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Your July 2016 Horoscope!

Your July 2016 Horoscope!

Here’s your July 2016 Horoscope: July starts off with a bang! After months of wading through treacle life begins to regain its forward thrust. But it won't be until July 17th before you really start firing on all cylinders!

How July shapes up:

With Mars stationary and Venus aspecting Pluto-Jupiter, relationships may get a little too intense as July enters. But by July 3rd-6th, the world seems rosy once more. Early July brings your best chance for romance and happiness with Sun and Mercury trine Neptune in Pisces and sex god Mars trine love goddess Venus...in love. A life-giving new moon in Cancer also brings a much needed fresh start after months of exhausting effort... Tune in on July 4th to find out more!  

Resist your fight or flight instincts and recognise great opportunities in the first 10 days of July, especially July 1st and 7th-10th, when Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Virgo and Uranus in Aries get in on the action. July 7th-11th is also full of confrontations, revelations and surprises. Rather than rebel, bite someone’s head off or flee, take a moment to consider the options that are opening up before you.  

On July 17th, Sun in Cancer trines Mars and something you've been waiting for finally gets the go ahead, giving you a boost of energy and confidence. Life speeds up again and your sense of excitement returns after months of drudgery. Mercury and Venus meet in Leo on the same day making for some dramatic speeches! Soon after, the Capricorn full moon on July 19th brings a volatile and liberating force, which paradoxically is also healing and stabilising. You can finally get unstuck and move on - especially after the shocks and hurt of the recent past - and establish healthier long term relationships. Sparks fly by month’s end, as Uranus stations retrograde and Mercury squares Mars in Scorpio. Hold your nerve!

July is a powerhouse month, when all the energy that's been stuck for months can finally begin moving forward. So can you.

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Your July 2016 Horoscope Sign by Sign

How is July 2016 shaping up for your star sign? Read your horoscope and find out! You can also get in touch with one of our uncannily accurate team of readers on 0207 111 6384 if you have a burning question and need an answer right away!


With Mars, your ruling planet, direct, you’re finally getting your energy and confidence back. Chances are June has been a particularly difficult month, so you’ll be glad to know that July brings life back to normal. Well, not quite ‘normal’, but the key thing is that you are yourself again and can start hitting it for six. So bring it on! Home and family matters are very much on your mind as soon as July enters and this remains so in the first two to three weeks. There may be an insurance, financing or mortgage matter that’s been giving you a headache - or it may have been the division of property that’s been proving difficult. Thankfully, all this moves full speed ahead this month. This is especially so July 3rd-6th, when you may feel that you have found a safe port and can make a fresh start on the home front. The money seems to be there too. A few sparks may fly July 7th-11th, when home and family affairs are anything but boring. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! This is an opportunity for improvement. July 17th brings a rush of energy and confidence to help you finally move forward with all that you need to do. That is an excellent time to push ahead with household and financial matters. You seem to take charge around July 19th with a healthy outburst that can ultimately bring long term happiness. A romance can be made official now too. Read all about the cliches you need to overcome to find happiness based on your star sign! The end of July may bring intensity and arguments - especially for those born between April 10th and 20th. Hold your nerve, dear Aries: things are looking up!


Has your relationship been stuck for a while now? Has your special someone been a pain in the neck? It's all about to change! July enters with a drumroll and fireworks, pulling no punches! The main piece of news is that your life can finally move full speed ahead again. Why? Because others are no longer unavailable, difficult or plain depressed. The world springs to life once more, dear Taurus!  The first two to three weeks of July are all about networking, chats and may potentially involve you travelling a short distance. News travel fast July 3rd-6th. That’s also the time when you may meet someone special simply by going down to your corner shop.  Look the part at all times with your weekly fashion horoscope! You’re in a flirty mood and this is a great time to put yourself out there if you are single. If you’re hitched, then use July to open communication channels with your sweetheart and plan ahead. Especially since July 7th-11th brings revelations that show you how you need to think moving forward. July 17th gives your relationship a fantastic boost.  If you have been meaning to make the first move with someone or launch a business choose July 17th for maximum impact. The July 19th full moon sees you making long term plans with the aim of greater stability in your personal life. The last ten days of July are more about focusing on your nearest and dearest, as you feel like withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of the world. Time for some peace and quiet. Admittedly, this may be harder to come by July 27th-30th, but you’re good at being patient, dear Taurus. And this is a case where patience pays off! Watch out for uncanny dreams and insights around the 30th. 


