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Virgo - Year 2017

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Dear Virgo, this is your career horoscope for 2017:

Like a bell that can’t be unrung, moving into the year with Venus in your work sector is an advantage you will retain for the rest of the year, despite the fact that leaving on the 3rd January she will spend less than 72 hours of 2017 here. Yet the one planet that will have as big, if not a bigger influence isn’t even here, having left just before Christmas. That planet is Mars, who until leaving your work sector on the 19th December spent six weeks firing up your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit. Not due to return until 2018 and with Venus at his side during his final weeks, moving into the year with Venus in your work sector also means moving into the year with Mars’ influence. This means that from the get go you know what you want, you know what excites you and you have a whole year stretching out in front of you, where anything is possible. With the Sun not returning to your work sector until the 20th January there isn’t even the pressure to figure out the ‘when, where and how’, allowing you to move into the year with blind faith and a Wish List rather than a list of New Year’s resolutions. From that point on things look very ordinary, deceptively so, with the Sun moving through from the 20th January to the 19th February and Mercury from the 7th February to the 25th February. After that there will be no more planetary activity in your work sector until 2018, but that is far from the end of the story. Either Venus or Mars planted something in the later weeks of 2016 or fate itself has something in mind, but a lunar eclipse in your work sector on the 7th August suggests that something is going to keep those wheels turning. After Mercury’s departure from your work sector on the 25th February there will be no more planetary activity in either of your two professional houses until Mars returns to your career sector on the 21st April, returning for his first visit in two years. This will kick off a very active few months for career and professional matters as a whole, starting with Mars’ return on the 21st April and ending with Venus’ departure on the 31st July. With the lunar eclipse in your work sector on the 7th August, just eight days after Venus’ departure, this may be a result of that. Either way, eclipses bring the element of fate into play and create some major triggers. While the whole period, from the 21st April to the 31st July is the best point of the year for career and professional matters, the first six and the final four weeks will be the best. With lucky Jupiter in your income sector until the 10th October, this should also be a lucrative year, especially in the first two months when your work sector is active and again from the 21st April to the 31st July, when your career sector is active.

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