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Your June 2016 Horoscope!

Your June 2016 Horoscope!

Here’s your Horoscope for June 2016 - a highly eventful month. All the balls are in the air with lots of conflicting forces vying for your attention. Are you any good at juggling? Time to find out.

June's Astrological Highlights:

We have a grand mutable cross in the sky and June may begin with a few setbacks and disappointments. But the new moon on June 5th allows you to start working afresh on these problems. 

By June 9th, Mercury speeds past opposite Mars in Scorpio and you (or someone else) may suddenly find the words - a bit too forcefully maybe - to say what's remained elusive for the whole of May. Mars is still retrograde in Scorpio, however, so frustrations will continue and progress will be slow: be patient.

Neptune stations retrograde on June 13th filling your heart with dreams and romantic longings just in time for summer.

The big guys are at it this month with Saturn square Neptune (June 18th-20th) and Jupiter trine Pluto (June 26th). These planets are urging you to adopt a more enlightened approach, simplify your life and go after those goals that truly matter to you.

On the romantic front, Venus turns on the charm in Gemini until June 17th favouring air and fire signs and making people more sociable. After that Venus enters sensitive Cancer, favouring shyer types and bringing sweetness to earth and water signs. The best days for love are June 12th-14th and June 26th-27th when Venus links with Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces respectively. The worst are June 1st-5th when Venus gets caught up in the giants' crossfire...

You’re at the edge of your seat by month’s end, as you sense that the game is about to turn! June culminates twice - once with a full moon in Sagittarius on June 20th which gives you a last chance at something; and once on June 30th when Mars turns direct... That’s like the power coming back on after a long blackout…! 

Your ability to multitask and adapt will be tested this month. June is about experimenting with new ideas, connecting with people, keeping your spirit strong and striking a fine balance amidst conflicting forces… This month will present you with many jigsaw bits but it won’t be until July before you can begin to piece the puzzle together. Enjoy the fun!

Your June 2016 Horoscope

What does June have in store for your sun-sign? Your June 2016 Horoscope reveals all. Want a more in depth reading based on your own unique birth-chart? Get in touch with one of our excellent stargazers now on 0207 111 6384!


June is a highly eventful month. Travel seems to be on the cards - especially in the first three weeks. But June 1st-5th may be a little stressful or even disappointing, without you being quite able to put your finger on why. A little later, June 9th may see you have a financial disagreement. In short, satisfaction may be hard to come by in early June. But that is no less due to the fact that you yourself lack your own usual energy and dynamism. Nonetheless, you are fun to be around till June 17th and it looks like many pleasant meetings and conversations are on the cards. You dazzle others with your wit and originality June 12th-14th. Amid the pleasantries, something is lurking under the surface and your encounters are likely to be rather intense. Could it be past resentments and secrets coming to light? Time to find out exactly how well you know someone! Joint finances may also give you a bit of a headache, but you will be able to sort things out in July. This month also brings fantastic career opportunities your way: a position of greater respect is open for you now if you want it. But you have to actively recognise your chance and grasp it. June’s change of scenery is certain to stimulate your mind and make you re-consider certain ideas that you hold, especially by June 20th. That’s also when a court-case gets resolved, a verdict comes through or a marketing project is finally complete. As June draws to a close, and after being much on the road, house and hearth are calling. You feel much more like staying in, pottering about and inviting people over.  Choose the 27th if you want to make an event of it. By June 30th you’re feeling rather emotionally raw, so you'd better stick around people you know well. How well do you know someone? Read their star-sign to find out more!


June keeps your attention firmly on matters concerning your body, your finances and your physical wellbeing. Financial mayhem may ensue - especially in the first few days of June - or you may struggle to make a fresh start with your body. Do so soon after June 5th. Romantically too, things are very much focused on the physical level to begin with - especially as comfort and sensuality are key for a Taurus. Be that as it may, this is a month that increases your capacity for love and happiness, opening many doors for you to express what’s in your heart. Your focus is also very much on a special someone all month, who may be behaving strangely or feeling out of sorts. A conversation around June 9th may reveal more about what that person is going through but it won’t be until the end of the month before things begin to return to normal. June is a month full of dreams and longings, yet you may be afraid to trust in yourself enough to live up to your ideals. June 12th-14th may bring a breakthrough to that effect, allowing you lighten the load. The days surrounding June 20th are a little intense, bringing you closer with someone. You may also gain clarity around a relationship or financial matter. After that point you begin to feel more at ease, in the mood for going out and having a chit-chat with no serious upshot. June 27th is very romantic - great for going out with friends or having dinner by the waterside with your sweetheart. All the better to discuss what’s up with them, since if you have a special someone in your life, chances are they need much of your attention around June 30th. If you’re at a loss as to what’s going on, try your free daily love tarot horoscope for some tips!


