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Your February 2016 Horoscope

Your February 2016 Horoscope

February is a mostly friendly month, if you discount a few explosives… If you channel your energies towards a constructive goal, this month gives you a chance to initiate many wonderful things in your life.

February's Highlights:

The month enters on a volatile foot (that's Mercury still being a little wobbly) but by February 3rd we already have two wonderful sextiles, Mars-Pluto and Sun-Saturn. This is an empowering yet reassuring influence, giving you the power to move mountains and stabilise your course! 

Soon after comes the sexiest and most unpredictable weekend of the month, February 6th-7th! That's when Mars squares the Sun and Venus squares Uranus making everyone angry, erratic and irritable. At the same time Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and sextiles Mars - a hot combination, when you can establish a powerful connection with someone. Indeed, why not use this sexy energy to let off all that steam that Sun-Mars built up? Sun sextile Uranus and Mercury trine Jupiter bring luck and innovation to the mix. Prepare yourself for a highly eventful weekend! 

New Moon in Aquarius on Monday the 8th means it’s time for a fresh start that will take you all the way into August. Make it count! It’s followed by a wonderfully indulgent energy on the 10th - Venus trine Jupiter in Virgo - bringing luck in love and money. This week is a good time to energise a project or relationship and give it a new lease of life.

Then by the Valentine weekend, February 13th-14th, you have the green light to move full speed ahead with all your ideas! That's when Mercury enters Aquarius and is finally in the clear, just when a Mars-Jupiter sextile gives you the gift of good timing. This is a weekend of luck and serendipity, when you can push forward with whatever you desire! With Mars entering space that he will cross again this summer, things you initiate now wont' come full circle till August.

February culminates with a subtly romantic and transformative full moon in Virgo on Sunday the 21st, which urges you to set your life on better standards.

February 25th-29th brings exciting talks and innovative yet practical solutions. That's when Mercury (and later Venus) mediate between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. 

Meanwhile, Sun-Neptune in Pisces on 28th February injects a dream with new life.

Your February Horoscope Sign by Sign:

February is full of many wonderful - and a few explosive - astrological aspects. What does this mean for your star sign?  Read on to find out. For your personal astrological consultation, dial 0207 111 6384. You can also check out your star sign 2016 Horoscope - it's free!


This month raises your profile and makes you very popular in your social circles, where you have an opportunity for a brand new start after February the 8th. You can do much to gain allies, earn recognition and augment your position this month. Mars, your ruler is very active all month, giving you the ability to take control of your life. You may feel a rush of energy and the power to move mountains on the 3rd - a good day for a difficult undertaking. But watch out in the days leading up to the 7th that you don’t lose your temper. You may feel angry but don’t go on the offensive. You are also feeling very sexy all month, so why not focus on that? By Valentine’s day you have oodles of energy and the luck of the devil where sexual encounters go. This stroke of luck may also help you capitalise on your efforts at work or make rapid progress with a health matter. You can see measurable results by the 21st. The month ends on a very sociable note, making you highly popular. A clandestine encounter may be on the cards on the 28th.


Your mind is on the future and on how to improve your life and better your position. You are feeling optimistic and creative, eager to do your best. Your spouse or business partner may also demand much your energy this month - a lot of it in a good way, but with the occasional fireworks too. Steer clear of any confrontations at work or with your partner in the days leading up to the 7th, when others can be irritable and erratic. The weekend of the 6th-7th is full of tension but a little love can go a long way. Sex is also a good outlet for this high-strung energy. If all else fails, remove yourself from the situation and give others some room. February 8th marks a brand new beginning in your career, when you can head into a fresh direction if you so wish. Valentine’s Day is absolutely made for love, when an infatuation can turn into something more. By the 21st something close to your heart comes to fruition. February’s final week brings you flashes of insight that release you from the past and help you carve out a fresh path for yourself. By the 28th you are dreaming up a better world.


