Astrology of the FIFA World Cup 2014

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FIFA 2014 Astrological analysis

The FIFA World Cup takes place every four years when the top 32 teams around the world compete to win the coveted football trophy. At the last World Cup in July 2010, the Germans discovered a new star who quickly became a worldwide sensation. His name was Paul and he was a psychic octopus. 

Before each match he was given two boxes which contained food and were draped with the flags of the two competing countries. Whichever box he chose first was the winning team. The octopus correctly predicted all six of the German national team’s matches and topped that off by predicting the winner of the play-off match for third place and the winner of the final.
His semi-final prediction however was extremely unpopular with his home country as he predicted (correctly) that Spain would beat Germany. Spain won 1-0. Bitter German fans threatened to turn him into sushi but Spain’s Prime Minister saved the day when he called for octopus bodyguards and offered Paul an immediate transfer to Spain to ensure his protection. Paul remained in Germany and died in October 2010 aged two-and-a-half, a normal lifespan for his species.
Sports astrologers and sports pundits around the world would welcome such success when trying to predict top sports matches. There are many different formats for sports prediction, some use number-crunching and a whole host use different forms of divination.
England’s Natal Charts
As a sports astrologer, you have a lot of differing information to sift through before you make your final prediction. The place to begin is with the chart that rules the ‘birth’ of each country, although many countries have more than one natal chart associated with them, which makes predicting more complex. There are two charts that are used for England, for example, the first is the Coronation of William the Conqueror on December 25 1066 and the second is the formation of the United Kingdom on January 1 1801.
Both charts have the Sun in Capricorn which befits a country of strong history and tradition and the global archetype of the British man or woman with a reserved character, a liking for formality and a stiff upper lip.
Sports Prediction & Wembley 1966
Once you’ve considered the country chart, you can also pay close attention to the coaches’ and players’ natal charts to see whose star is in the ascendancy. Finally, you can draw up charts for the date, time and place of every match of the tournament to see how two teams will perform head to head. Traditionally, the favourite to win would be signified by the ruler of the Ascendant and the second team symbolised by the ruler of the Descendant.
When using astrology to make a sports prediction, the key planet is Jupiter, planet of good fortune and success, and it’s the planet you want to have on your side. England won the World Cup when they were on home turf at Wembley in 1966 and the England chart of 1801 shows clearly why the World Cup of 1966 proved to be a stunning victory for the England team.
In the 1801 England chart, the Moon at 19 Cancer is in the 10th house and rules the Midheaven, as Cancer is the sign on the Midheaven cusp. This is a good starting point to look for factors that indicate success. On July 30 1966, the day of the World Cup final, Jupiter was at 18 Cancer, in a close conjunction with England’s natal Moon. Plus on the day of the final Jupiter at 18 Cancer was in a trine (helpful) aspect to Neptune at 19 Scorpio. This was important as in the England chart, Neptune is also at 18 Scorpio so this was England’s Neptune Return and the pairing of Jupiter and Neptune symbolised a unique opportunity for dreams (Neptune) to come true (Jupiter).
England’s Chances In 2014
Jupiter takes 12 years to return to each star sign and Jupiter is back in Cancer again this year. So does this mean that the England team have a strong chance of winning in 2014? The chart of the final which takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 13 2014 shows that Jupiter is at 29 Cancer and only 3 days later on July 16 2014 will enter the sign of Leo.
Jupiter doesn’t pick out the Moon in England’s chart this time around although as England’s natal Jupiter is at 1 Leo, it’s only a few days off England’s Jupiter Return, exact on July 24 2014. Jupiter Returns are notoriously celebratory, plus on the day of the final the Sun is at 21 Cancer so close to England’s natal Moon although moving away from it. The astrology is nowhere near as stunning as the epic victory of 1966 but you have to hope this is a good omen for the England team and that they will have a successful tournament. However, they have a long way to go before they reach the final.
Roy Hodgson (b. August 8 1947) is the current England coach and a Sun Leo and in fact he has four planets in the sign of Leo. Leo’s zodiac symbol is the lion, so he has one more planet than the iconic ‘three lions on a shirt’, the England team’s symbol but this is still a promising connection between coach and country.
Everything needs to come together when the planets are aligned favourably for success and you have to take into account a team’s fitness, their star players, plus their winning mentality for a prediction to come together. Here are some of the stand-out teams astrologically for this year’s World Cup that are getting a welcome boost from the stars which could help propel them to top spot:
Brazil [April 21 1960] They are the home team and tipped as one of the favourites so they deserve a mention but the astrology doesn’t pick them out as potential winners.
Argentina [July 9 1816] With three planets in Cancer, Argentina are strong contenders to lift the winning trophy. Plus they have the phenomenal footballer Lionel Messi (b. June 24 1987) in their squad who is also a Sun Cancer.
Spain [Nov 22 1975] Reigning champions of the FIFA World Cup, you have to fancy Spain’s chances to retake the title. Spain’s chart shows two planets in Cancer, Mars and the Moon, plus ruling planet Saturn is at 2 Leo so Jupiter’s closing in.
Spain has a Sun/Mercury conjunction on the Midheaven at 25 Scorpio, the same Midheaven as the chart of the final in 2010 when they won and the same Midheaven as the chart of the final in Brazil in 2014.
France [Oct 6 1958] Another country with its Moon in Cancer plus transiting Mars is conjunct the karmic North Node on the day of the final.
Italy [June 10 1946] Not good news for England as Italy are one of the teams who England face in the group stage but Italy have three planets in Cancer so expect them to be contenders for the title.
Holland [July 26 1581] Holland has Venus at 2 Leo conjunct its Midheaven at 1 Leo so Jupiter is moving closer towards its success point on the day of the final.
England [Jan 1 1801, 0:00 am, Westminster, UK] England won the World Cup when Jupiter was in Cancer in 1966. Their best performance since then was in 1990 when they reached the semi-finals and Jupiter was again in the sign of Cancer. Both times, however, Jupiter was close to England’s natal Moon and this year Jupiter’s moving away.
If only the World Cup had been held at the end of May 2014 when England’s stars were looking glorious. On May 24 2014, Jupiter was at 18 Cancer conjunct England’s Moon and Saturn was at 18 Scorpio conjunct England’s Neptune. Six days later England beat Peru in a friendly match 3-0. They will have an uphill struggle at the World Cup in Brazil with its high temperatures to repeat their success of former years when Jupiter was in Cancer.
Astrology Data
1966 World Cup Final, July 30 1966, 3:00 pm, Wembley, UK
2014 World Cup Final, July 13 2014, 8:00 pm, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
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