June’s your month, when you’re the centre of attention. But there’s so much going on that you may feel stressed - especially in the first ten days. Your charm seems to hit a brick wall in the shape of resistance from others in early June but you have a chance to start again and do better after June 5th. Just watch out around the 9th when a slip of the tongue could land you into trouble. There’s much tension but you can also achieve much if you give others their space to come around. Besides, Venus in your sign till June 17th makes you super-cute, which helps. If you’re single, circulate and put yourself out there, especially June 12th-14th, when you’re at your sexiest and most glamorous. You literally sparkle! A relationship reaches a turning point by June 20th. After that, your need to socialise dies down and your attention turns to more mundane matters like saving up for a holiday. Work may be slow in June, but this offers you an opportunity to make some changes at the office or tend to a health matter. Do whatever you need to and be ready to move forward more dynamically after June 30th when work picks up speed once more. June also offers you a chance to bond more deeply with your loved ones or sort out your family finances. Your glamorous reputation is hard to resist and may pay off around the 27th. Find out how to make your talents pay in the star-signs and money!


Your goals and ambitions are being put on hold - either because you have too much on or because you simply need to get some rest, especially June 1st-5th. You may also be involved in activities behind the scenes, working away yet unable to reveal anything until June 20th. The first three weeks of June are a time of preparation. Take care of your health, write a journal, note down your dreams and do whatever you need to clean your aura, ready for a fresh start. This is a month when your dreams and reality collide. Maybe you’re dreaming of getting away but work is too demanding? Or maybe you realise that it takes much more work than you thought to reach your goal. Your love life also seems to be going through a re-evaluation phase. Retrograde Mars urges you to think really carefully about what you need to be happy. Is love missing from your life? Do you need greater intimacy with your partner? Or maybe you’re fed up with your work and wish you could get more joy out of it? You have all of June to figure out what’s in your heart. You also have opportunities to make powerful allies this month. June 12th-14th may bring an unexpected surprise and by June 20th, a work matter comes to a head, allowing you to finally move on. After that you are feeling much more like yourself. Your powers of attraction are at their peak in the last ten days of June (and until July 12th)! The best time for a date is June 27th, when you shine with an otherworldly allure. Find out what to expect from the star-sign you’re in love with. That’s also the best time for a short romantic getaway with your sweetheart. By June 30th you’re meltingly hot and like a ravenous wolf for love. Come July nothing can stop you from going after what you want! 


June is usually a highly sociable month for you. This year is no different, but the whole thing may take it out of you - especially in the first few days. Your social calendar may be full but it’s also clashing with your love life (or lack thereof) - a much more important matter for you these days. Trying to juggle all this alongside your finances may leave you a little frazzled. But it’s all for the good. It's a chance to tackle tricky questions that may preoccupy you this month such as: do you trust someone enough to open up to them? Do you dare to follow your heart, despite the emotional or financial hold that someone may have on you? Do you dare to take on debt to set up your own business? June brings amazing career opportunities, so make sure to grasp them! If you are worried about love instead, then maybe it would help if you knew the tell-tale signs that your partner is really into you. You may also be dealing with a residential or family situation in June. Are builders in your home? Or maybe past resentments that you thought were dead and buried are suddenly bubbling up to the surface? June 9th may see a heated exchange, bringing important information to light to decide your course. You’re super-popular June 12th-14th and that’s the best time to go out and let your hair down with friends. Romance goes hand in hand with a willingness to experiment and open up. You gain much needed clarity on matters of the heart around June 20th. After that you are no longer feeling so sociable. You may find it much more enjoyable to spend time alone with your sweetheart or retreat to a spa to recharge your batteries. A personal, home or family matter reaches a critical stage by June 30th, after which you are ready to put the past to rest. 


