Mercury in Cancer from July 13th: Up Close and Personal…

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After a long period of indecision, Mercury finally moves into Cancer on the 13th of July and it’s time to get up-close and personal!  Mercury will stay in Cancer until the end of the month and this looks set to create a lot of commotion around home, family and all kinds of close-knit emotional bonds.
We had a brief stint of Mercury in Cancer between 29th May and 17th June, but the winged planet was tired, so he aborted mission, switched off the lights and sleepily made its way back to its home-turf, Gemini, for a bit of TLC. Still, however groggy, Mercury ‘s entry into Cancer at the end of May highlighted certain matters close to your heart – around your personal needs, your home and family, or the people and things that make you feel secure – that needed your attention, yet were left hanging without resolution. If so, with Mercury’s re-entry into Cancer now, anything that was left unresolved in early June can now be picked up, examined and completed.

What to Expect with Mercury in Cancer:

Mercury rules the flow of people and information, learning, communications, trading, writing, speech, social media, transport, travel, movement, ideas and thoughts. Cancer is concerned with nurturing and with your home-base, family and loved ones, your bodily and emotional needs and with attachments of all kinds. It also rules land, real-estate, the past, mothering and children, and your sense of belonging, safety and protection. Lastly, Cancer is associated with tradition and history as well as creativity, intuition and the imagination.
Thoughts and movements during this time are preoccupied with home and family, safety and nourishment. This is a perfect time to connect with your family – or those you consider closest to you – for some good old bonding or a heart-to heart. It is also a good time to sort out household or property paperwork.
Mercury in Cancer brings a walk down memory lane, so reconnect with old friends and relatives, or with your inner child, and get some closure. It is as if a magic door to the past is opened, making it intelligible for you.
Intuition, imagination and memory are very strong now too. So use this time to learn and retain information, or to unlock your creativity through writing, poetry or imagery.
On the downside, the mind is more irrational, emotional and subjective at this time. Words become loaded with feeling and tend to be taken personally. So, if you get embroiled in emotionally charged interactions you might find yourself waterlogged. Trust your instincts and proceed with care. 

Some Good Things To Do with Mercury in Cancer

·      Spend time with your nearest and dearest and strengthen your bonds
·      Have a heart to heart – open up about your feelings and clear the air
·      Think about what it is you truly care about
·      Delve into your past or explore childhood memories and photographs.
·      Re-tell your personal story
·      Read biographies of people that inspire you
·      Explore your family tree
·      Put a personal touch in your communications
·      Exercise your memory: learn and retain new information
·      Study subjects with a sense of history or tradition
·      Translate abstract ideas into human terms
·      Reach people’s hearts through words / gain popularity
·      Channel your imagination creatively through writing, poetry or imagery
·      Be there for someone – be supportive and caring
·      Sort out property papers
·      Let your instincts guide you
·      Exercise your emotional intelligence
·      Spend time by the seaside

What to Watch Out For

·      Defensive, passive aggressive or manipulative behaviour
·      Fearful or overly defensive thoughts
·      Nostalgia and glorifying the past
·      Getting too soppy, soggy and sentimental
·      Increased subjectivity
·      Irrational, moody reactions
·      Taking things too personally / others doing the same
·      Betraying your feelings with your words
·      Warped logic…
·      Everyone (inc. you) being overly impressionable
Earth and water signs are likely to feel more at ease with this Cancer-Mercury vibe. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) like to see practical and applicable results to any thought process, in line with Mercury in Cancer’s non-abstract orientation. And Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are well-versed with the realm of the past, emotion, intuition and imagination in their day-to-day interactions and right at home with the sensitivity of Mercury in Cancer.  
Air and fire signs may feel less at ease with emotional Mercury in Cancer. Air-signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) prefer to function on a more rational, abstract, unemotional level, unencumbered by subjective or personal matters. And Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) prefer a more bold, visionary and forward-looking way of thinking and handling their affairs, not being so keen on looking backward or getting too emotional. 
But even if your Sun sign is in Fire or Air, it might be that your Mercury Sign – the way you naturally communicate – is in Earth or Water. So, check out where Mercury is in your birth-chart!  You can also read more about the 4 elements in astrology: fire, air, earth and water.

