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Your October 2015 Horoscope: Get Ready for a Power-Booster!

Your October 2015 Horoscope: Get Ready for a Power-Booster!
October is a real power-booster of a month, bringing you some of the sexiest planetary aspects of 2015. This is the kind of astrology that allows you to move mountains, bringing 'satisfaction guaranteed' in some area of your life. 
The key event this month is Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn, which opens up a powerful vortex of luck and opportunity. This is a truly empowering aspect generating a flow of abundance. But it is also a 'soft' and lazy aspect: it does not push you to act. This means that you need to recognise opportunities coming your way and actively make the most of them. That's where astrology comes in: it can show you where this wonderful gravy train stops at a station near you!
October 2015 brings the first of three sexy conversations between Jupiter and Pluto to be completed in June 2016. But the one this month is definitely the most passionate: that's because lovers Mars and Venus are joining Jupiter (planet of luck) in his alliance with Pluto (planet of riches, sex and power). This means you have a chance to move forward in leaps and bounds in love and business alike this month, setting crucial events into motion for your future success and happiness. Get ready to live intensely this October!
Rolling with the punches…
There are some stressful aspects as well this month - especially in the first 13 days: Mercury is retrograde in Libra until the 9th, Mars opposes Neptune in Pisces and Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn on the 5th-7th, Venus squares Saturn in Sagittarius and Sun opposes Uranus in Aries on the 10th-13th alongside a challenging new moon in Libra. This is bound to create surprises and tensions with authority figures, at work, as well as in your relationships and finances. But these early influences are necessary to open your eyes to what's possible and to urge you to grab your chance: Jupiter trines Pluto on the 12th-13th opening a door of opportunity as wide as a palace gate. After that, Mars energises the Jupiter-Pluto power-trine on the third and most dynamic weekend of the month (Friday 16th-Sunday 18th) and Venus brings her beautiful touch the following weekend, which is made for love (Friday 23rd-Sunday 25th). Meanwhile, Mercury holds some intense meetings on the 22nd and 26th to ensure that you don't just sit idly watching opportunity pass you by. The month ends on a high with a sensual full moon in Taurus. Enjoy!
Earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) are best placed to enjoy this month's feast for the senses. Water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) can look forward to lucky encounters, Fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries) get a fantastic chance to boost business and Air signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra) may experience a breakthrough with personal and family affairs. Read your star sign to find out more! 

How will this month's powerful opportunities affect your sign?

Read your star sign and ascendant to find out where October's gravy train makes a lucky stop near YOU! Alternatively, dial 0207 111 6384 to talk to one of our top astrologers!
October has the potential to be a real work and career-booster for you, dear Aries. You can advance in leaps and bounds toward your goals if you are prepared to put in a little effort this month. Equally, a little push on your part can do wonders for your health and fitness, if this is what is on your mind.  Anything you put your attention to has the potential to earn you respect and catapult you into the stratosphere. You will also see some financial rewards for your efforts by month’s end. You may not feel the energy of this power-vortex straight away, with stresses around an important relationship taking much of your attention, especially around the 5th, then again 9th-13th. But your ruling planet Mars' arrival onto Jupiter and Pluto mid-month is bound to bring a powerful professional message home that this is your time to put in the work and seek professional success. Earlier this month, between October 4th-10th, you may find that your efforts fall a little short of your aims, that you are physically run down or even thwarted by elusive enemies. Save your energies for later. Note the 16th-18th and 23rd-26th of October as especially eventful and productive at work. The month's stresses are bound to come from partners and competitors, and generally from the relationship sector. Watch out for misunderstandings around the 9th. At the same time, your work will keep you on your toes. That's just as well. Your best course of action is to focus on the task at hand and not be side-tracked by others. The work you put in this month and until June 2016 has the potential to really raise your profile and augment your position.
