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Your May 2016 Horoscope

Your May 2016 Horoscope

Your May 2016 Horoscope promises a world of goodies. But good things come to those who wait. and patience is key this month. So relax, stop pushing and occupy yourself with pleasant activities. Can you do that? Much of your May success and happiness depends on this skill…  

The first half of May offers a welcome break from a more hectic lifestyle. Consider this an early holiday (especially as June promises to be far less calm). A new moon conjunct Venus in Taurus in grand trine with Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn on May 6th signals a powerful, happy and lucky fresh start for all star-signs.  Mercury retrograde brings past faces and places to the surface, allowing you to reminisce.

With Mars retrograde in Sagittarius and Mercury retrograde in Taurus, May is a slow and leisurely month. Let things unfold and don’t push for fast results. Play the waiting game if you have to. Proceed with due caution and diligence. Meanwhile, eat, drink and be merry. You can also do your homework, clear out your closets, renovate your living room, review your accounts, tackle unfinished business, settle old promises, get closure and generally do whatever you need to do to catch up with yourself.

Things get considerably steamier after May 20th: a tense full moon conjunct warrior planet Mars and widely opposite love planet Venus may see passions boil over. With Mercury stationing direct at the same time, there’s bound to be lots of tension. Throughout all this, Jupiter square Saturn exerts pressure on you to grow and changeIf the last ten days of May push your buttons, make sure to count to ten before you react!

  • Lovely days: May 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 9th-10th, 13th-14th
  • Tougher days: May 22nd, 24th, 26th

May is especially lovely for earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) who will feel happier, more creative, romantic and hopeful than usual. It’s also friendly to water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), whose social life and relationships will perk up. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) may feel less sociable than usual whilst fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) may turn their attention to work, finances and health matters. Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces may feel the pressure more in the last ten days of May.

Your May 2016 Horoscope: What does May have in store for your Star-Sign?

May starts on a slow lazy pace, then heats up toward month’s end. Whether you enjoy tranquility or love a bit of action, there’s something in May’s horoscope for everyone! For a more personal forecast, based on your particular birth-date and time, call one of our friendly astrologers on 0207 111 6384.


May’s focus is on practical matters - especially your finances and your physical condition.  Aries loves action but this month is no good for major new offensives. Use it to review your priorities, sort out your finances and let your body catch up with you. Any delays now can act as a blessing in disguise, opening your eyes to opportunities you may have missed in your usual rush. May 6th may revive a lucrative work contract or investment. The days that follow are also great if you want to address a physical concern that’s been dragging on or get your body ready for summer. (Get some astrology food-tips at you star what you eat.) If work has been slow, the pace picks up after May 9th. By May 20th things get more exciting, which is how you like it. If a trip is on the cards plan carefully and give yourself plenty of time to get places. May 20th-26th brings intense communications, news and meetings. A powerful attraction to a handsome stranger is also a definite possibility. Don’t make any promises you can’t keep as you won’t have all the facts. Your efforts to improve your working routine or health will intensify this month and you can do much to fine-tune your plans. From May 27th the focus shifts on relationships and financial agreements. 

Tip: This is an excellent month to review your priorities, address financial concerns and give your body some TLC. 


Taurus knows that if there is something worth doing it’s worth doing slowly and enjoying every moment. Take your time, dear Taurus. May is a godsend for your personal renewal and your realignment with your goals. You are your number one priority this month. Use it to catch up with yourself, tackle unfinished business and refresh your image.  May 6th brings a fantastic fresh start with matters that have been long on your mind. Do you seek love? Are you trying for a baby? Are you hoping to start your own business? Retrace your steps and look for opportunities you may have missed before. (To help you along why not invest in a 12 month personal year ahead astrology forecast for your birthday?) A matter close to your heart gathers critical speed by May 9th. The first half of May is absolutely fabulous for love, romance, enterprise, travel and general enjoyment. From May 20th, your focus begins to shift to more practical concerns such as your body or finances. You are on a powerful path of initiation - whether through an intimate relationship, business venture or course of therapy - and things heat up considerably between May 20th-26th. Your dreams of love and happiness require change on your part, even if you’re reluctant and May will urge you to make the necessary changes. The last ten days of May are intense but they can bring you closer to your heart’s desires. From May 27th your energies get diverted to an important partnership. Your words have power on May 31st.

