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Your March 2016 Horoscope

Your March 2016 Horoscope

Your March 2016 Horoscope is here and so is March, which is packed with action. Hold onto your hats! 

This is an incredible month full of activity, intensity, endings and new beginnings! The eclipses have arrived, just as planetary giants are conversing in the sky and Mars gets ready to go AWOL… 

March Eclipses

We have two of the 2016 eclipses this month so keep plans to a minimum. This will allow you to tackle  / take advantage of new events and opportunities that arise. A total solar eclipse in Pisces on the 8th-9th is here to refresh you and get you firmly into your stride. This harks back to changes that began March 2015 with the first eclipse in the series, the 2015 total solar eclipse in Pisces.

Meanwhile, the roller-coaster of changes that began late 2013 and kept you on your feet for three years is finally coming to an end with March 23rd’s penumbral lunar eclipse in Libra. You have until this autumn to finish up here.  

Clash of the Titans

Major aspects in the sky this month also demand your attention. The Jupiter-Pluto trine on the 16th helps you tap into lucky and lucrative avenues for greater health, wealth and happiness! 

A little later, on the 23rd, Jupiter in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius, urging you to work hard if you want to achieve your ends. Thank your lucky stars you have pushy Jupiter-Saturn alongside the easy Jupiter-Pluto-trine to make sure you don’t let opportunities pass you by!

Saturn turns retrograde soon after on the 25th, helping you consolidate the lessons of the last eight months and build a more secure future. Check out your Saturn in Sagittarius horoscope for a more in depth look of what this could mean for your star sign.

Mars on Slo-Mo…

The third piece of major news is that Mars is entering Sagittarius this month, where he plans to stay… This move will introduce you to the topics that will have your attention for most of spring-summer 2016.  Mars is also beginning to slow down, so this is not the time to go on the offensive and initiate new projects - especially after March 26th. Finish what you started and be ready to respond to events and circumstances that may arise and take you by surprise. 

March 26th is a very positive day for action, so take good advantage of it!  But you will soon find yourself wondering where all this wonderful energy went. It all went inward to set you on your personal journey of discovery. By August you'll be ready to push forward again. So brace yourself!

Planets in Pisces/Aries

We also have lots of activity in Pisces and Aries this month with Sun, Mercury and Venus there. These planets will be activating a different life-arena for each sign, so let’s take a closer look… Check out your monthly horoscope too for your monthly piece of advice!

Your March 2016 Horoscope Sign by Sign

So what does all this mean for your star sign? Where is it al kicking off? Read your March 2016 horoscope to find out.  If things are going haywire and you could really do with some sound spiritual guidance, just dial 0207 111 6384!


Get ready for a roller-coaster month, dear Aries! The intense changes of the past three years in your body, personal outlook and relationships get a final push toward the finish line this March, after which they finally begin to wind down. The next six months give you time to settle into a new reality regarding an important relationship in your life. Meanwhile, expect a secret to be revealed to you around the 8th. Health and work matters also become clear at that time and you may find yourself arriving at an important decision. Take your time. The best strategy is to lay low in the first three weeks of March. Work on something behind the scenes, meditate or get some rest. Then, from the 20th onwards it’s time to take charge of events once more. Mid-month brings luck in work and career matters but March 23rd may urge you to bring your activities into closer alignment with your vision. Your ruler Mars is calling you toward distant shores and greater adventures all month. Pace yourself as this journey of discovery is going to be a marathon and not a sprint.  The 5th and 14th are potentially difficult days for your relationships and communications. In contrast, March 25th-26th are good days to get your point across. March kicks off an adventurous spring-summer so preserve your strength! Why not check your weekly fitness horoscope to keep an eye on things?