If work has been slow, or if you've been ill or under the weather for a while now, your energy begins to return in July. Finally, things at work begin to flow and your health starts looking up too! It’s as if your body simply ran out of juice at some point and you may have had many health complaints or found it hard to handle your workload. Well, things are now looking up and your energy is getting back to normal. Your work and finances will be your biggest concerns this month, right from the moment go. July 1st may bring a difficult confrontation with someone over money. Try to remain flexible - normally a Gemini strength; (read all about your star-sign’s hidden strengths!) - no matter how difficult it seems now, because there is an opportunity lurking somewhere in there. July 3rd-6th is excellent for work and money matters, helping you make a brand new start. Choose July 6th (or later the 17th) to sell your services for maximum reward.  July 7th-11th are a bit intense, when you may have financial confrontations with allies and sponsors alike. Again, rather than being ‘all or nothing’ try to find opportunities for improvement.  Your professional life receives a major confidence boost July 17th and by the 19th a financial matter culminates.  Once this is past, you begin to relax a little and regain your usual chatty composure. Your world springs to life in the last ten days of July with lots of interesting news and meetings. Travel is possible too. Others may be erratic by month’s end, but try - oh do try - to hold your tongue! 


This is YOUR month dear Crab. This is THE month to go after everything your heart desires. If fun, love and happiness have all been in short supply of late, this is all about to change. Your sex life may well have been non-existent in June and your love life a bit of a dud, so God knows you deserve a break from this recent humdrum.  Well, get ready, for things are about to heat up considerably! No sooner does July enter and romance knocks at your door - rather insistently! Relationships are intense - to say the least - around July 1st. But soon after, by July 3rd-6th you’re having some of your best days for love and happiness. You are feeling sexy and your pulling power is at its height! But others are still being difficult on occasion. July 7th-11th brings clarity - and possible confrontations - on the relationship and career front. That’s when you can see exactly who’s on your side, change course if you want and shake off a certain reputation. Come July 17th your happiness quota receives a major turbo boost. This is another chance to go after what you want - whether this is asking someone out or launching your business. By July 19th, an important relationship or association reaches a turning point, allowing you to make a deeper commitment. After that your focus shifts to your money and resources. This is your moment to start investing your energies more productively - whether this is to recuperate, pour your time into the right relationship or pursue a better income. Career matters go haywire July 27th-30th so wait for the dust to settle before you make heads or tails of things. Is your career giving you a headache? Read your 2016 career horoscope for a major overview.


You may well be in a right state as July enters…psychologically that is. Maybe it’s work that’s been doing your head in, or it could be a health issue, or perhaps you just feel tired. This has been a strange few months, when old resentments came to the surface and your home was far from peaceful. July is very much about recuperating from all that and letting go of situations that only seem to detract from your wellbeing. Office politics may rear their ugly head as the month begins, when co-workers seem more interested in getting one over you than cooperating. But within a few days, someone close offers some much needed support. July 3rd-6th brings on an emotional cleansing of sorts. July 6th is the sexiest day this month and perfect for a date - especially if you stay at home or go somewhere private and exclusive. Work matters may grab your attention again July 7th-11th, with someone’s underhanded manoeuvres taking you by surprise. You begin to feel more in control of your day to day life from mid-July onwards with July 17th giving you a much needed confidence boost. If a residence or family matter has been giving you a headache, it should become clear what the best way forward is then too. If your health has been bothering you, the problem becomes clear around July 7th-11th, then again on July 19th, when work matters also culminate, healing past rifts and opening the doors to greater personal happiness. Is your love life getting complicated? Check your progress on that score with your daily love tarot horoscope! You are feeling more perky after July 22nd. Distant shores call to you and you can barely contain your excitement by month’s end, which may cause tension at home. But this is your time to have fun now.


