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Your October 2016 Horoscope!

Your October 2016 Horoscope!

Here's a first glimpe at your October 2016 horoscope! After a particularly challenging September and in the aftermath of last month’s very important Eclipses, this October makes a glorious entrance with a New Moon on the 1st, which not only changes our moods for the better but also helps us bring important emotional and financial matters full circle. This affects mostly the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) born during their sign’s first ten-day, as this Octobers brings amazing opportunities and a chance to 'evolve'! Before proceeding and if you don't already know what your ascendant is, make sure to find out using our free birth chart, so as to look our for events that affect you for both star sign & ascendant.

Your horoscope for the first days of October - Romance

The trine between Venus and Neptune on the first day of October drags us into a romantic mood while also revealing great potential for matters of the heart. This mostly affects the horoscope of those belonging to the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) of the second ten-day, alike. Opportunities when it comes to financial matters are also bound to present themselves, bringing you a much needed sense of security. Btw astrology can also help you improve your relationship with money, so make sure to check out our guide on star signs and money!

If we had to choose one word to describe this October’s entrance that would, without question, be ‘hope’. This October’s planetary energy is the gentle caress we needed in order to recover from a summer and first month of Autumn that kept us on our toes. Mars remaining in the sign of Capricorn helps us in this respect a lot, as it gives us a push to overcome difficulties and come out winners, if we play our cards right, that is! This is true mainly because when Mars is in Capricorn it turns us into the most driven version of ourselves possible. It not only helps us keep our eyes on the ball but also forces us to calculate every move carefully before proceeding.

Your horoscope for after October 16th - Freedom

According to your horoscope for October the Full Moon of the 16th awakens the need in us to re-evaluate and re-mold relationships in order to win ourselves some much needed breathing space which will also bring a new sense of trust between us and our partners. This is true particularly for the Cardinal signs born during the 3rd ten-day. Love planet Venus entering the sign of Sagittarius on the 18th will amplify this need of us to be more independent while also bringing a healthy hunger for adventure. This will get Mutable signs of the 2nd ten-day into some deep thinking over life-choices related to the chase of freedom. Difficult Mars aspects in your horoscope from the 19th of October all the way to the end of the month will lead us to a few hasty decisions which will bring a sort of ‘unrest’ in our relationships but also, unfortunately, causing a minor accident or two. This affects the Cardinal signs of the third ten-day the most, so make sure to keep an eye out!

This is your first glimpse at your October 2016 horoscope! Make sure to check out our monthly horoscopes page as your detailed horoscope per star sign will be updated in the next days - Why not take a look back at your September horoscope until then to evaluate how you responded to this past month's planetary activity? 

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