This is a busy month for you, when the focus falls on work, legal and financial matters. You may also be thinking of how to expand your business or get extra qualifications, especially in the second half of the month. February 3rd gives you oodles of energy to pour into your work, but be careful not to overstep the mark by the 6th-7th when tempers are likely to flare. Use this time to work on something that requires all your energy and avoid needless confrontation. February 8th opens the door for you to market yourself, gain publicity or qualifications and reach for something better. By Valentine’s Day, your ruler Mercury is back up to speed and you are ready to spread your wings. Your home is your sanctuary this month and it’s particularly lucky on the 10th and on Valentine’s Day. By the 21st, a home or family matter culminates. The last week of February is a potentially very productive time, when talks between you, your partner and friends can give you much hope for the future. There’s something glamorous about you on the 28th. Are you dreaming of fame and fortune?


This is a hot month for love and relationships, as well as for finances and business collaborations. Your focus will be on what others bring to your life and on partnerships in the first half of the month with financial matters heating up toward month’s end. You will have plenty of opportunity to network throughout this period. Get ready for an eventful weekend on February 6th-7th, when things get a little unpredictable both personally and professionally. This is a sizzling weekend to spend with the one you love, although it won’t be without surprises. Tensions are bound to rise and so the best thing you can do is find a constructive outlet for them. On the 8th you can make a fresh start either in your finances or through a business partnership or intimate relationship. Valentine’s Day is sexy - perfect for a short getaway with your sweetheart. It’s also a great time to network and push forward with your creative and business ideas. Your world is buzzing by Sunday the 21st, giving you plenty of food for thought. The last week of February brings work and career opportunities through a sponsor, partnership or commission. By month's end you are already dreaming of distant shores.


Work collaborations and important relationships are a major focus this month, when it's time for you to look closely at how you handle your day to day affairs, as well as what you seek from a partner. February the 8th will give you a chance at a fresh start with someone, while there are also plenty of opportunities to do well at work in the first half of the month. Mars is meanwhile kicking up a fuss at home. February 3rd could give you the get-go to start a major household project or complete a difficult task while working from home. But you could come to blows with someone around the 6th-7th, when irritable and erratic people seem to be all around you, so keep cool. Are you in the midst of a home renovation project? If so, this is a trend that will continue on and off into the summer, so pace yourself. Valentine’s Day injects your house-project with some welcome cash. This is also a great time to open communication channels with a partner or potential partner. Do a financial stock-take on the 21st. As for true romance, look forward to month's end, from the 25th onwards, when a fling could develop into something more serious. 


Love and happiness are a major focus for you this month, closely followed by your work, health and wellbeing, where you can make a brand new start after February 8th. Mars is active bringing you a busy month and energising your mind, which wants everything done right here and now. This is a good time to pour your energies into a writing or communications project. If you work in media or sales, you will be feeling ready to take on the world. But watch that you don’t work yourself to the bone or blurt out the wrong thing to a work colleague as we head towards February 7th. The 6th-7th is also a hot weekend for love, as long as you can find a useful outlet for your pent up energies. Work starts heating up as we head into Valentine's Day, which is perfect for a short getaway with your sweetheart. As for fun and self-indulgence, the 10th is a highly romantic date as is February 28th. A full moon in your sign on February 21st marks an important turning point, when something important to you personally comes full circle. By month's end your mind is churning out clever ideas that can streamline your life and work. 


Your home and family, as well as matters of the heart all get special attention this month. You will be ready for a fresh start in love, with your children or with a project close to your heart after February 8th. Mars is meanwhile revving up your expenses quite a bit - a trend that will continue on and off into the summer, so you will need to remain as cool-headed as you can. Get a head start this month by getting on top of administrative and household affairs, but watch that you don’t come to blows with someone you love in the days leading up to the 7th. Romance is best enjoyed at home in the first half of February and that includes Valentine's Day. On that special day, you may find yourself feeling particularly generous. You know what they say: what goes around comes around. Take the phone off the hook and get some rest on the 21st. Single or hitched, from the 25th onwards you have plenty of opportunity for romance. February 25th to early March could also see you come up with creative solutions that make sense as well as please your partner. Your kids could also bring pleasant surprises during that time.