Get ready for a highly eventful and sociable month, dear Taurus! The first couple of days in March bring some lovely career opportunities, while March 8th opens a door wide for you to make new friends and pursue your ambitions. You may have to make an important decision about a friendship or project close to your heart in the days following the 8th too. Your social life is on maximum strength this month so you will be very busy. Meanwhile Mars enters the zone of your chart marked “private, keep out” (on March 5th) getting you ready for a major, exciting personal transformation that won’t be completed until this autumn. Another area that’s hot this month is your work-place. Events may be pushing you to make a final round of changes at work, or around your wellbeing and daily routine, areas which have faced so many challenges since autumn 2013. At the same time, you may realise that you need to face your fears head on if you are to ever pursue your heart’s desires, express your creativity, find love or set up your own business. March 16th is exceptionally good for all matters pertaining to love, creativity, joy and happiness. March 14th and 25th are tougher by contrast but you may find that you can make a good impression on the 26th. From March 20th, it’s time to slow down a little and listen to your intuition.


Your career lights up like a beacon this month. With no less than three planets plus a total solar eclipse in the most public and visible part of your chart, you are very much in the public eye. This means that you can do much to promote your aims on the one hand, but also that everything you do is under scrutiny, so act responsibly. March 8th brings you a fresh professional start, smashing a glass ceiling and freeing up space that allows you to rise up in the world. A personal or home-related matter is clearly constellated at the same time and you may have to make a decision as to how to move forward. You shine with a shimmery allure on March 11th, a good day for you. Not so on March 14th, when trying to make a sale could get you a cold response.  Mars is meanwhile making others in your life (friends and enemies) a force to be reckoned with, a trend that will continue into spring and summer this year. Get ready for relationships to be hot hot hot! March 16th is a good day to pursue your luck - especially around a personal, family or real estate matter. March 23rd is potentially challenging by contrast when you will have to work harder to get your partner on board. This month also creates waves around a love affair, child, creative project or other matter close to your heart - a trend that’s been active for years now. Get your love life forecast to stay on top of things! Time to decide how to move forward. From March 20th, you are more popular and in the mood for socialising. March 23rd-25th and 30th-31st are especially good for networking or catching up with friends.


March is here to expand your horizons and make your life richer, bigger and better than it was before. Travel, marketing, learning, publishing and experimenting are all big themes this month. Something could blow your mind around the 8th, inspiring new hopes and dreams for the future. That’s also when you may come to an important decision regarding a love affair, hobby, creative project or other matter close to your heart. Meanwhile, your work will be demanding more of your time. This is no short-term thing, as events will take you on an incredible roller-coaster journey throughout spring and summer. March 16th brings great opportunities for networking and for making fortuitous contacts to aid your cause. By March 20th your career lights up, putting you into the spotlight and helping you reach for your goals. If you are looking for a job, this will help you find the right one for you. If you are working hard, then you may now come to the attention of your superiors. But work presents you with challenges around March 23rd, when you may have to take a trip, give a tough presentation or struggle to put your ideas into a workable form. This month also brings changes around a residence, family or real-estate matter that has been ongoing for the past three years. If it’s all been up in the air, then this month gives you one last shake up before you begin settling down, hopefully by this autumn.


With three planets in your intimacy zone, March is a hot month for love, dear Leo. It’s full of intensity - especially when it comes to your close relationships and financial bonds. It’s time for you to claim some of your personal power back - whether this is through changes in your emotional or your financial dependencies. The 8th brings an important moment of realisation for you: have you been selling yourself short? Have you been too afraid to make changes? Is it time to make an important decision in your love life or finances?  With Jupiter-Pluto fighting for your corner on the 16th a raise may not be far away if you‘ve put in the work. Use March 16th-20th to show you deserve the best. Get ready to lighten up after March 20th, when you’re in the mood for a holiday. A media or travel project may also heat up. Meanwhile Mars enters your love zone early on this month, where he is planning to stay all summer. Single or attached, get ready for some serious romantic adventures! Fun is very much on the cards. March 23rd brings one final lesson to put an end to a period of experimentation that began back in the autumn of 2013.  School is out and you have until this autumn to gather your things. The challenge now is to look for real substance in love, and to dare to believe in yourself enough to pursue your happiness and invest in your own creative talents. March 6th may find you on a bit of a downer, but you are in your stride by March 26th.


