Cancerian Star-Sign Cheryl Cole is back on the Box

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Cheryl Cole's birth-chart: back on form!

Following a turbulent Saturn transit (the infamous Saturn return) when her marriage broke down and she suffered the very public humiliation of getting the boot from the American X Factor, Cheryl Cole is back. This year, the singer-turned-TV-favourite is now match-fit and ready to be reunited with her old sparring partner Simon Cowell on this year’s UK X Factor.
Cheryl is Cancerian, born 30th June 1983, and this kind of champion-resilience is fairly typical of the sign that people can be too quick to write off as the underdog. Although part of their fight back can involve a period of retreat, as Cheryl did after Cowell fired her, undetectable on the celebrity radar for an uncomfortably long time and allegedly refusing to take his calls.
Don’t mess with a water sign.
And as well as Librans who are, fittingly, the sign of judgement, (Simon Cowell, Danni Minogue, Sharon Osbourne) it appears that no singing talent show is complete without a Cancerian contingent either. (Cheryl, Nicole Scherzinger, Randy Jackson). Cancer’s empathy and emotional response to the contestants, reaching out to them, quite literally with the occasional hug, not only makes for good telly, but contrasts with the more intellectually-driven and impartial Libran way of doing things.
Half of everything is luck they say, and most successful and honest people would probably agree that an element of this played even a teensy bit part in propelling them to where they are now, but what about the other half?
In the case of Cheryl Cole, what made her strive for fame, and stand out among a sea of wannabes at the Popstars The Rivals back in 2002?
Her drive 
To be born with an urge to perform requires some Leo in the chart and as her ascendant, the showbiz sign colours hers. Leo is what gives a person their razzmatazz, as well as a need to be creative. This often finds its expression in the arts, or in any profession that involves standing up in front of lots of people, and being on show. Cheryl, it seems, had this going on from a very young age, and Saturn and Pluto conjunct in her chart give her a gritty determination to succeed and delicately steamroller the competition. Her chart ruler, the sun, happens to be in the 11th house, the VIP area of the chart, so she’s seduced by glamour, oozes charisma, and with Venus tightly conjunct the ascendant – an aspect she shares with Angelina Jolie - has the looks to match.
Her past
With five planets retrograde, Cheryl was born with a past and her relatively short life has had its more controversial moments, like that infamous attack on a toilet attendant in 2003. This happened when the sun was at its furthest point away from her natal sun, which leaves us all feeling at a low ebb, but we don’t all resort to physical violence!     
She does have Mars in wide conjunction to the Sun, which can make her prone to flare up, and err towards bouts of temper. Then there’s the Moon square planet Uranus. This brings unexpected and erratic emotional outbursts into the picture, and Jupiter is also involved, and so she may have thought herself invincible in her younger years. Pluto and Saturn are also conjunct, and this can stir up very powerful and brooding feelings and block their expression, so that they become bottled-up, and then erupt with a powerful magnitude.
The conjunction between Mars and Mercury means that she can give as good as she gets, and hold her own in any argument, and that she was probably street-smart from a young age. Cheryl’s father split from her mother when she was 11-years-old. Uranus in the 4th house often indicates an upset at home like this, and because Jupiter is involved too, it points towards the father, and an inconsistent fatherly influence.
Her Ashley
Cheryl chose to keep her ex-husband’s name after they divorced, which could be for professional reasons, or maybe for sentimental ones, as all the signs were that she loved him very much.    Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon, what can we say! This is one sensitive woman, and the fact that her sun and moon are in such emotionally delicate signs makes her ultra-caring too.
A nation looked on bemused as to why she gave Ashley so many chances at redemption, but this is what Pisces is all about. Plus, Cheryl also has her Moon in the 7th house, the house of relationships, so she will have taken her vows immensely seriously.
She eventually gave him the heave-ho after even more cheating rumours surfaced. Ashley’s birth time isn’t in the public domain, but what we do know is that he’s Sagittarius (with no less than four planets in this sign) and the moon in Gemini. It’s difficult to paint an accurate personality picture without a birth time, but working with what we have, this is a man who perhaps lacked maturity, was restless, and didn’t take much in life seriously.
Funnily enough, Ashley’s Sun in Sagittarius is one degree of an absolute conjunction with Cheryl’s natal Neptune. Some would interpret this as him embodying all that Neptune stands for in her chart, namely fantasy, the fairy-tale wedding, the heady romance, but someone who was ultimately slipperier than a wet flip-flop.
Her girls
Friends are hard to come by in the world of celebrity, yet, and to her credit, Cheryl has stuck by former band mates Nicola Roberts and Kimberly Walsh. Her Sun is in the house of friendship, so this isn’t surprising, plus she also has Mercury in there too, so she loves a good girly gossip.
Her Simon
To the eagle-eyed viewer, Cheryl and Simon could be seen sneaking back to their seats after a crafty fag during the ad breaks on X Factor. The chemistry between them was obvious from the start, and Cheryl’s Saturn is exactly conjunct Simon’s Mercury in Libra, so she does keep him in check. This is in her 3rd house, the house of siblings, and they do have what you would call a brother-sister type of relationship. Their natal Jupiters are also conjunct so they have lots of fun together and, after their very public wobble, the fact that they’re working together again means that they still have a healthy, competitive, yet affectionate relationship.
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