach (such as helping out or doing the dishes) can ease tensions. New Year promises intense excitement - fancy a party? You may feel put upon at home or with your partner on January, feeling a strong need to address a matter around your family or living situation. Calm yourself by focusing on your work and wellbeing.

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This time of year is always buzzing with activity with endless commotion and words all around you to feed your brain. It is as if you wake up mentally and sharpen your perceptions, ready to enter the coming year on full alert - which is how you like it! Nothing can escape your radar now! There’s lots to say and do, places to be and you are eager to absorb it all. Christmas promises to be tense with nervous energy. Make time to relax and let someone who loves you help out. New Year may see bold moves at home or you may be torn between going out and staying in. Maybe a lavish party at home is the solution? January may be a little taxing on your nervous system - make sure to get enough rest and ready yourself for the year ahead. Why not spend it among people and things you love?

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It’s the time of year when the spotlight falls on consolidating your resources and spending time and money on the things and people you value most. After the recent high of your birthday celebrations it’s a down to earth time for you, allowing you to take stock of your resources and devise practical ways to make them work for you in the coming year. You can have fruitful financial talks at this time! Christmas may see a large expense for pleasure. Let your family help out! New Year promises to drive you to distraction with all the excitement going on - make sure to be out and about. January is a reappraisal of your finances. Looking for ways to increase your earned income doing something you enjoy? Your home can be your sanctuary today, offering inspiration.

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This is your birthday month and the time of year when you are full of energy and light - the spotlight falls on you! It's your cue to focus on what YOU want, reinvent yourself (with a new haircut or look) and decide what direction you want your life to take in the coming months. Time to speak up! Christmas can see tensions rising: watch what you say at that point, especially if you are with family on those days. Choose your words wisely! New Year may bring sudden expenses or you may splash out on something on the spur of the moment! Be clever about it. January may see a stressful situation at home force your hand, so make sure to get enough rest - maybe a good book can help you relax and offer words of wisdom.

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This is always a magical time of year for you, when the spotlight falls on feeding your soul. It is time to release the past, let inspiration flow and establish your spiritual connection to the mother ship, ready to embark on the year ahead. Let others take care of practicalities! Christmas this year may be intense, taxing your nervous system. It may involve bizarre revelations too! You would be happier staying in the backdrop, or occupying yourself with cooking, gardening or whatever keeps you nicely grounded. New Year’s Eve puts you and your partner in the spotlight! January brings action behind the scenes that may lead to a crisis or revelation. Is it time to speak up? The key is to stay true to your own values.

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This is always the most sociable time of year for you, with a spotlight on your friendships and social community and your hopes and dreams for the future! It's your cue to strengthen your social bonds and reconnect with the things you want to bring into your life in the year to come. Watch out for financial stress over Christmas or a large social expenditure. You're the boss here, so it's up to you to lead by example and keep it real! You may find yourself a little overexcited or run down on New Year’s Eve – take it easy. January may herald a financial crisis brought on by events in your social community. Again, the key here lies in your own wise and inspiring attitude.

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