Get ready for a roller-coaster month around relationships, family and finances, dear Virgo. March 8th brings big news through others, putting your partner centre-stage or introducing you to new people who can change your life. The 8th also brings your own desires into sharp focus and you may come to an important decision. Other people are a force to be reckoned with this month and your home and family are also likely to make demands on you. This challenges you to commit to your own goals with greater energy and determination, as you struggle to be heard among these other voices. March 16th gives you the strength to push ahead with everything your heart desires. Events around your home heat up this month too, a trend that will continue into the summer. You can make a lot of progress with a family or real-estate matter during this time, but you may also find tensions rising. Save your strength, as Mars is in your home sector to stay more or less until well past your birthday. From March 20th, your finances heat up bringing a final round of changes in a series that rocked your finances since the end of 2013. Time to gain some financial clarity and tidy up loose ends. March 5th and 14th are not great dates to connect with others or promote your cause. March 11th by contrast is pure magic. March 30th-31st are also fortuitous for love, business, finances, home and family matters.


March is an important month for you, dear Libra, bringing a final round of changes and revelations to set your life on a new path, especially toward month’s end. Even before that, this promises to be a very busy month, so brace yourself. Expect major changes in your work and life-style after March 8th. These may open up new job opportunities, introduce you to a whole new way of doing things or bring a health matter to your attention, helping you make a brand new start. With Mars in your communications zone too, your relationships and interactions may be a little intense - not something that peace-loving Libra relishes. Alternatively, you may travel a lot this month and in the months to come. Try to be calm on the road. On the plus side, Mars may help you speak your mind and get your message across. The first three weeks of March may well require discipline on your part in order to get things done and keep yourself healthy and well. After March 20th the focus shifts on your relationships. A lunar eclipse in your sign delivers a final message to help complete your transformation, after the trials and tribulations of the past three years. Keep on top of your love life with our daily love horoscope! Date-wise, March 1st-3rd is fantastic for matters of the heart whereas March 14th and 25th are difficult, when charm and diplomacy won’t get you far. Try again on March 26th. The 16th is a lucky day, when you can make swift progress with a personal matter and find romance in the most unlikely places.


Your love zone lights up this month, dear Scorpio. Single? Get ready to fall in love! If you’re already in a relationship, your sweetheart could make your heart flutter or it could be the birth of a baby or a new creative project that does it. March is made for romance, love, joy, creativity, fun and happiness with March 8th bringing important realisations and a brand new start in matters of the heart. Your popularity is on the rise this month too with fantastic networking opportunities around March 16th and many chances to enjoy and express yourself all the way until March 20th. After that, and having had your fill of fun, your mind turns toward your work. Your challenges seem to be financial this month, testing your vision - and friendships - against hard realities, especially around March 23rd. Meanwhile, Mars is revving up expenses all month. This is a trend that will continue for a large part of the year so pace yourself. The good news is that Mars also gives you the energy and enterprising spirit to make money. March 26th could see you score a professional victory, but it will be a while (not till August) before you can put your ideas into full effect. It’s time to leave the past behind, along with all the sacrifices and hard work that you put in for the past three years and look to a brighter future. March 5th, 14th and 31st are not great days to get others onboard. By contrast, March 7th and 26th-28th are excellent.


This is a very important month for you on many fronts, especially for home and family matters. If you have been meaning to apply for a mortgage, move house or find the perfect home, this is the month to make this happen. March 8th brings a brand new start in your private life, and in your home and family affairs. Meanwhile, your ruler Jupiter lights up your career bringing you opportunities to rise up in the world. A major moment of realisation around your career, goals and life direction comes around March the 8th. This is you month to take advantage of fantastic opportunities in your career and finances, so make the most of it, especially mid-month. But success comes with increased responsibilities and requires commitment and maturity on your part. That’s the main challenge for you, as you’ll come to realise this month, and your freedom-loving nature may struggle with this idea especially around the 23rd. By that point, events in your social circle or around an important project may reveal important information to help you proceed. Mars in your sign gives you oodles of energy all month, so you could not choose a better time to energise your goals. Use March to make progress but pace yourself, as Mars will slow down by month’s end, testing your stamina and determination. From March 20th, the spotlight falls on love, romance and good old fun, helping you relax a little and increase your happiness quota. You can use also March 1st-3rd and 28th-30th to push ahead with important projects.