The focus is on love and happiness this month, dear Taurus. Being an earth-sign you are bound to feel this powerful Jupiter-Pluto trine all month, giving you oodles of energy. Love and adventure go hand in hand in October. The more you follow your heart, the more you will feel that your world is expanding and that the sky itself is the limit! If you have children, they may be a real source of joy for you this month, introducing you to a whole new world and vision for the future.  Alternatively, it may be time to go big with a hobby or creative project and publish, exhibit or market your work to a wider audience. Follow your bliss and spread your wings - that’s October’s message for you, dear Taurus. Don't let any stress around work early in the month and around the 12th-13th lead you to doubt the goodies coming your way. Your ruling planet, Venus, also squares Saturn around the 10th-11th and you may feel disappointed in love or insecure financially. Carry out a brief reality check and move on. The happiest weekend for love and happiness, travel and adventure, or to go public with your plans is the weekend 23rd-25th October. Use the weekend before that (16th-18th) to energise your project, but make sure to guard against unrealistic expectations. The month's stresses come mostly from your work sector and your finances - but this is just enough to keep you on the alert. Don’t let yourself get side-tracked by life’s nitty gritty details to the point where you miss out on the wonderful opportunities for enterprise, love and happiness that open up for you now and into 2016. Enjoy to the max! 
Love and passion - and potentially big money - knock right on your door this month, dear Gemini!  Your home and family - whether this is real-estate, a parent or your country of origin - seem poised to bring you a wonderful bounty. This may be a significant sum of money that gives you a sense of empowerment. Or it may be a powerful psychological breakthrough in some private affair that makes you stronger. You may be a sociable sign, but the best that this month has to offer is a private, cozy vibe and spending quality time with your nearest and dearest is the best way to realise this month’s potential of deep emotional bonding. Bear in mind that your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde until the 9th and this is bound to create some confusion and tension in matters of love as well as around any plans and projects you have. Wait until after the new moon of the 13th to make a fresh start with someone. When it comes to family, wait until the weekends of the 16th-18th and 23rd-25th of October to plan something special with your loved ones, for that’s when astrology's lovers (first Mars and then Venus) energise your home sector. As Mercury also has some stressful aspects on the 22nd and 26th, conversations with a loved one may see sparks fly, so do not persist with difficult subjects on those dates. Turning your attention within - to your household and family, as well as to your own psychological wellbeing - is the best way to make the most of this month and grab the opportunities for deeper bonding that are available now and until June 2016. Equally, you may have an incredible chance to proceed with a real estate project now and for the next nine months that has the power to give you a sense of security for a long time to come. 
This is a golden month for sales, talks, communications, contracts and agreements, dear Cancer. Getting out and about, meeting people and getting in touch by phone or email has the potential to result in a life-changing new partnership or an empowering exchange, and to teach you new things. Clear communication channels may also help you deepen an existing relationship. A brother or sister, colleague or neighbour may be lucky for you, helping you reach out to potentially influential people and affluent social circles now and all the way until June 2016. You can expect a lot of commotion and communications this month, with travel definitely on the cards - especially around October 6-7 and 16-17. Work and travel pressures around the 11th may put a bit on a damper on your enthusiasm but you can use this constructively to figure out your next steps. Most of the month's stresses stem from home and family-related matters, especially around the 8th-13th and 22nd-26th of the month. But you can get lots done on that front, especially from the 13th onwards. Make sure you don't get all wrapped up in personal matters, for you are very well placed to take advantage of this month's opportunities to connect with important people. This can allow you in time to establish a good personal network and reach for your dreams. So don’t let home-related concerns keep you all cooped up inside: step out and about!  The weekends of the 16th-18th and the 23rd to 25th promise to be especially stimulating, so make plans. The full moon at month's end (on the 27th) is best spent among friends.
This is a potentially lucrative month for you, dear Leo. Finances receive a powerful boost this month, fuelled your own hard work and diligence. In a very like manner, you can uncover a veritable treasure of talents, skills and other resources whille you're at it. You do have some financially challenging days - for instance October 7th, 11th and 16th, when you may have to carry out a reality check. Avoid making important financial decisions on these days. But rest assured that this month spells out “big risk: big reward” for you! This is no time to think small or worry about the pennies. This is your chance to invest in what’s most important for you - something that has the potential to bring in more cash as well as greater job satisfaction in the future. On another level, a devoted diet and exercise regime can deliver amazing results now, transforming your body with far less effort than you thought was possible. You're a real romantic, and you may not see this month's potential for material gain immediately, especially as you may feel a little frazzled by people coming and going, meetings, emails, trips and general commotion. But great professional opportunities are there for the taking, now and into June 2016. If you need to travel for work, the 15th-18th and 22nd-25th are especially exciting for meeting people and exchanging ideas. Wait until after the 13th (and preferably after the 24th) before you sign a contract. The month ends with a full moon in your career zone, boosting your public image.
