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Your April 2016 Horoscope

Your April 2016 Horoscope

April 2016 is filled intensity, excitement and unexpected twists and turns. Your April horoscope reveals all. 

Coming right on the heels of March - a rollercoaster month when the 2016 eclipses opened up new doors - April has no intention of letting you slack off. This year is intent on pushing you out of your comfort zone and it’s in April that this Cosmic Plan truly gets underway. Take up the challenge and let the Summer 2016 games begin! 

Retrogrades and Stop-Starts!

Energy planet Mars and communications planet Mercury go retrograde this month and you can be sure of one thing: that things won’t go according to plan… Mars in Sagittarius turns retrograde on April 17th and Mercury on April 28th - both dates of intensity (although Mercury begins covering uncertain ground from April 14th). So April’s second half may bring delays and surprises that can overturn even the most carefully laid out plans. Take extra care from mid-month onwards and don’t rush into anything. Pluto in Capricorn also goes retrograde on April 18th for good measure!

An Energy-Rush / Aries Bonanza!

Before all that gets underway, we have a dynamic, zesty start to the month. A new moon in self-starter Aries on the 7th marks the true beginning of spring and signals a brand new start with matters that may have been dragging on for years. This is not going to be a smooth start, given the planets turning retrograde down the road, but the energy you put into it has the potential for positive long-lasting change. To help you along, fire trines between Sun/love-planet Venus in Aries and Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius fill the spring air with the promise of heat and sunshine. Mercury in earthy Taurus is happily pottering away making this a productive month for business and pleasure alike. Get projects underway early on, so you get the chance to pleasantly cruise by mid-month before your plans hit any snags. An intense full moon in sexy Scorpio on April 22nd brings everything to culmination making sure you will not be bored for a minute! 

Here’s Your April 2016 Horoscope

What does April 2016 have in store for you? Your horoscope reveals all. If it’s all gone pete tong, then enlist the help of one of our expert seers to guide you through. The number to dial is 0207 111 6384!


Your birthday month finds you well in your stride, full of charm and energy and calling the shots. This is the time to renew your efforts toward all that you desire, especially after April 7th when a new moon in your sign boosts your confidence and revitalises your body. The intense changes of the past few years have now wound down and you are ready to make a brand new start in life. You look particularly beautiful this month and may get many chances at love, with April 12th standing out most of all, especially if you are on holiday or open to trying something new. Grab every chance to boost your happiness quota by mid-month for April’s second half brings a few intense twists and turns. You may start to experience roadblocks from mid-month if you work in the media or if you plan to travel. Business opportunities may flow mid-month. April 20th brings your attention firmly to your finances and physical wellbeing, which will need careful planning by months end. Don’t rush into anything, as you wont’ have all the facts till end-May. You may have a bit of a financial crisis or experience a powerful attraction to someone around the 22nd and the intense days that surround it. If all this is simply you trying to make your partner jealous, get a few extra tips, based on their star-sign, on us!


April is an intensely private month, as you get ready to ditch the past and prepare yourself for big changes. You can happily take a back seat for most of April, so that you can contemplate your next move. Your intuition is your greatest asset during this time. April 7th may bring you a powerful dream to invigorate your spirit, answer a question, or help you achieve a psychological breakthrough. Check out our dream-meanings to decipher your dream! This is also a great month to consult a psychic, a therapist or develop your own psychic abilities. Love is sweetest behind closed doors this month too and may hide some magical moments, especially around the 12th. You may get an uncanny sense that the future is just around the corner, as you’re about to undergo a major transformation that is to last all the way till autumn. You are unlikely to have much time for superficial chit-chat during that time, as an important relationship alongside financial and psychological challenges grip your attention. You can expect some fair weather mid-month, so make the most of it because the intensity-meter is set to rise dangerously after that. From April 20th it’s time to make yourself a priority and on April 22nd an important relationship or business partnership comes to a head, sharpening your focus. Work on your ideas for a while longer and you will be ready to present them by the end of May.


Your social calendar seems full with a romance, collaboration or friendship at the forefront of your mind. You may be trying to reach for your dreams with the help of a partner, build allies, reach an audience or fight off those that seek to undermine you. If you are worried that your partner’s cheating, check for the signs and put your mind to rest. Your dreams and ambitions have been in the melting pot for a while now and April 7th brings a powerful new beginning on that front. This may come in the form of a new romance or friendship that gives you strength or a renewed commitment to achieving your goals. The 12th is a wonderful day for socialising and romance alike and April may even see people from your past making an appearance - more so toward month’s end. Bear in mind, however, that others may not be ready to reveal their hand yet and they may even go back on their word. Keep a back-up plan, especially from mid-month, for there is much you may be in the dark about. This is a good month to dig into what’s going on behind the scenes or undergo therapy. Much will be revealed by your next birthday. Around April 22nd, you may find yourself stressed out and in need of a healthier lifestyle. Give yourself time to rest. Month’s end is a time to lay low and contemplate you next move.


