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Your August 2016 Horoscope!

Your August 2016 Horoscope!

A new month’s around the corner: time for your August 2016 Horoscope! August is a powerful month building to a crescendo toward September. If events up to now have been a rehearsal then August raises the curtain on the main show. 

August enters confidently with a stable and majestic new moon in Leo on the 2nd. But there's trouble ahead, as we enter the final stage of this year's tests, trials and tribulations - that’s due to Mars having been retrograde since April. Mars in Sagittarius is now direct, going over old ground and bringing the focus back to the bigger picture following a particularly difficult few months.

Early and mid-August can be a bit tense. With Mars square Venus on the 6th-7th plus Mercury in Virgo and later Venus in Virgo clashing with the Saturn-Neptune square (on the 5th-7th and 13th-14th respectively) no-one is likely to be in a very loving mood. Never mind the cold shoulders… You can break out of your melancholy by the 16th when Sun in Leo trines Uranus in Aries. Soon after, the full moon of August 18th brings something to an end, giving you glimpses of the future.  

The latter half of August is extremely eventful, so hold onto your hats! August 24th-26th can be tiring - that’s Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius - so conserve your energies. Think long term, no matter what the impasse. There are also great opportunities coming your way in August's final ten days - the 22nd and the 28th-29th in particular - when Venus then Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Virgo for the last time… (That’s doubly important for the earth signs and especially Virgo - make the most of it!) You’ll be holding your breath by the end of the month, which is full of revelations and changes due to Mercury turning retrograde on the 30th and a solar eclipse coming up on September 1st. As August wraps up, hit pause and see what life brings your way. You will then have all of September to carry out a detailed review of the situation.

How does August 2016 shape up for your star-sign? Horoscope Time!

Check out your sign below and find out how August is broadly shaping up for you. For a more personal reading get in touch with our expert stargazers on 0207 111 6384!


August brings a fresh start in love! A new moon in your love and happiness zone on August 2nd helps you introduce more fun and pleasure into your life. You're very popular too - especially August 1st and 16th! Following your heart in the first two weeks of August could really help you plant the seeds of your future happiness. Get some help now by reading all about how to disregard cliches and find happiness based on your sign. This is also an excellent period to connect with your children, try to conceive, set up your own business or pursue a creative project that can see your life change over the next few years. It’s very important this month that you take steps to bring more meaning into your life. A legal dispute, marketing campaign, trip or academic qualification that's encountered obstacles back in April may resume forward motion now. Anything you sign around the 22nd-24th is likely to have a tone of finality to it, so be ready. Your faith and vision are being tested this month, to see if you can plan for the long haul. The full moon of August 18th is another highlight bringing changes in your friendships and social circle. It may also bring an ambitious project of yours to a happy conclusion. If anything is tiresome this month is the excessive demand on your time by tasks and chores, your work or a health concern. August 5th-7th and 13th-14th seem especially taxing so take good care of yourself and don’t get too frazzled. On the 11th and 18th your work gets noticed by those who matter. Jupiter is sending his last beams into your work zone this month and opportunities for a better position may present themselves, especially toward month’s end. Alternatively this may be an opportunity to improve your health. Even if this comes in the form of a sudden illness, this is a blessing in disguise: Mercury retrograde on the 30th followed by a solar eclipse in your health zone on September 1st suggest it’s time for you to stop and take notice of anything that needs tending to.


