2018 Horoscope

What does the astrology for 2018 look like? Several big planetary events are about to take place in 2018, affecting your horoscope. Taskmaster Saturn will have already moved into Capricorn from the end of this year, joining Pluto who is already there. Uranus, planet of the unexpected with move from fiery Aries to stable Taurus in May 2018. Lucky Jupiter will stay in passionate Scorpio for most of the year, adding depth to your thoughts and your relationships.

Astrology transits of 2018 and their impact

2018 is also a year of big Eclipses. By the end of the year, Jupiter moves home in Sagittarius, a sign of luck and abundance for some area of your life. Jam-packed and heralding a new era, that’s what! We have two major astrological shifts happening in the spring of 2018. That’s Chiron into Aries (17 April 2018) and Uranus into Taurus (15 May 2018), two new and pioneering trends that will take us all the way to 2025-26. Reluctant Taurus, yes, that puts you right in the avant garde! Jupiter’s already moved into Scorpio, where he’s helping you, me, everyone shed old skin and, soon, Saturn goes into Capricorn on 19 December 2017, a sobering transit that will colour the next three years.

Major political and financial changes lie ahead! So if you’re meandering toward Christmas thinking “oh well, more of the same”, think again. Five eclipses make 2018 rather dramatic too. Two of these are total lunar eclipses or “blood moons.” The first is in Leo on 31 January, the second in Aquarius on 27 July. Summer 2018 promises to be a rollercoaster. Why? Mars is retrograde in Aquarius & Capricorn (26.6-27.8) creating extra chaos around eclipse season - and so is Mercury (in Leo 26.7-19.8)! Two partial solar eclipses (in Aquarius 15.2 and Leo 11.8) complete the set, so Leo and Aquarius, this is a landmark year for you!

Love won’t be without its ups and downs either as Venus is next to lose her step and go retrograde in the autumn-winter (5.10-16.11), testing relationships everywhere. Mercury retrograde picks up where Venus left off (16.11-6.12), leaving you breathless before year's end - the other Mercury retrograde being in spring (22.3-15.4). Now, are you a Cancer or a Capricorn? Get ready for a major transformation! An extra 5th eclipse dips its toe into Cancer on 12 July 2018, giving you a sneak peak into a major trend that’s gathering speed as we head to 2020. The year closes with a luck of the draw as Jupiter moves into its home sign Sagittarius on 8 November. 2018 promises to be a rich and eventful year full of surprises so get ready!

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21 Sep 2018
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