Your career lights up big time this month! You can do much to gain favour with your superiors, raise your position and project a very dynamic image. But this is also a month of professional twists and turns so be wary of making immature decisions (i.e. don’t count your chickens until they hatch). After the monumental changes of the past few years, you are ready for a major new professional beginning after April 7th. But this is no quick and done deal - it may take a long time to unfold. A seemingly innocent work assignment may turn out to be much more than you bargained for, or it may be that the situation at work keeps turning and twisting from mid-April onwards, with you unable to make heads or tails of it.  The secret is to be in it for the long haul and not rush into anything. If you have to sign on the dotted line, be prepared for changes down the road (best sign before the 14th or otherwise after end-May). Your social life is also rather active, especially from the 20th onwards and a matter very dear to you may come to a head in the days following the 20th. April 22nd may see a new romance or personal project bring you much joy. A friendship, alliance or plan for the future may hit a snag toward month’s end when you may have to rethink your strategy. It may not be until end-May that you know which way to go. Meanwhile, check out our daily special horoscope for added assurance.


This could be a wonderful month for love and romance, dear Leo, if only it wasn't so darn complicated! You are feeling free, optimistic, excited and in the mood for a holiday, eager to step out of your comfort zone and throw caution to the wind. Get ready to expand your horizons after April 7th. This is no bad thing, as long as you are ready for unexpected - but possibly exciting - twists and turns down the road in matters of the heart. Something that starts out as a mere fling may turn into a veritable journey of discovery. Find out what to expect from the star-sign you’re in love with and just take each day as it comes. The key is to not go on the offensive where romance goes, but wait and see what cupid’s arrow brings you over the next few months. Your career also hides a surprise or two. This should be mostly pleasant surprises, such as opportunities for publicity and journeys abroad. Your career heats up from April 20th, when you may have to think more carefully about your direction. Do not rush your decision, for things are not what they seem and you may not know exactly what responsibilities are at stake until late May. April 22nd brings your attention firmly on home and family matters where relationships are intense and satisfying or where a minor crisis may break out.


Family comes first this month and you may be very much consumed with close relationships, private matters and household affairs. April brings emotional intensity and financial pressures that may leave a lasting impression on you. On the plus side, after years of ups and downs, your household finances receive a boost after April 7th. Despite more twists and turns that lie ahead, this is an important fresh start and you’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot. Use the first half of the month to push ahead with financial or emotional matters that require courage on your part, whether you wish to start a family, undergo therapy, remortgage your home or dare to trust and open up to someone. Draw on your star-sign's strong points to see yourself through! Mid-month brings opportunities to escape from it all and have fun, even if the pressures in your personal life are rising. After that, residential and family matters slow down a little leaving you wondering where all the energy went (a clue: it went underground to give you the stamina to complete whatever you have started). By April 20th you are feeling more hopeful and eager for a holiday. You may receive important news or take a short trip around the 22nd. If so, keep travel plans simple and take your time to think things through, as your hopes for the future may start changing towards month’s end and may not become precise enough until late May.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say, and someone looks particularly beautiful in your eyes this month. April should bring love and romance your way, and lend you lots of extra charm and eloquence in your business interactions too. After years or upheaval, you can expect to make a brand new beginning in an important relationship or business partnership after April 7th. But the month is not all that it seems and after mid-month agreements that appeared to be going smoothly may hit unforeseen snags. Let others reveal their hand and don’t come to any important decisions yet. It may be a while before you know exactly where a relationship or friendship is going. You are feeling much more private in the last ten days of April, with your usual smooth-talking gifts directed primarily toward those closest to you. This is the perfect time to get more intimate with your partner. Now and all the way until early June is also a good time for undercover research, retreat or therapy. Your finances are also highlighted toward month’s end and you may have to come to a financial decision. Take your time, as you won’t know the full financial implications of all this till the end of May. Check your daily money horoscope for greater daily insight into what’s going on.