This is a very important month for your love life - the last full month that lucky Jupiter will spend in your love and happiness zone. So take your chance and follow your heart this month dear Taurus! Your focus is very much on your family as August enters and on things to be done around the house. A new moon on August 2nd brings a fresh start with real estate, family and residential matters, introducing stability into your relationships and finances too.  August 1st and 16th are also very favourable for household matters. Joint finances may be a bit of a headache, curbing your fun August 5th-7th and 13th-14th and requiring special attention around the 22nd-24th. That's when your cash needs may incur serious financial commitments. This is a month when important personal or financial matters that go all the way back to April are coming full circle, allowing you to move forward, so take heart. Your ties with an important someone seem to be growing deeper too, requiring greater trust and commitment on your part. Your career also gets a boost this month. The full moon of August 18th initiates a series of changes in your career and life direction not to get into full swing till 2017, so watch this space! On the love front, while early August is anything but smooth (with August 11th and 18th being a happy exception), as we move toward the latter part of August, your love life takes centre stage, with Jupiter giving it a helping hand. New baby in the house? Discover your child’s gifts and help them build confidence for the future with this special profile report! You get another chance at happiness by month’s end, around the 22nd and 28th-29th. So, the last ten days of August is your time to go all out and reach for your heart’s desire - whether that is making the first move with someone you fancy, trying for a child with your sweetheart, or turning a hobby into a business. Grab your opportunity, then wait and see what happens. For Mercury turns retrograde on August 30th followed by a solar eclipse on September 1st, bringing major changes. You will then have all of September to revisit old ground and work out exactly what makes you happy.


August enters in a buzz! A new moon in your communications zone on the 2nd opens a two week window of increased calls, emails, travel, meetings and talks to help you establish a greater presence in your immediate environment and expand your influence. If you want to go on a study course or meet new and exciting people this is the time to put your feelers out there, when your partner also seems supportive to your efforts. Your popularity with friends can also give you a boost on the 1st and 16th. Soon after, August 18th could see you gain an important qualification, travel abroad, or receive a green card, licence or other facility that gives you greater options for the future. If anything seems challenging this month, it is your relationship and your household affairs. Tensions may be rife around the house, as your partner refuses to play ball around the 5th-7th and 13th-14th, especially. With Saturn in your partnership zone until December 2017, important relationships in your life are undergoing a major test. Mars also joins Saturn this month, bringing this process to a crescendo - especially around the 22nd-24th of August. If your significant other seems cruel or difficult at that time, you better take a step back and revisit the situation when you are both calmer. It may be time for you to decide whether you are ready to commit fully to someone or if you want to walk away. Can you two make it work? Check for love horoscope compatibility between you and your partner in detail based on your dates of birth. If your relationship has been stalling since April events now come full circle, allowing you to move forward. August 11th and 18th help your personal affairs too: these are good days for a heart to heart. Your home and family life lights up toward month’s end with opportunities to improve your living situation around the 22nd and 28th-29th in particular. Immediately after, on the 30th, Mercury turns retrograde followed by a solar eclipse on September 1st that brings major changes to your home base, residence or family set-up. Expect to spend most of September revisiting what you thought was certain in your personal life and sorting out the details. 


This is a month full of travel, talks and meetings when you seem to be mostly concerned with work and financial matters. A new moon in your money zone on August 2nd means it’s time for a fresh start where money is concerned. This makes August the perfect month to plant seeds for your future financial abundance and employment stability. You can also use the next couple of weeks to strengthen your body, diet, exercise and develop the discipline needed to make the most of your assets. On August 1st and 16th your unconventional public image pays off, while August 18th brings your attention firmly on joint finances, debts, loans, grants and other financial obligations you may have toward others. Your finances are about to undergo major changes over the next few years so watch this space! Expect work to get especially demanding around August 24th-26th. Something that began back in February may be coming full circle now. Time to move forward - especially if you‘ve been feeling stuck work-wise. Watch your health around the 22nd-24th too, as stress and tiredness may catch up with you. Maintaining a strict diet and exercise routine will help you this month as long as you don’t overdo it. While communications and meetings may be rife, they may also be stressful - especially around August 5th-7th and 13th-14th, when you may encounter logistical obstacles and unwilling helpers. Opt for August 11th and 18th instead, when others are more receptive to your words. Your best opportunity to connect with others, meet those who can be of assistance and make yourself heard is August 22nd and the 28th-29th. Initiate contact, then sit tight. Don’t sign anything. For Mercury turns retrograde in your communications zone on the 30th, followed by an eclipse on September 1st, both of which are likely to change the landscape considerably. You will have all of September to iron out the details or go over the fine print before you move forward. Wondering why Mercury retrograde is such a pain? Check out these bloopers in Mercury retrograde and world events!