Get ready for a lot of commotion this month, when you can travel and network successfully. This is also an important month for home and family matters with February the 8th signalling an important new beginning. With Mars, your ruler, in your sign, you’re the one calling the shots now. And you will have plenty of opportunity to do so and steer your life in the direction that you want all month and then again this summer. February 3rd is a particularly empowering day when you can get a strong message across - a good day for a trip, meeting or other enterprise. Do watch that you don’t lose your temper in the days that follow, especially around the 6th-7th. This is otherwise a great weekend for networking, when you may meet someone special or make a fresh ally. Valentine’s Day is  lucky for you putting you just in the right place at the right time. The 21st will be a time of rewards for previous effort, when you get a sense of who your friends are. If a home or family matter has been delayed, the 25th onwards brings innovative solutions that herald work and financial opportunities. You are feeling extra romantic on the 28th, when love is shimmery and alluring.


Money talks this month, when you will be very much occupied with financial agreements and communications. You are not yet in possession of all the facts but February is a great time to do some detective work and uncover secrets. Be sure to guard your secrets however, as there may be some people out there who seek to undermine you - especially around the 6th-7th, when you may appear selfish or reckless to some who will seek to make their views known to anyone who will listen. That same weekend can be rather sexy, especially if you are involved in a clandestine affair. February the 8th opens new doors for you to promote your ideas while the 10th may see you score a lucrative professional victory. By Valentine’s Day you can move forward and sign any papers that may have been delayed over the last month and a half. The 21st gives you a clearer picture of the direction in which you are headed and by month's end you are much more in charge of your own destiny. Love and happiness, here we come - especially from the 25th onwards/ This is also the perfect time to put your creative ideas into practice. The 28th finds you fantasising about your dream home... 


This month throws a spotlight on what you want and whether you have the resources to go after it. You are much in demand, especially in the first half of the month, a fact you are sure to capitalise upon. You will have the opportunity to do so on the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 14th, when meetings with friends are a powerful energiser. Indeed, your social circle is your motivating force this month and you will find yourself actively engaging with everyone around you - a trend that will be revived again this summer. Sparks may also fly however, especially in the days leading up to February 6th or 7th. Money or a disgruntled friend or family member may be the cause of this. Still, February the 8th brings an opportunity for a fresh financial start. You will be thinking about your finances all month but it's after the 14th that you will be ready to take constructive initiatives. By month's end you will be full of clever ideas as to how to best employ your resources to make money, complete household projects and fulfil family obligations. You are ready to spread your wings on the 21st, armed with fresh vision.


The spotlight falls on all the things that you want to do and the general environment in which you are attempting to do them. There seems to be a lot going on behind the scenes - especially in the first half of the month - that can give your career and finances a real boost. Watch that you don’t have an all out war with a boss around the 6th or 7th and avoid underhanded moves. Still, the first week of February may win you a powerful ally if you play your cards right and February 8th brings a new moon in your sign, which is a signal that it's finally time to move forward with all your plans. Be ready to step into the spotlight and push forward with everything you desire by Valentine's Day, when you may also receive a gift or honour. Financial matters seem to be coming to a head on the 21st. Romantically, you are feeling rather private until the 17th. After that Venus enters your sign making you irresistible - a good time to vamp up your looks. From February 25th and into early March you are a force to be reckoned with. This is an excellent time to socialise and mingle, share your ideas and reach for your dreams. A friendly getaway is also sure to prove exhilarating and constructive.  You dream of fabulous riches on the 28th.


You are feeling rather outgoing as February enters, eager to see friends and get away from it all. But February 8th introduces a new trend - a need for greater rest and some downtime on your part. Watch out that you don’t get embroiled in a war of underhanded tactics around the 6th or 7th, or the 8th will bring the need for some soul-searching. The socialising bug begins to truly die down after mid-February, when you find yourself in a more withdrawn space. Time to get some rest. A a nice send-off, Valentine’s Day is perfect for a getaway with your partner. It's also good if you want to launch a dating profile or marketing campaign. If you are single, your chances of meeting someone special at a friend's party are also high, just before you go undercover to mull things over. An important relationship comes full circle on the 21st. Have you been paying your partner sufficient attention recently? If not, it’s time to correct this. The last week of February presents you with opportunities to stabilise your career and finances through some clever moves. The month closes on a wistful note, when you are making fresh dreams for the future. 

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