July is a super-sociable month for you with many meetings and reunions - most friendly and happy, some intense. If you work with words, writing or the media and have been a bit tongue tied of late, you’ll be happy to know that your tongue (and brain) is about to loosen up. Phew! What a relief! Get ready for a major boost of energy allowing you to finish a written project, progress with your studies, say what's been choking you up for months, go where you need to go and generally get things moving. If your email account, car or mobile has been behaving strangely, you’ll finally have the energy to get it sorted. Perfect timing, for your schedule seems full, what with friends popping over and your own dreams and ambitions, which finally get the go ahead. Discussions are a little intense on July 1st but by the 3rd, others are a source of inspiration. A sexy stranger may catch your eye July 6th - also a great day to spend with your sweetheart or with friends. July 7th-11th is another period of high intensity, when you gain clarity about something very close to your heart. You may also have a financial disagreement with a friend or ally. But soon comes July 17th, when a friend gives you a major confidence boost. This is also the perfect day to launch your blog or website. July 19th brings you the most romantic full moon of the year, healing relationship rifts and helping you set up a more secure foundation for your future. Forget your to-do list and just enjoy, dear Virgo! After the 20th you can switch off and let the world cope without you for a while. A relationship, family or money matter gives you the jitters July 27-30th: watch out for a slip of the tongue! Distract yourself by reading all about the star signs and money instead.


July pulls no punches, dear Libra, and you may find yourself faced with important decisions as early as July 1st affecting your home, career and public image. This is a month of high visibility for you, when you will have plenty of opportunity to make a good impression, push forward with family or real estate matters, as well as boost your finances. On that score, after months of financial stalemate, others become more responsive and money matters finally get unstuck - especially so July 6th and 17th. July 3rd-6th is especially wonderful for work, career and finances. A superior may recognise the work you’ve been putting in, opening the door to honours and financial improvement. You may also decide to spend money on a project that will do much to raise your profile. If you do so, this will signify a fresh start for your career and overall reputation. July 7th-11th may bring confrontations on the home front once more, with someone in particular acting erratically. But therein also lies an opportunity to put an end to this and move on. Generosity pays off this month, dear Libra. Especially as July 17th gives your finances a major boost. This is a great time to launch a new business, take on more responsibility or move full speed ahead in a relationship. The full moon of July 19th brings a family or real estate matter to a head. This is a time for healing festering wounds that can bring stability: anything you sign now will be in place for a long time to come. You are feeling more sociable in the last two weeks of July, when you can begin to let your hair down. Others continue to surprise you - especially July 27th-30th - when expenses seem to temporarily spike up. Learn how to make money work for you in Astrology and your Finances!


July enters with major fireworks for you, dear Scorpio, as both your rulers, Mars and Pluto have their say. That’s you, on the war path, and no amount of sweet-talkin’ can make you change your mind. After months of simply bearing with a situation, powerless to change it, the reins are finally back in your hands… This is YOUR month to call the shots and finally push forward with all your plans! Travel seems to be on the cards this month - both short and long distance. You may be evaluating the pros and cons of a trip as July enters, or you may be dealing with legal paperwork, visas or an impending academic exam. July may enter with great intensity, but you are feeling much more mellow by July 3rd-6th, when love and romance are beckoning to you. This is the perfect time for a romantic holiday, or to capitalise on your popularity by pushing ahead with what you want. Early July brings fresh hope on all fronts after months of stagnation. July 7th-11th is a rather intense period with confrontations, chats and meetings shedding light on the feasibility of your long term plans. If you are looking for the perfect day to launch your business, approach someone or ask for what you want, go for July 17th, which favours you taking the initiative. July 19th may bring an important communication - possibly about work - healing old resentments and opening the door to greater financial stability in the future. From that point onwards, your career seems to be your priority and you may be much concerned with what you can do to enhance your reputation in the weeks that follow. A work or health matter reaches critical mass by month’s end, putting you on the spot. Watch that you don’t lash out against a boss or parent at that point. Why not distract yourself with our celebrity horoscopes instead?


This is a key month for your finances, when you can finalise a loan or sponsorship, or settle with an ex. Chances are you will also have to deal with your own demons this month, for - as you probably found out in June - sometimes sleeping dragons awake and they can wreak much havoc! Time to put these unruly creatures to bed once and for all. So July is also a month of much activity behind the scenes, whether you are working out your own psychological hangups, recovering or having it out with those who undermine you. On the plus side, you may also be working on a merger or other hush hush project all month, or be enjoying fantastic sex with your sweetheart - good on you, dear Sag! See, going undercover isn’t all bad. The month starts with intense financial confrontations but July 3rd-6th brings happy news and a chance at a fresh start. July 6th is simply made for love - more precisely for a sexy tête-à-tête behind closed doors. Early July is generally your best chance to build trust - all the way into someone's heart…or pocket. July 7th-11th may see you in the midst of intense financial negotiations once more. This is an opportunity to enhance your reputation - if you don’t blow it all on a whim that is… Finally, July 17th gives you the green light with your secret project or relationship. By the 19th a financial matter culminates, after much suffering, allowing you to build more securely for your future. You are feeling lighter in your heart in the last ten days of the month, but you’re also on tender-hooks… Love is full of surprises July 27th-30th. Watch out for the odd freudian slip! It’s all go these days with Saturn in your sign dear Sag: get your destiny report, while it’s on special offer!