Key Dates for Mercury in Cancer:

Mercury makes 3 easy aspects and 2 tougher aspects whilst in Cancer. Here are some dates to watch:
  • 18-19 July, Mercury trine Neptune: Inspiration flows! Heightened impressionability, creativity, imagination. Fluffy thoughts.
  • 21-22 July, Mercury opposite Pluto: Dark thoughts, underhand tactics, powerful disagreements, secrets revealed, research, getting to the heart of the matter.  Uneasy truths.
  • 24-25 July: Mercury square Uranus in Aries: Irritability. Flippant comments, sharp words and sudden arguments. Also sudden insights! Shocking truths.
  • 24-25 July: Mercury trine Saturn & Chiron: Mental stability and healing. Set boundaries and build bridges. Be honest. Consolidate your ideas. Establish firm connections. Build on your ideas. Successfully apply and test ideas in real world. Get some healing and closure. 
So, we have a short tricky period between 21-25 July, when you should watch your words. Thankfully, some good aspects at the end of that period can offer some healing and stability.  Keep a high level of awareness to make the most of it.

How Mercury in Cancer Affects Each Sign

Here is how Mercury in Cancer creates commotion for each zodiacal sign. Read your Star-Sign and Ascendant below. (Get your free birth-chart!) Don’t forget to watch out for 21-25 July and tread sensitively around those dates!
There is a double emphasis on home and family for you dear Aries. Strengthen the bonds that feed you, tend to your needs, and take care of matters around your home and what makes you feel secure. Tread with care around 21-25 July.
Communications, travel and learning are emphasised for you dear Taurus. You might take a short trip with family members, discuss your past, study a subject you care about, or reconnect with dear friends. Take care around 21-25 July not to overload your system.
Mercury emphasises your finances and talents, dear Gemini. Find ways to make cash doing what you love, develop your communicative skills and connect with those who can help you increase your earnings. Family finances may be emphasised. Take care around 21-25 July not to argue about finances.
The emphasis is on your self-image and goals, dear Cancer. Mercury’s visit strengthens your intuition and gives you the gift of the gab… So, time to promote yourself, project the image you want, put your ideas across and connect with the right people! Remain flexible and watch out for sudden surprises or tricky disagreements around 21-25 July.
Mercury emphasises work behind the scenes for you, dear Leo. This could be work in large institutions, psychotherapy, meditation and recuperation, and whatever allows you to remain hidden… (I know, not a Leo concept – but everyone needs time off the radar!) This is a good time to remain anonymous, dear Leo for it’s time to dig deep into your subconscious, uncover what it is you want and release any blockages. Then, in August, with Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and later Venus in your sign, you will shine brighter than anyone! Watch out for increased stress around 21-25 July.
Your ruler, Mercury, emphasises collaborative projects, friendships and acquaintances, dear Virgo. It is time to reconnect with friends and family, meet all the right people and pursue your dreams! Watch out for disagreements or things coming out of left field around 21-25 July.
The emphasis is squarely on your career and public image, dear Libra, with lots of commotion at work. It is time to think about how you want to be seen by others and how to best display your intellectual, creative and diplomatic skills. You may meet people who can further your career. Watch out for crossed wires around 21-25 July.
Mercury highlights travel, learning, legal matters and the expansion of your horizons, dear Scorpio. It is time to stick up for what you believe in, or alternatively to begin studying a subject close to your heart. You can now meet with people in authority who can assist you, or enjoy an emotionally rewarding holiday with loved ones. Watch out for a spanner in the works around 21-25 July.
The emphasis is on intimate relationships and joint financial agreements for you, dear Sagittarius. It is time to negotiate financial deals, or air your dirty laundry and have an honest heart to heart that will nurture and strengthen your intimate emotional bonds. Tread carefully around 21-25 July however.
The emphasis is on relationships and partnerships of all kinds for you, dear Capricorn. You  might reconnect with old partnerships or examine existing relationships to see if they truly fulfil you and your partner.  Time to have close discussions with others and let them take the initiative in expressing how they feel. But watch out for negotiations taking a dangerous turn around 21-25 July.
Mercury emphasises your daily routines, health and working life, dear Aquarius. Give your time to what you truly care about, bond with your colleagues and tend carefully to your health. You can find imaginative solutions to problems now.  Take special care of yourself and watch out for things to get hectic around 21-25 July.
Mercury’s emphasis is on children, creativity, love and romance for you, dear Pisces – how fantastic! Time to really immerse yourself in the arms of your loved one, have fun with your kids, engage in hobbies that truly fill your batteries and express your creative talents! This is also the perfect time to meet someone new or broach the topic of children with your partner. Steer clear of the 21-25 July however, when things can get tense!
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