Your birthday may be past, dear Virgo, but October 2015 is your month! You run the show, giving the orders and setting the pace. Virgo is a modest sign and you may feel uncomfortable in the spotlight. Nonetheless, you have waited long for the time when you can finally put yourself first and do things your way. That time is here! This month gives you a huge power-boost to go forth and get everything that your heart desires - be that love and romance, children, more fun and happiness in life, greater popularity or the development and expression of your creative talents. It's all there for the taking, dear Virgo - and this is a trend that will take you well into 2016. The month may start on a wobbly foot as Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde until the 9th. With Mars and Venus having some stressful aspects in your sign on 6-7, 10-11 and 16-17 October, as well as Mercury under pressure between 22-26, the month will not be without its ups and downs, where personal projects, finances, relationships as well as home and family are concerned. But don't let that fool you into thinking that you don't have the upper hand. This is your show to run! This October brings amazing opportunities to go after everything you want and find love and happiness to boot. Mercury sextile Saturn on the 13th can help you get your finances in order, despite the challenges of the new moon. By month's end you can finally spread your wings. That's also when a romantic escape with your partner could prove magical.
October brings the potential for a powerful breakthrough in home, property and family related matters that have been plaguing you for some time. Similarly, you may experience an intense psychological breakthrough, releasing years' worth of baggage, finally free to go forth with a lighter heart. To make the most of this month's amazing opportunities, push on with real estate and family matters that need your attention. Also make sure to spend time at home bonding with loved ones, resting and gathering your strength. By month's end you may see financial rewards (for instance the release of loan/grant money or the division of property). At the same time, events will have helped you get to know someone better. With Sun and Mercury under duress in your sign, and your ruling planet Venus meeting with the occasional obstacle, you are bound to feel stressed this month, especially around October 5-7, 10-12, 16-17 and 22-26, so make sure to take time to rest and avoid altercations on those dates. Take your time to respond to any unsettling communications. Nonetheless, you will be able to move forward with greater strength after the 13th. From this October and until June 2016, you have an amazing opportunity to progress in leaps and bounds in your personal life and where any real-estate and residential matters are concerned. Make the most of it!  A course of psychotherapy is also bound to deliver much more powerful results this October and all the way until June 2016 than at any other time.
It's time to come out and mingle, dear Scorpio, as your social circle is about to burst into life! You have been in the deep-freezer for a long time and this month brings a powerful and well deserved break: time to make influential friends and rub shoulders with some powerful people. We know that you like to play spy and keep a low profile when it suits you, but this month is no time to hold back. Your best opportunities for advancement come from accepting invitations, getting out and about, learning, travelling and exchanging ideas. You may find that powerful allies have lots to teach you this month and all the way until June 2016. Sales and commerce are also bound to prove good for you now and until June 2016. Be open dear Scorpio!  Be ready to capitalise on your network of friends and acquaintances - especially around the 16th-18th, when your ruling planet, Mars, joins the party putting you on top form. There's some stress too, of course, but it’s all under wraps. You may be in frantic preparations behind the scenes before the big unveil, or trying to release past conditions and show trust that something better will come along. Take it slowly early on, especially around the 5th-7th, when you may feel a drain on your energy. Wait until after the 13th to push on with your best plans. Your greatest enemies are your own personal demons — i.e. lack of faith and self-sabotage. Don't let them crash your party - especially early in the month. If any difficulties crop up around the 22nd, Venus is your ally: Socialise! Network! Place trust in your friends. By the end of the month, you can look forward to a dreamy full moon in Taurus, helping you seal a business deal or spend quality time with a special someone.