Tip: This is your time! Put yourself first, enjoy and renew yourself! Think of the first two weeks of May as Happy Hour.


This month is your down-time, dear Gemini, so don’t waste it worrying that things are not moving forward at your required speed. Spend time refreshing spirit, body and soul - whether that is through sleep, meditation or playing video-games - whatever helps you switch off. You could also take a moment to review the past twelve months as your birthday approaches and think about what you would like to accomplish in the future. May 6th to May 15th-20th is best spent in relative solitude (as much as is possible for a Gemini). Do so and by May 9th, you already feel inspired. That’s also when a relationship, home or family matter starts moving forward. Love thrives in secret in the first few weeks of May. But be careful if you have any secrets: after May 20th you enter your birthday territory and you can no longer stay in the shadows. An important relationship reaches a critical point between May 20th and 26th - the most intense days of the month by far. Refrain from major decisions until well into June. Pressures are sure to build up in your relationships all month, especially if you desire to buy a home together or expand your family. May 31st offers the best chance for a good heart to heart. Wondering what destiny has in store? Get your life destiny forecast whilst it's on special offer!

Tip: Take time to rest, relax and replenish your batteries in the first few weeks of May before things get more intense on the relationship front.


This is the month to network and revive old alliances, dear Cancer. If you need to reach out to someone from your past the first half of May is perfect for this. This is also a fabulous time to review your dreams for the future and find opportunities to realise a long-held ambition that you may have missed before. May 6th brings a lucky fresh start in your social circle. Old friends may bring happy news or introduce you to powerful people. By May 9th news may change your plans or you may be thinking of a trip. Don’t make any rush moves at this point, as it is unclear which way the wind blows. (Things will remain unclear till June 9th at the earliest. Cancers are notoriously sensitive and you will want to know more before you invest yourself. Find out more about Cancer’s sensitive nature in the star-signs and rejection.) May 13th-15th is fantastic for relationships. This is no time for major offensives - use what you’ve already got to best effect. After May 20th you will feel far less outgoing. Your work may get hectic May 20th-26th requiring equal rest. You are currently struggling to establish working conditions which stimulate your mind and give you freedom of movement and May will see you make another step in this direction. After May 27th, you’re motivated to pursue love and happiness once more. You may gain a powerful ally by month’s end.

Tip: Make the most of the first half of May to reconnect with friends, enjoy good times and re-energise your dreams.


You’re very much in the public eye this month. This may be through your career, where opportunities arise to pursue goals you had previously given up on. Or it may be through your family or social circle, where you’re in demand. This is not a month to open new fronts but to rethink old strategies. An old boss may approach you with a lucrative proposition or you may review the status of a relationship. May 6th-15th is a great time to look for missed career opportunities, revisit a past role, revamp your public image and improve your finances too. If money has been slow, things start moving again after May 9th. Consider all your options before you make a decision. From the 20th, your social life picks up with May 20th-26th promising to be the month’s most eventful days. Your love life has been heating up for a while and may reach an important turning point after May 20th. Things remain highly unstable till the end of May and beyond, so go slowly. A business enterprise or creative project may also reach critical mass before May is out. After the 27th, you may decide to redecorate your home or reconnect with your roots. The month ends on an empowering note for business. Keep on top of things with your weekly career horoscope.

Tip: Look for missed career opportunities till May 15th. Make the most of this period by contacting VIPs from your past.