With a new moon in your sign on August 2nd, it’s time for a fresh start on all fronts! This is the time to plant seeds that you want to see grow over the next twelve months and set intentions that can help you find long term happiness. This is also a very exciting time, especially August 1st and 16th, when your lust for adventure is awakened. Go on. Try something new! August 18th puts the spotlight on an important relationship. Is it time to take it to the next level? Is it time to do something about your need for companionship? A romance or creative project that began back in April may also be coming full circle this month and you may be considering if you are ready to take it seriously and commit - especially around the 22nd-24th. This is unlikely to be a lighthearted affair, as a lot seems to be riding on it - emotionally or financially. Either you’re all in or you’re out. Take your pick. If in doubt, get your love life forecast and intimate lover report now on special offer! Love seems less than satisfying around the 5th-7th and 13th-14th, when your insecurities seem to be playing up. Or it may be that financial difficulties are standing in the way of you pursuing a creative project. Don't let your insecurities prevent you from taking a calculated risk, no matter what your situation. Bodily and financial concerns are also likely to take up your time this month with lots of talks and decisions to be made as to what’s worth investing time and energy in. Health, work and financial matters are favoured August 11th and 18th. Then, further opportunities to enrich your life come your way August 22nd and 28th-29th. These riches could be monetary, or they could be other assets such as a relationship, your health or greater self worth. Grab your chance, but keep a low profile. Mercury goes retrograde on August 30th followed by a solar eclipse on September 1st bringing major revelations that will cause you to rethink your priorities.


August is Jupiter’s last month in your sign, dear Virgo, so make sure to grab every chance to go after what you want - especially if you are born in the last ten days of your sign! Opportunities will come toward month’s end so keep an eye out. Before that a new moon on August 2nd means it’s time to leave the past behind you. Clear out your closets, recycle, cut ties and prepare for a fresh start. Go on a retreat, drop off the radar, or dive under the sheets with your sweetheart and get some privacy. You will truly feel rejuvenated - especially around August 1st and 16th. Household and family matters are also very much centre stage all month and may be draining you at times, so pace yourself. This is especially so around the 22nd-24th when a family member or demanding home project takes up all your time. On the plus side, a difficult family situation that has been dragging on since April is coming full circle, allowing you to move forward. The 5th-7th and 13th-14th are difficult dates too, when you may want to relax and enjoy yourself but family obligations get in the way. Choose August 11th and 18th for maximum fun and pleasure instead. Your work is also highlighted this month. A work matter comes to a head by the 18th, bringing clarity and leaving space for something new. Pay attention to your health around that time too. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury meet in your sign in the last ten days of August - especially 28th-29th - bringing you opportunities to fulfil your dreams. Make use of this time! Set a clear intention or make a start toward a cherished goal. But don’t rush it, as you are on the doorstep of yet more changes. Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th followed by a solar eclipse in your sign on September 1st, which means that the landscape will change considerably come September. Having grabbed your chance, you will have all of September to work out the details of your plans. Your birthday is coming up, dear Virgo, so why not treat yourself to your year ahead predictor report for the next twelve months?


Your friendship zone lights up this month with a new moon on August 2nd helping you make a fresh start in your circles. Use this time to reinforce your social presence and connect with friends and allies. Meetings with others are exciting and full of surprises - especially around August 1st and 16th. Love is also on the cards this month, as the full moon of August 18th falls in your love and romance zone. This is a happy full moon, bringing clarity to something close to your heart. Even if nothing major happens now, you will receive clues of a new dawn around the corner for your love life, so watch this space! Sneak a peak right now with your free love potential tarot reading! If the phone’s gone dead, you've been housebound or paperwork has ground to a halt recently, expect forward motion to resume again this month, with lots of talks, movement and meetings filling your calendar once more. A contract or deal that has been on the cards since February may be reaching full circle now. Communications can get ugly - especially around the 24th-26th - so watch your words, as they can have a lasting effect. You may also be very busy behind the scenes setting up a major deal or undergoing physical therapy of some kind. Watch your health on the 5th-7th and 13th-14th. Political manoeuvring behind the scenes may also throw a spanner in the works at those times.  If you feel frazzled and put upon, take time to rest. You have a chance to let go of the past this month, ready for a fresh start when Jupiter enters your sign on September 9th. August 11th, 18th, 22nd and 28th-29th can help you gain closure on the past, with the last ten days of August being especially liberating - a blessing in disguise. With Mercury retrograde on August 30th followed by an eclipse on September 1st unlocking big secrets, it looks like you'll spend much of September sorting out unfinished business. Your intuition is your best guide. 