Dropped off the face of the earth for the past few months? You're about to make a strong comeback - especially as your presence has been sorely missed. Your social life is about to pick up with people popping out of the woodwork everywhere, invites coming in thick and fast and everyone wanting a piece of you. This is an “other-people”-intense month right from the moment go, with personal relationships, friendships and business associations all very much on the cards. Relationships may be more guns than roses on July 1st but by July 3rd-6th your mood softens considerably. Is someone special weaving a spell on you? That’s fine as long as they’re not pulling the wool over your eyes. Let others inspire and energise you! If your relationship has been on hold - or if it is non-existent - due to a heavy work-load, July 4th allows you to make a brand new start on that front. Encounters continue to be rather intense July 7th-11th, no less so at home, where someone may be being unreasonable. But these challenges bring with them an opportunity for greater intimacy (or even material gain). On July 17th, someone gets you all fired up to go after your ambitions and by the 19th, a full moon in your sign means it’s time to take stock of how far you’ve come and what you want to do from now on. You may be preoccupied with financial matters in the latter part of July and especially after the 22nd. Try to avoid arguing with a friend about money at month’s end, when a home, family or residential matter also seems about to turn. Hold your nerve, dear Capricorn - you’re good at it. Find out what else you’re good at by reading your numerology personality number!


Your work and career have your absolute attention as July enters. Things have been boiling under the surface for a while now on the professional front and you’re about to burst forth like volcanic lava, burning everything in your path. After months of preparation and waiting around, this is your professional moment. Time to take the reins and show them what you’ve got. Relationships with colleagues may be a little strained around July 1st, but there's an opportunity for mutual gain here that needs to be acknowledged. Your hard work pays off and your reputation receives a major boost July 3rd-6th - a golden time for you professionally. Use it to make a fresh start at work. Power struggles with colleagues may continue, getting more intense around July 7th-11th, when exchanges may get a little sharp. Again, you stand to gain by remaining as gracious as can be. July 17th gives your career a fantastic boost, when all your hard work pays off. Now is the time to launch a new project or impress your superior skill upon…well, your superiors. Everything you do now will have a major impact on your career and reputation, so act to raise your profile (rather than lower it!) in July, while Mars is on your side. The full moon of July 19th brings an ending that’s been a long time coming. This may be a collaboration that's reached its natural conclusion, healing financial rifts and cementing a partnership. If this full moon gives you restless nights, make sure to check your dream's meaning in our dictionary! Relationships are increasingly your focus from mid-July onwards and especially in the last ten days. You can barely contain your inner rebel as July draws to a close. Exchanges with others are heated as the month ends, so wait for the dust to settle before you broach anything important. 


Have you been fighting over a major difference of opinion with your sweetheart? Has the gap widened to a black chasm over the past few weeks? If the situation has been deteriorating, July can help you put your views across more convincingly. You could also find yourself making progress with a religious, philosophical or legal matter that’s been causing you trouble or equally with a marketing campaign or course of study. Your own happiness is very much your focus this month. Time for a fresh start in love! Love seems to be all or nothing in July - especially around the 1st. But by the 3rd-6th you can kiss and make up - or if not, well there’s plenty of other fish in the sea! And your popularity and allure are sky high these days. Is he or she the one for you? Check for compatibility between the star-signs!  If it’s your business that’s at stake, then July 3rd-6th is a fantastic time for self-promotion. Things heat up in your love life once more by July 7th and the next few days are crucial, bringing confrontations and clarity. Financial disagreements are also possible, but nobody has a hold on you on that front. Love reaches critical mass by July 17th, when the future is finally beckoning. This is the perfect moment to take your love to the next level, or break free if need be, market your business or find an uplifting creative outlet. A social gathering soon after on July 19th marks the highlight of this month. You may reach a cherished goal or get into a club that can help enhance your career and reputation. A friendship may also reach a critical point, allowing you to heal old rifts. Your focus shifts to work, practical and health matters after July 22nd with the last few days bringing physical and financial stress and arguments, but also the potential for greater independence.

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