May is carefree and full of hope and promise! A holiday to a known and beloved destination early in the month could be just the ticket to get you into a good mood. Returning to your neglected studies, a half-finished article, a forgotten promise, or website you were planning to set up is also a good way to spend the first few weeks of May. May 6th brings a fresh start on all these fronts, reviving hopes that had fallen by the wayside. Romance is also to be found in exotic and far away places and if you can’t get away, then a handsome foreigner may come to you. (Find out if he or she is really into you based on their star-sign!) You may be feeling super-excited by May 9th, as a personal enterprise or relationship reaches critical mass. You may feel eager to push forward but you had better be patient and discerning (great Virgo qualities) till you gather all the facts. May 13th-15th is the most romantic and happy weekend of the month, so make the most of it! From May 20th the focus shifts to your career and responsibilities. Your home-environment and family-life are in transition and things reach a critical peak May 20th-26th. Those are tricky days, when much will be up in the air, so refrain from jumping to conclusions. You are struggling to reach for your goals amid home and family pressures and May can see you make another concrete step forward. A hopeful message strengthens your heart and could make you popular by month’s end, energising your mind. 

Tip: Grab a holiday in the first half of May when the stars are on your side.


Relationships and financial matters are very much on your mind this month and you may get a chance to tackle unfinished business that’s been dragging on for some time. This could be the division of property, a tax issue or the power balance in your relationship that needs reviewing. A heart to heart may be necessary to clear the air.  Now is the time to address any concerns. May 6th offers a brand new start in your personal affairs and a chance at reconciliation. Financial arrangements that had been put in the back-burner could also be fruitfully reviewed in the days that follow. By May 9th you are ready to put the past behind you. This is a month of intense encounters and you may feel a need for privacy, especially in the first two-three weeks. Still looking for the one? By May 20th you are feeling more adventurous and ready to open up. Find your perfect love-match astrologically speaking! If you have been negotiating your finances, now may be the time to bring in a lawyer. It may also be time for a brief getaway to gain a better perspective on your relationship. May’s most demanding days are the 20th-26th. Your environment seems to be undergoing a restructure and these days may present you with a major dilemma. Don’t rush a decision at this point, even if others are pressurising you, as there is still much you don’t know. Wait till the end of May at least, if not later in the summer.  Expenses crank up from May 27th. May 31st may help you reach a family agreement.

Tip: This is a great month for reconciliation in your personal affairs and to conclude unfinished business in your love life and finances.


Relationships are your major focus of this month. Your special someone may be going through changes, you may now need them more than ever, or it may be time to rethink where the relationship is going. Alternatively, you may reconnect with someone from your past or an old partnership may be back on the table. May 6th brings a fresh start in your romantic relationships, as well as your social network and business associations. You can do much in the days that follow to re-energise your marriage or reconnect with an agent or discuss a contractual agreement. Be prepared for whatever comes by reading up on the biggest relationship threats for each star-sign! This is no time to rush into a new relationship but to build on an existing one. If your dreams and ambitions have been on hold for a long time, things start to move after May 9th. But there’s still much you don’t know, so take it slowly. May 13th-15th is your most wonderful weekend for relationships and networking of all kinds.  From May 20th things get more up close and personal with an added focus on your finances. Your priorities are currently undergoing a major restructure and May is pushing you to invest into your long term goals despite financial difficulties. May 20th-26th is brimming with intensity, when personal and financial issues are clearly highlighted. Things are still highly unstable, so whatever you learn, don’t rush any decisions. By month’s end you’re back in the driving seat and have super powers of persuasion.

Tip: Make the most of your time with a special someone until May 15th!


