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Your September 2016 Horoscope!

Your September 2016 Horoscope!

September is here and so is your September 2016 Star Sign Horoscope! September is all about purification and realignment with tons of planets in Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, with a sprinkling of Libra. Here's the story:

The final two of this year’s 2016 eclipses arrive this month - one in practical Virgo on September 1st and the other in dreamy Pisces on September 16th - announcing a flurry of fresh changes in a series that began back in March 2015. With the Saturn-Neptune square also active a softer, more flexible attitude is called for on your part to handle these changes. Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde in Virgo till the 22nd urges you to review and refine your plans. And action planet Mars in Sagittarius is finally in full forward motion. This allows you to finally move beyond what's been bogging you down since March. But a lot has changed so get ready to brave a new world! Thankfully, Jupiter's move into Libra on September 9th brings you a fresh pot of luck to help you handle the situation. That’s especially good news for gentle, dynamic Librans: your time has finally come! 

What’s September’s Astrology like for Your Zodiac Sign? Here's your Horoscope!

So how is September shaping up for your star sign? Read your September 2016 star sign horoscope forecast and find out! Alternatively you can get an in depth reading based on your personal birth-chart by contacting our excellent stargazers now on 0207 111 6384!


Your focus Is on life’s necessities and travel but also on spiritual matters. Expect changes around your work and health, with schedules moving forward. Endings are also possible, asking you to let go of situations you cannot control. Use September to revisit a bodily concern or review your tasks, methods and daily routine. A more spiritual approach may be called for on your part. Lady Luck smiles on your relationship, bringing new opportunities on that front from September 9th. Which star sign are you most compatible with? Check for compatibility between the star signs.


The spotlight falls strongly on love this month, as well as friendship, but also on work and finances. Changes come in fast and thick in matters close to your heart, love and friendship. This is your chance to refine your attitude toward a love affair, children or a creative project and review your place among friends and likeminded people. New bundle of joy? See what sort of parent you are in Meet the Parents: astrology and parenthood. Pursuing your dreams may require financial and emotional commitments at this time, which you are finally ready to make. From September 9th, new opportunities arise at work.


Your home life, career and relationships are all shaken up. Changes arrive around a family or residential matter that also affect your overall life direction. Expect rapid developments on both the home and career front and take time to carefully review your living or family situation. Adjustments may be called for when it comes to career versus an important relationship, where you can finally move to the next stage. What’s in store for your love life? Lady luck smiles on you from September 9th onwards. Keep abreast of events with today’s love horoscope.


Your focus is on your work with meetings, talks and travel featuring prominently. Expect changes in your day to day environment, as well as in your own thinking and overall outlook. Time to review how you communicate and interact with others. Read the fine print. Work or health concerns may call on you to soften your attitude or seek a more inspired outlook, especially since new horizons are opening up before you work-wise. Knowing your strong points based on your star sign can be of help. Opportunities for a more spacious home start appearing after September 9th - a trend that will continue for 12 months.


Love is still a major focus for you with body and intimacy concerns high on the agenda.  Alternatively, you may be experiencing changes in your finances that bear on a creative project. New horizons open up before you both when it comes to love and business. Use this month to address a physical concern and review your financial situation. Sacrifices - of a personal or financial nature - may be called for if you are to follow your heart. Is he or she the one? Here are the signs that your new squeeze is really into you based on their star sign. Expect more travel, with new ideas, places and faces from the 9th.


The spotlight falls on your home and family, your partner and your personal goals. Your finances also get a good look in.  A final round of major changes rock your personal outlook and relationships. Use this month to review what you, personally, want out of life, irrespective of others - especially as Jupiter has now opened new doors for you to walk through. A residential or family matter may call for relationship sacrifices, but at least you are finally able to move forward more confidently. An improved financial future dawns on the 9th. Looking for ways to increase your assets? Find out how in astrology and your finances.


Jupiter finally enters your sign on the 9th and it’s time to begin a brand new cycle of growth and development. Communications feature strongly this month and you are finally able to make headway with your ideas. It’s time to let go of the past and of people and concerns that are no longer relevant. September is your chance to address any unfinished business and seek closure. You can also expect changes at work, where sacrifices are required if you are to gain experience and establish a greater influence. A brand new chapter of your life begins, so why not kick things off with your personal year ahead predictor report for the next twelve months?


The focus continues to be on your finances, where you can finally move forward, after months of being in limbo. Changes in your community as well as around love, children, investments or a creative project also bear strongly on your resources. Use September to review your goals and who you want to associate with. Sacrifices for your kids, for love or for your own business may weigh heavily on you financially, reducing your fun quota. But this is only temporary. Have faith that all will be ok in the end - especially as you have a guardian angel looking after you for the next twelve months. Trying to make your money go further? Check out the star signs and money.


Who are you, what do you want and where are you going? It’s all in the melting pot this month! Changes are coming in thick and fast that affect your sense of rootedness and your life direction, bearing strongly on your identity and personal goals. Now’s the time to review where you are headed and move forward with your desires after months of stalemate. If you feel stuck, why not seek guidance in your daily tarot career reading? A family or residential situation is also requiring you to grow up fast these days. But expect a richer social life starting on the 9th with friends and allies coming to your aid.


Your world has been blown wide open and chances are you've already walked the corridors of power in the past few months. The way is now open to establish yourself behind the scenes. Travel plans, a court case or a marketing/publishing schedule may be brought forward in time, so be prepared. Use September to review exactly where you stand with respect to certain matters. Sacrifices may be called for in your daily movements to undertake an important operation behind the scenes. Expect more career opportunities from the 9th. Are you having strange dreams? Find out what they mean in our dream meanings!


You’re still strongly focused on your friendships, community and dreams for the future. While these seem to be calling for financial sacrifices you can finally move forward after months of waiting around.  What is your life’s mission? Check out your numerology destiny number! Your finances have been on a rollercoaster since last year and you can expect more rapid changes this month. This is your chance to review your financial commitments to others, as well as revisit potential helpers and investors. Lady Luck (a.k.a. Jupiter) brings hope and opportunities for travel, expansion and adventure from the 9th. 


The focus falls on your career, relationships and personal goals with important changes pushing your life forward in leaps and bounds. Your responsibilities have been increasing steadily and you now find yourself pretty much in charge. This naturally calls for personal sacrifices but you can move forward with your plans finally, after months of being stuck. You will have to review exactly where you stand in an important relationship if you are to do so, but this is worth it, as Jupiter promises you greater intimacy (as well as financial aid) in the coming months. Is he or she the one for you? Your love potential tarot reading reveals all.

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