The month of August shines a bright light on your career and public image. You can take steps this month to enhance your reputation - especially after August 2nd, which opens new professional doors for you - thereby also creating financial stability. Exciting changes in your working methods may also give your career a boost - especially around the 1st and 16th. Your finances are also centre stage for much of the month and you're called to take some strategic action to manage them. This is especially so around the 24th-26th, when your expenses may rise just when available cash is low. Or it may be that your physical energy comes in fits and starts. Pace yourself, both physically and financially and pour your resources into longer term investments that are worth the effort - whether it is a certain asset, project or relationship. See how to best handle your finances astrologically speaking in astrology and your finances. If your finances have reached stalemate recently, expect forward motion to resume this month, when something that goes all the way back to April this year comes full circle. Soon after, August 18th, brings revelations around your home, family and security base that change your point of reference for future decisions. In all, this is a rather sociable month, when you can make connections in certain circles, seek allies and go after your ambitions. If you are hoping to gain membership in a specialist club or group, your efforts may fall flat around the 5th-7th and 13th-14th, when others don’t seem to share the same values. August 11th and 18th are better networking days. Later on, August 22nd and 28th-29th may bring you a fantastic opportunity to connect with people with whom you can grow and expand. Initiate contact, then wait. Chances are your targeted circles are about to undergo major changes, as Mercury turns retrograde in your friendship zone on August 30th followed by a solar eclipse on September 1st. You will have all of September to review the situation and rethink your place in the world. 


August is a dynamo month! With Mars in your sign, you are feeling more energetic and impatient to get on with your goals, plans and desires. A new moon in your travel and expansion sector on August 2nd opens up new horizons and brings hope for the future. This may be due to an exciting romance or a new creative project. Say yes, dear Sadge, as this hopeful energy can go a long way toward bringing you greater stability and strength. August 1st and 16th are days of joy and romance and the full moon of the 18th brings interesting information to light. This may be the month that an adventure that began back in April comes full circle, urging you to decide how to proceed from here. The main thing to remember is that you hold the reins of your life squarely in your hands this August-September. But with great power also comes great responsibility. This you will realise especially around August 22nd-24th, when you will have to discipline your energy and do what’s best for you in the long term. The spotlight also increasingly falls on your career, image and overall life direction this month. You may face some tricky situations around the 5th-7th and 13th-14th, when you’re not so happy with what a boss or parent has to say. That’s when it really pays to know your boss! To counter that, a professional success can result in financial rewards on the 18th. More so, interesting career opportunities knock on your door around August 22nd and 28th-29th, when you can make a good impression on higher ups. A lot will depend on how you handle matters in the weeks that follow, as Mercury stations retrograde in your career zone on the 30th, closely followed by a solar eclipse on September 1st. This brings changes, revelations and delays urging you to carry out a major review as to where you are headed in life as September unfolds.