If you are in a rush to get this or that project signed off, don’t. This is a month to take it slowly, pay attention to life’s little details and fine-tune your ideas. May the 6th brings you a lucky fresh start in logistical, work and health matters - especially anything that has been dragging on for a while. An office romance could also blossom at this time. If your career has been stalling, things start gathering speed after May 9th, when ideas about how to be more productive and efficient with your resources start percolating in your mind. May is a wonderful month to make little tweaks and improvements to your life especially till the 15th. After May 20th the focus shifts to an important relationship or business partnership. Things may get tricky at that point so make sure to have done your homework beforehand. Your interactions with others can become very intense around May 20th-26th. This can be a very exciting time, but don’t jump the gun. Your personality and goals are undergoing a major restructure and a strong disagreement or powerful attraction now could highlight how far you’ve come and what you still need to work on. Pressures ease off a little after May 27th and the month ends on a financially promising note.  Choose the right moment to act based on the planetary hours.

Tip: May is the month to do your homework and tackle logistical, work and health matters that you normally don’t have time for.


May could be one of the happiest months of 2016 for you! A romantic affair may be rekindled, you may rediscover a beloved hobby or simply have loads more fun than usual going out, socialising, flirting and generally being yourself. You normally like to push on with your ambitious goals, but the world is on down-time, dear Capricorn, and you may as well have a little fun. May 6th brings a brand new and positive start in love, children, creative enterprises and anything else that speaks directly to your heart. Get the full picture in your 2016 love horoscope!  Luck is on your side! By May 9th you may feel very excited about an imminent adventure and the weekend of 13th-15th is the best time for fun, love and romance. Don’t rush or commit too soon, as you won't know which way a romance or creative endeavour is going until well after May is over. Just enjoy the moment. After May 20th the focus shifts back to work and practical matters with the intensity meter rising dangerously all the way to the end of the month. Office politics may also flare up around that time requiring careful handling. Take good care of your health and don’t let work run away with you. Whatever comes up you won’t have all the facts to make an informed decision yet so hold off any major offensives. May will test your beliefs and future plans. Your social circle livens up after the 27th and your popularity soars on the 31st.

Tip: This is the month for love, romance and happiness - especially in the first few weeks. Get out of the office, accept invitations and have fun!


Your home and family are your focus as May promises many happy moments behind closed doors. This is a gift from the universe, when you can enjoy beautiful times with your loved ones before things get more intense after the 20th. This month offers a much-needed breather to allow you to revisit the past and tidy up loose ends. May 6th signals a happy new start at home - a good time reinforce family relationships, move furniture around or repaint the walls. This is a lucky fresh start for you and you seem to have the financial and emotional support you need. By May 9th, an intimate relationship gets exciting. Funds that may have been held up also get released following May 9th. You may crave fast progress but wait until you have all the facts (which may not be in May at all). From May 20th you are feeling more sociable. That's when things get much more lively. A whirlwind romance, an important creative project or a key social engagement is on the cards May 20th- 26th. You have been restructuring your social network for a while now and these days may mark an important turning point, when a friendship turns into something more or you see exactly where your friends stand. Where can you place your trust? This is the million dollar question. Try a celtic cross love tarot reading for some answers. Your career heats up from the 27th and the 31st could help you resolve a personal matter.

Tip: Use this month to revisit the past, relive happy moments, heal rifts and gain closure.


This is a month of pleasant contacts and communications, when you reconnect with people you haven't seen in a long time. If you are single, you could meet someone at a reunion or at a place you used to go. May 6th brings happy news and a chance to open communication channels. If you have been finding it hard to get your message across, this is your fresh chance. Romance is also favoured and someone could play match-maker to good effect around or after the 6th. An important relationship may reach critical mass by the 9th just when something clicks in your own mind. Find out how to improve your relationship with our special soul mate report. Try to contain your enthusiasm if you meet someone new as you won’t know what’s going on well until May is over. Still, the first few weeks of May are your best time to circulate if you are looking for romance. From May 20th your focus shifts to your home and family and you may be feeling more private and withdrawn. A matter you feel strongly about and that may determine your future course culminates May 20th-26th. A parent, in-law or boss may seem aggressive or unreasonable. These are a very intense few days so try to avoid life-changing decisions until the storm blows over. The pressure may ease off after May 27th. May 31st is great for networking.

Tip: Use the first three weeks of May to have fun, attend events and circulate.

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