Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra-April 4th: Relationships Transformed!

April 2, 2015 17:00 Current Astrology Articles
On April 4th, Holy Easter Saturday, we have a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra - or Blood Moon! It's called a ‘Blood Moon’ because as the full moon gets immersed in earth’s shadow it reflects the filtered and refracted red rays of the sun hiding behind the earth...or more poetically: the moon bathes in the light of a million sunsets! This eclipse will not be visible from the UK, but its effect in your own life will not be any less powerful for that. Eclipses have far-reaching effects and can even change your life for good! 
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What to Expect at April's Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Libra is the quintessential relationship sign, so get ready for all your partnerships, agreements and contracts to come under the spotlight. Ask yourself:
  • How do I want to relate to others?
  • Am I honouring all my agreements?
  • Am I standing up for what I want or am I compromising too much? 
On a deeper level, Libra is about beauty, fairness and the balance of opposites. Ask yourself: Is there a place where my life out of kilter? Am I being fair, both to myself and others? If you have been leaning too far toward one extreme at the expense of something else, then it's time to restore harmony and balance! 
All eclipses signify important endings and major new beginnings. Lunar eclipses, in particular, which happen on a full moon, symbolise a powerful culmination of something - an ending or high point that brings major revelations and sets you on a new course.  As the light of the full moon enters the earth's shadow, it leaves an indelible stamp on your consciousness! We often go through life conveniently ignoring the truth of the things we cannot face. But it is much harder to do that during an eclipse. If some area of your life is stuck, then an eclipse is exactly what it takes to galvanise you into action!
What's more, this eclipse follows right on the heels of March’s New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces. This means that we have two total eclipses within the space of two weeks - one solar one lunar - which is very rare! (We won't have another such occurrence until spring 2033!) Talk about out with the old and in with the new! The Universe is intent on major change this spring. No beating about the bush! 
This Libra eclipse is part of a bigger trend of major global changes: It is the third of the Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses in 2014-2015, i.e., four Blood Moons back to back, which is an equally rare event: according to NASA, we only have eight Tetrads this century and we didn't have any at all between 1600 and 1900! This is the second one this century: the first one was 2003-04 and the next one is not until 2032-33.
What is also remarkable for astrologers, however, is that all four of the current Blood Moons fall in Libra-Aries, the zodiac axis of relationships versus independence; peace versus aggression... This signifies a major relationship crisis and need to rebalance situations that have gotten way out of whack!  (Should I stick to my agreements or go it alone? How can I keep the peace yet still pursue my objectives? (Or...have my cake and eat it!))
And yet, curiously, there are absolutely no solar eclipses in Aries-Libra during this period! This means that whatever challenges our relationships are undergoing, highlighting our differences (especially on a global level), these do not originate with interpersonal problems. Up to 2014, it was financial concerns that drove diplomatic relations and initiatives, with the solar eclipses falling in Taurus and Scorpio. (Curiously, that is the exact reverse of what happened back in 2003-5!) From 2015 onwards, we are moving into a phase when relationship crises will be triggered by humanitarian concerns, matters of unemployment and public health, and the need to increase productivity and efficiency. This is because the solar eclipses are moving into Pisces and Virgo (the signs of the people) starting this spring.
This Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 4th is quite powerfully aspected: it's closely conjunct the Lunar Nodes and links up with the Uranus-Pluto square and the Jupiter-Uranus trine - the two major influences shaping the world at the moment! This means that something of great importance is coming to a head right now. Power struggles should be rife but so are opportunities for positive breakthrough and growth! With Mercury and Sun in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries, opposite the Moon, there's bound to be a strong separatist, rebellious or revolutionary undertone driving events, with Moon in Libra putting the spotlight on negotiations, agreements, compromises and contracts that must either be honoured or abandoned for good.
How will this eclipse affect you? We had another total lunar eclipse in Libra in April 2014 and this one will activate similar themes in your chart, continuing the transformation of a particular area in your life. For instance, if Libra falls in your 6th house of health and work, then last April may have seen the culmination of a work-project or the beginning of a new job that has been in the pipeline for a while. If so, this year may simply bring further changes in your working relationships, or it may instead allow you to develop healthier daily habits so as to better cope with the stress of your new job. Or, say the eclipse falls in your 2nd house of finances. You may have totally changed the way you earn your living last year. Your sense of self-worth is being slowly transformed and this year will bring 'lesson two' in the series. It may be your values that undergo major changes this time, making it imperative that you find a way to earn your living that better reflects your values and talents.
So what is culminating for you right now?
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