June is a month of high visibility for you. Your career may demand much of your attention, you may be worried about the image you project to others or you may have many obligations, which clash with personal projects - especially June 1st-5th. Your family responsibilities may put a damper on your plans or you may have to make sacrifices for others. Coordinating your efforts will be key if you are to use the energies of the month constructively - especially after June 5th, when you have a chance to reinvent yourself. If you’re getting too worried about what others think of you - a possibility this month - have a look at the planet ruling your ascendant, personality and appearance. This can help you better understand the image you project. June is also a good time to rethink a writing or communications project or communicate things that you’ve been holding onto. If there is something that needs to be said, it may come to the surface this month - possibly around June 9th. The best time to make a good impression is June 12th-14th. That’s also a highly romantic time for you, when your longing for companionship is at its height. Plan something special for those days. From the 17th onwards you are slowly getting into a more sociable mood, as the various career pressures of the month begin to ease off. On June 20th, your home and family has your attention again. That’s also when an important personal matter comes to a conclusion. Despite certain tensions, June is a fantastic month to look for ways to increase your happiness quota - whether through opening yourself to love, enjoying life more and worrying less, or through expressing more of yourself through your work. The most romantic day is June 27th - perfect for a date or to go out with friends. Travel may prove tricky in June with too much ‘to and fro’ making it hard to relax and by the end of the month your nerves may be somewhat frazzled. But that is also the turning point, putting you back in charge of your activities.


June is a highly eventful month when, despite tensions, you feel more hopeful than you have for a while. Expect to be very busy if you work in marketing, travel, academia or with the law. If you are travelling or studying you may have a stressful time of it, but you can also achieve a lot. The first ten days of June are likely to be stressful with June 1st-5th bringing potentially difficult communications and logistical obstacles. Nonetheless, you can make a fresh start toward your plans on the 5th. Stress may take its toll on your body, so make sure to exercise or do activities that ground you. Check your numerology birth day number to see exactly what you need to feel good. You may also be in the midst of financial rearrangements all month, which may be unpleasant around June 9th. Bide your time and you’ll be better able to move forward next month. Things look up mid-June. Others bring a touch of excitement into your life June 12th-14th, lifting your spirits. You may be struggling to figure out exactly where fantasy and reality meet this month, but the 12th-14th definitely stands out for bringing some magic into your life. From June 17th onwards, your focus shifts to living up to others’ expectations and making the right impression. A writing project, trip or negotiation culminates on the 20th with important information coming to light. This helps you make a good impression on the 27th. Financial matters reach critical mass by June 30th, releasing you from their grip so you can move forward. The month ends on a rush of energy as everyone prepares to shift gear. On the home front, June represents a final opportunity to smooth things over. Home is where the heart is, so put your best foot forward while the stars are on your side.


June is a month of great intensity but also lots of waiting around. You may be in the midst of financial negotiations with creditors, sponsors, an ex-spouse or business partner. This may be tricky as there are many parameters to take into account - especially early in the month when your finances suffer. On June 5th it’s time for a brand new approach - especially when it comes to any resources you share with another. Meanwhile Mars retrograde in your sign puts you in the driving seat but…removes the gas-pedal. You are itching to act but somehow there is nowhere left to go. Avoid rash and pointless actions, for instance on June 9th. Instead, take time to rework exactly what it is that you want so you’re ready to push forward next month. If you do need to ask for extra benefits at work, opt for June 12th-14th. Despite tensions, June brings opportunities to network, make powerful friends and expand your influence. But you will have to face up to unrealistic expectations - especially when it comes to love and romance or speculative ventures - if you want to build your assets to go the distance. A financial matter that may have been on the cards since May comes to a head by June 20th. That’s when the tensions begin to rise. Don’t believe everything you hear on the 23rd. The best day for love and romance is June 27th when love transports you to wonderful and exotic places. By June 30th, your inner tensions reach boiling point. Worry not, dear Scorpio. Release is just around the corner! You are finally ready to push forward dynamically with all your plans in July. Talk to one of our clairvoyant life coaches if it all gets too much on 0207 111 6384!


Relationships heat up big time in June and you may have to juggle conflicting concerns. This may be on the business front with you trying to figure out how to meet others half way. Or it may be on the romantic front, where a special someone is demanding much of your time and even putting you on the spot. The first five days of June are especially difficult and it looks like you will have to make a few compromises. Nonetheless you can set your relationships on a fresh footing after June 5th if you keep going. Thankfully, Venus in your opposite sign makes others a pleasure to be around. But it’s just hard to enjoy things what with you trying to reach for your innermost dreams and deal with the pressure. June sees you trying to put your best foot forward to show that you are mature enough to gain entry into the promised land. You may also be onto something big that you are keeping under wraps this month. Sort it out and get your own hangups dealt with in the process. Keep doing so and you'll be ready for the ‘big push’ by the end of summer. Romantically, the most exciting days by far are June 12th-14th when a powerful spark lights up your love life. These are happy days, when your popularity soars! Your finances fare well in June too when a fantastic career opportunity also comes with an exponential increase in earnings. Everything that is personally important to you comes to a head by June 20th, giving you a distinct feeling that this is your last chance at something. Avoid public disagreements on the 23rd. By June 30th, you get disturbed by strange dreams. Channel your energies constructively and don’t let your demons overcome you! Check your dream’s meaning to uncover what’s truly going on.