Your career and finances are on the fast-track this month, dear Sag. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is receiving such attention at the top of your chart that you may well find yourself in the public eye and very much in demand. Even if you're not there yet, a chain of events may kick off that's bound to earn you greater money as well as recognition now and until June 2016. Go for it! If you put in the effort this October, you should already see things change at work for you by the end of the month. This period is not without stress of course - and this is mostly due to your efforts to put together a group project or to establish your place amid friends and acquaintances in your wider circle. Watch out for misunderstandings with friends early on in the month. After the new moon of the 13th (when your guy, Jupiter, gets empowered by wealthy Pluto and Mercury collaborates with Saturn in your sign giving you gravitas), the doors open wide for you to move forward with your dreams and raise your cache! Do not let any social frictions or home-related stresses  get you side-tracked. Your career is finally on the up, dear Sagittarius, bringing you a chance for greater prosperity. Trust and go with this process! Plan career moves around the 16th-18th and 23rd-25th of the month for more powerful results.
This month opens the doors to life-changing adventure, bringing you opportunities to soar high above life's daily grind. Opportunities to travel, expand your business or reach a wider audience with your work will abound. Or it may be a chance to go to university or resolve a legal dispute that makes you feel more optimistic about life. This liberating energy comes just when you need it most, being under such pressure for so long. If you have a book, website or business to launch, now is the time. Ditto if you have a court-case to resolve. If you work in marketing, you may experience a big success. If you are going to Uni, you may quickly come to the attention of your teachers. A trip undertaken now and in the next nine months can prove life-changing. Make the most of the weekends of the 16th-18th and 23rd-25th in your attempts to break new ground. This is not to say you will not have your fair share of stress this month: watch out for mistakes at work, misunderstandings with your boss and conflicts that affect your professional image early in the month (5-10). A stressful aspect to your ruling planet, Saturn, on the 11th may also deplete your energy and clip your wings a bit. But after the 13th many factors come together to put you on a more stable and promising path. Do tend to your responsibilities - as your sign is sure to do - but do not let ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ distract you from the opportunities you have to reach for something better in life. October brings an amazing new trend to take you all the way into June 2016, allowing you to spread your wings in the months to come. As for this month, your efforts culminate in a happy, creative and romantic full moon on the 27th.
You're an outgoing sign, usually steering clear of emotionally sticky situations, but this is a very intense month, with a greater focus on your private life and family dynamics. This October brings emotional and financial rewards, as well as a chance for bonding and real intimacy. You have an amazing opportunity to gain someone’s trust this month - a very transformative experience. Equally, you have the potential to achieve a powerful psychological breakthrough, ridding yourself of baggage that has been hanging around your family tree for generations. On a more concrete level, you may find that you suddenly have access to big money from large institutions, empowering you to get a project off the ground. Finally, if you have a health problem, you may find that you have the gift of accelerated healing now and all the way until June 2016. Whatever comes to pass, you potentially have access to lots of power this month, which you can use to benefit many people around you. The trick is not to get too caught up in philosophical, religious or legal disputes. Most of the month's pressures will arise from trying to pursue your vision - whether this involves travel, marketing or some other high-flying endeavour - whilst preserving your integrity. Your intuition is off the charts and a better guide than your intellect at this point. Remember: you cannot control everything. The key is to establish trust. The weekends of the 16th-18th and the 23rd-25th may bring a gift. The end of the month is made for a happy home. 
Get ready to feel incredibly supported by many special people in your life, dear Pisces. You have the potential to establish a lucrative partnership with a powerful ally this month and to enhance a friendship between you and a special someone. Your partner may turn out to be a real gem, or it may be a friend that proves to be of great assistance to you now and all the way until June 2016. The greatest riches come from people who have your back, and by month's end you may feel excited to be sharing your ideas and vision for the future with others. With Mars and Venus in your opposite sign, a significant person in your life is bound to be the centre of your world this October. Relationships are not without stress this month: watch out against needless disappointments and misunderstandings around October 6-7, 9-11 and 16-17, when personal expectations, finances or work demands may get in the way of romantic happiness. If there are any unclarities, these will begin to shift after the 13th. Let your partner lead the way, especially around the 16th-18th. The best time for a short romantic getaway is the weekend 23rd-25th and Friday the 30th of October. This is an intensely transformative month for you, dear Pisces, especially where close relationships and joint finances are concerned. You have allies by your side and you'd be crazy to go it alone. It’s time to let others help you reach your dreams.
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