April is an important month for you, both professionally and personally. Expect a brand new start in matters around your work and health on the 7th after years of stress and turmoil. Money matters will also increasingly demand your attention. Changes around your work and finances that are gathering momentum may slow down around the 17th or require a re-think. It may take more effort and expense on your part to overcome these over the next few months. You do have good work prospects - especially around the 5th, 12th and 18th - when your talents, skills and abilities simply speak for themselves. You may merely have to show greater patience and perseverance than you imagined was necessary. A business partnership may also gain momentum this month. Again, this is along term trend and it may not be until late May before you have all the facts. Love, companionship and collaborative effort take top priority after April 20th. If you are single, then you have a good chance of meeting someone in April and May, but you may not know if they are indeed the one until June. Find out what makes each star-sign tick and be armed! A full moon in your sign on the 22nd makes for an emotionally intense end to April, bringing a personal matter to a conclusion.


April is full of fun, romance and flirtation, if a little intense. Your heart may be captured by a friendly face or you may go out and party more than you have done for a while. If you are single and looking to make a great impression then April 5th, 12th and 18th could be your lucky days. Staying closer to the start of the month is even better. Check your weekly fashion horoscope to dress the part! From the 7th onwards you are ready to let your heart have its say and make a brand new start in love after years of turmoil. If romance is far from your mind then it may be a creative project that takes off this month - especially after the 7th. April does hold its surprises however, so do not expect things to go off without a hitch in your new romance or creative endeavour. Things may inexplicably slow down after April 17th. If so, this is only so you can be sure that this is indeed what you want and adjust your own attitude if need be. See what transpires as the next couple of months unfold. Work may also keep you busy this month, with things going into a flow mid-month. Again, this is only the beginning and you will probably need to revisit a work project in May.  You will have had your fill of friends and lovers by month’s end and be looking to rest a little - especially around April 22nd. Take a time out to recuperate your strength.


April may take a bit of a toll on you, unless you schedule regular down-time. Home and family matters hold some pleasant surprises - especially around the 5th and 12th - but may also require sacrifices on your part from mid-month onwards. After years of turmoil, April 7th brings a fresh start with home and family. Taking time out to clear out old closets, decorate your home and sort through your past is a good thing to do. This is also a good time to clear away what you no longer need - both in terms of items you don't want and personal grudges that no longer serve a purpose. Deep psychological healing could take place if you take the time now to deal with unfinished business. This process may take you deeper than you expected, especially from April 17th onwards and into the summer. And yet the month is not devoid of fun, socialising, romance and creativity and if you are single, you may enjoy a flirtation or two. No need to rush, as for you have all of this month and the next to explore your options. If you are hitched then romance has the best chance to flourish at home during April. Discover the hottest dinner date foods to cook based on your partnern's moon-sign and get your partner to stay in. You may also have some wonderful business ideas flowing in around mid-month. Again, take it slowly, as you won’t know the best way forward until the end of May. You are feeling more outgoing from the 20th onwards with a full moon shortly after providing the perfect opportunity to get together with friends. 


This is a highly sociable month, with invitations from friends and acquaintances requiring you to take the odd short trip and stay on top of social media. Amidst all this commotion, your own ambitions and plans are getting energised. From April 7th you have the opportunity to enhance your networking skills and make new business or romantic connections. If you are at school or university, then this month will bring you loads of food for thought and energise your mind. The month is certainly building toward an intensity peak around the last two weeks, so try to pace yourself. Your friendships will hide a few surprises too with one friend or group potentially becoming difficult. Don’t rush into anything and let things unfold, reacting only as you need to. Any pre-emptive action - or angry outburst - now will turn out to have been immature. At the same time there seems to be lots of commotion at home all month, a theme that becomes more intense after the 20th to take you all the way into May and beyond. Then, on April 22nd, your career lights up, signifying an important achievement to raise your profile.  Check your 2016 career horoscope to find out where this may be leading.


Your expenses may rise considerably this month, both because of your increased responsibilities, but also due to your own desire to indulge in all the good things in life. On the plus side, professional achievements may bring in more money now, or a parent or other authority figure may help you financially. After many adventures, your finances receive a boost on the 7th. This is also a good time to start a diet or get your body fit. Try to get all the month’s goodies under your belt while you can - that’s in the first half of the month - as from the 17th onwards, things may slow down professionally with changes at the top over the next few months affecting your own financial situation. If romance is on your mind instead, then this is the month to focus on your fitness so that you can look the part. Opportunities to circulate and meet new people should present themselves all of April and especially in May, so you had better be ready. From April 20th, you’re feeling more curious and in the mood to get out and about and meet new people. If you’ve been cooped up for a while, this is your chance to travel, especially around the 22nd. Don’t be too quick to make your mind up about someone toward month’s end, as there’s much more you have yet to learn about this person. You can at least consult our free celtic love tarot before you make your mind up.

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