June finds you hard at work and trying to juggle many different jobs and errands. This may sometimes become a logistical nightmare especially in the first ten days of June, but you can achieve a lot if you can manage to keep things moving. A new beginning with work and health matters after June 5th urges you to find a way to get all your ducks in a row and take care of your personal wellbeing too. June may also call you to see a certain friendship in a different light and reconsider how you want to handle things from now on. Avoid June 9th when it comes to confrontations with a friend. June can be tiring but as long as you are willing to let go of what no longer works, you have plenty of opportunity to improve your lot and gain a sense of empowerment. June is your last chance to impress your importance on those VIPs that can open great big doors for you. Things will flow rapidly between June 12th-14th especially if you work from home. If you’re involved in a home-related project you can see fast progress too. Your imagination is at its height and creative solutions are springing forth. As for romance, things get better after June 17th, when you are more in the mood for love and have more time for people. Something comes to an end on June 20th, releasing you for bigger and better things. Take care of your health too - especially with tensions on the rise. Action speaks louder than words on the 23rd. You’re in the mood for romance on June 27th. By June 30th it’s the moment of truth for a friendship. The game is changing, so be ready to push forward with all your ambitions from July onwards. Remind yourself of your strong points in star-signs and their hidden strengths.


Your love life gets very eventful this month with a brand new beginning on June 5th. If it's been relatively quiet recently, then you may not know what hit you this month. There may be complications in your love life giving you a headache, lovers and friends may not get along or things may be heating up nicely romantically, but you are struggling to find time to enjoy it. Alternatively it may be your creativity which bursts forth this month. You could be juggling many personal projects whilst struggling to bring others on board or make the finances add up. You may feel that others are falling short of the high standards you have set for them. Hold onto your high values but be realistic too. You seem to have financial help from powerful people, so don't let opportunities go to waste. The first ten days of June are potentially difficult, when you have to tone down your desire for fun, romance and creativity because of financial sacrifices or social responsibilities. But June 12th-14th is fantastic for you on a personal and professional level. You can score a victory, achieve a breakthrough with your ideas, or meet someone who makes your heart flutter. A romantic break with your sweetheart would be an excellent idea. You are getting ready to set your career on a new trajectory and June is the time to settle unfinished business before you push forward in July. From June 20th, your attention is diverted to more practical matters. That's also when a long-standing problem with a friend, or a collaborative project that has been in the works since May, comes to a head. By June 30th, the direction of your life is on the brink of major change. Excited about career changes that lie ahead? Find your niche and succeed with your personalised career analysis report!


Your home becomes an absolute hub of activity this month. Do you have visitors? Or maybe you're throwing a party, or your brother/sister or in-laws are visiting? Get ready to juggle your work responsibilities alongside increased activity at home this month. June 5th brings a fresh start with domestic and family matters - although it wont' be easy. You may have to come to terms with dreams and longings that are a tad unrealistic. But this is no reason to be downcast. For this realisation gives you the strength to pursue what you can do something about...  June 12th-14th may bring financial or family surprises, urging you to re-evaluate what you want. You may be sitting on the fence regarding an important decision all month too. If so, the matter comes to a head toward month’s end, when you are ready to fight for your beliefs. This may be at court, around a religious matter, for an academic qualification or to expand your business. If you have had doubts about what to do, June 30th can see you go on the war-path to defend what you think is right. You are dealing with powerful people all around you these days and while it may be overpowering at times, June could see you benefit from these associations, and get some allies over to your side. You are more in the mood for love from June 20th with June 27th one of the most romantic days of the year for you. June 20th brings the final word on a matter regarding your career or marriage - whatever you see as defining you in the world's eyes. By June 30th you are ready to set the record straight. Get a detailed analysis of how the planets affect your chart today with your daily natal horoscope!

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