August takes your attention inward. Much of your focus may be on your family, your intimate partner or other close relationship, as well as your financial ties and dealings with others. You can make a positive new start with a joint financial matter after August 2nd - for example you can apply for a mortgage or pay off debt. Your household finances are also set to get a fantastic boost around August 1st and 16th. Then, the full moon on August 18th brings a financial matter to a head - you may receive a payment or finalise your salary - revealing fresh potential for the future. Throughout all this, you will have to deal with the past, address a psychological hangup or health concern, or put up with other intrusions and sacrifices in your daily schedule. This makes August perfect for a retreat, if you can manage it, where you can meditate, recover or recharge your batteries. Any kind of therapy now will have far-reaching effects. Alternatively, you may be drawn into activities behind the scenes such as a business merger or a clandestine sexual affair. Something that began back in April is coming full circle now, allowing you to lighten the load. Events may still zap your energy around the 22nd-24th, so proceed with care and take regular time outs. Take a break with your psychic reading of the day for uncanny daily tips and clues. Thankfully, your escape sector also lights up this month, bringing some much needed lightheartedness to your days. Your efforts to get away may be less than satisfying around the 5th-7th and 13th-14th, when matters outside your control keep intruding. But August 11th, 18th, 22nd and the 28th-29th seem perfect for escape. The end of August brings you a final opportunity to travel, expand your horizons, open yourself up to something new or break free of a limiting situation. Take it! But don't linger, as you may experience changes to your plans as we head into September. Mercury retrograde on the 30th and a solar eclipse on the 1st in your travel zone may bring complications and major changes to your travel plans and overall outlook. Double-check all documents before you set off. If you are going to uni, launching a marketing campaign or filing a lawsuit, initiate contact, then hold back You will have all of September to iron out the details before moving forward.


This is a full-on month, filled with people and meetings, both on a personal and on a social level. You can make a brand new start in an important relationship after the new moon of August 2nd. If in doubt as to how to proceed, find out what to expect from the star sign you’re in love with. You are very popular and exciting to be around around August 1st and 16th, so make the most of it. This is a very important month for you, when you can see many of your efforts coming to culmination and make a fresh start with your personal desires. All that’s due to a full moon in your sign on the 18th, which is a portent of yet more exciting changes to come in 2017 and 2018! A friendship or other social involvement may also take up lots of time and energy this month. You may be busy trying to gain admittance to a group of club or making alliances to achieve your aims amid stiff competition. An ambitious project or major disagreement that began back in April may be coming full circle after the 13th and may require a more serious commitment around the 22nd-24th. Use this to build something solid and make long-term allies in your community. At the same time, your joint finances are likely to see commotion this month - be this with a bank, business partner, spouse or investor.   August 5th-7th and 13th-14th are not the best days to ask anyone for money - or even to give a gift - as the results of your efforts may be disappointing. Wait for the 18th, 22nd or 28th-29th for best results. The 11th may also bring positive financial news. But don't put anything in black and white yet, as Mercury is going retrograde in your shared money zone August 30th, followed by a difficult eclipse there on September 1st bringing major changes and possible financial delays. Take advantage of major opportunities to find funding, gain sponsorship or apply for a loan toward the end of the month, but don't rush for the finish line. Use all of September instead to iron out the details of your deal. 


As August enters, your focus is on your health, your work or other day to day programmes. Use the new moon of August 2nd to energise your daily routine with new and more pleasant daily activities! For instance you can introduce more joy in your daily work or follow a new diet and exercise programme to boost your health. The 1st and 16th are the best days for money, work and health matters. Some kind of discipline will be helpful, especially as August is a month when responsibilities will weigh heavily on you - whether professional or parental - especially toward the 22nd-24th, when you will have to take charge of the situation. This may concern something that has been a matter of contention since April. It may be a work assignment, a boss that's tough to please, an ailing or disagreeable parent or simply a difficult role you have to fill that requires maturity and great effort on your part. The full moon of the 18th may bring revelations (or a healing crisis) that close a chapter of your life. Keep a record of your dreams around that time. Another major focus this month is an important relationship, with lots of 'to and fro' taking place on that front - whether this is with your spouse, business partner or even a competitor. Stay conservative on the 5th-7th and 13th-14th in your encounters with others, as chances are you are not seeing things clearly or in a positive light. A better time to connect with others is August 11th, 18th, 22nd and 28th-29th. Toward month's end, a last opportunity presents itself to make improvements in your relationship. Take it because as we head to September, you may see major changes relationship-wise! You may decide to take things to the next level or even call it quits. With Mercury retrograde in your relationship zone from August 30th and a solar eclipse on September 1st, keep an open mind and allow time to let the dust settle. You will have all of September to review your relationship and where you want to go from here, so don't rush into any decisions yet. Are you two compatible? Check for love compatibility between the star-signs!

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