You’ll be buzzing around all month as March is filled with news, commotion, trips, and exciting talks. Expect to be extra busy if you work in sales, transport or the media. March 8th brings a new beginning in your relationships and business interactions. It opens up a whole world of discovery, introducing you to ideas and people that make all things familiar seem brand new and exciting. You may be travelling a lot in the first three weeks of the month or be glued to your computer connecting with the world electronically. March 16th brings an empowering influence, when you can make a good impression on a VIP or score a legal or marketing victory. March 23rd may deliver a professional message to help you finalise changes to your career and overall life direction that rocked your world for the past three years. Meanwhile your ruler, Saturn, is urging you to simplify your life and reclaim your spiritual connection. A much needed holiday, a healing retreat or regular breaks from your busy schedule may be needed for you to recharge your batteries - especially as office politics may start tiring you out this month and in the months to come. As a Capricorn you may be a workaholic, but you’re also good with boundaries and March urges you to carve some out for yourself. Alternatively, you may be very busy with a project behind the scenes all month - a project that will keep growing and won’t be completed till August-September this year. March 30th is a good day for home, family or personal matters, all of which will be much more on your mind from March 20th.


Money talks this month, dear Aquarius, and you may have many expenses, but also many opportunities for a total overhaul in your finances. March 8th marks a new beginning in the way you earn your income. It may also change your priorities and urge you to rethink your expenditure, both in terms of energy and money invested in a project or a person. A relationship or business venture may also reach critical mass around the 8th. March 16th is an excellent time to make positive progress with personal and business matters - whether this is a sponsorship, loan or relationship that is posing you with dilemmas. Your powers of recovery are also great mid-month. Things intensify again by March 23rd, when a final message is delivered to help you put the finishing touches to a new and expanded vision of your life. That’s also the day that your ruler Saturn clashes with Jupiter bringing yet more financial challenges for you to address and urging you to question who is truly on your side. It’s a constructive challenge, motivating you to put in the effort to realise your dreams - a topic that will be a focal point in March and even all the way till the end of September this year. Mars and Saturn, who are responsible for this trend, lose some of their potency by month’s end, so be ready to go back to the drawing board. This will help you come out stronger by this autumn. From March 20th, the financial pressures ease off a bit and you can begin experimenting with your ideas. Your powers of persuasion are strongest March 1st-3rd, but weak on March 6th, 14th and 23rd-25th. March 30th brings you inspiration.


March is big news for you, dear Pisces - a roller-coaster month that allows you to completely reinvent yourself on all fronts. A solar eclipse in your sign on March 9th means its time to turn over a new leaf. Relationship matters are also clearly constellated at that point and you may come to certain conclusions regarding a significant person in your life. With no less than three planets in your sign, you have the upper hand this month and can go after what you want. Moreover, others seem to have your best interests at heart and be good friends and companions. Single? This is the time to put yourself out there and see what happens! In the meantime, Mars energises your career, increasing your responsibilities and putting pressure on you to raise your status. For a more in depth look why not get your personal career analysis report whilst it’s on special offer? This is a long-term trend, with challenges along the way, so get ready to grow in authority over the summer. But your new responsibilities may also put pressure on your relationship, especially toward month’s end, urging you to find a creative resolution. Be proactive and use March 11th and 16th - two dreamy dates - to inject more romance and magic into your life. In the last week of March, the spotlight falls on your finances. March 23rd delivers a final piece of news to help you set your financial agreements on a new course, as well as redress the balance of power in an important relationship.

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