Don’t do these things if you want him back

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We all have our weaknesses. Sometimes, these flaws hurt our chances of being with the person we’re interested in. Depending on which of the 12 star sings of the zodiac they were born under, people are turned off by different things. So, we know it can be hard but don’t do these things if you want him back !

The three things to avoid based on his star sign

If you want to stand a chance of winning back the heart of the one you want, these are the three things you should avoid, based on his star sign! Oh! And don't forget to check out our full astrology love guide on how to win back you ex or get closure based on his star sign


  1. Don’t sit around feeling bored. Aries is full of energy and vitality; there’s no chance he’ll ever feel attracted to anyone prone to boredom and idleness.
  2. Don’t be a shrinking violet; it will only make him feel sorry for you. Aries is drawn to powerful, self-assured people. Find out how to make the most of the best quality of your star sign (your gift) and stun him instead! 
  3. Don’t behave like you’re looking to settle down. When an Aries is truly ready to settle down, they do it all the way. When they’re not, all they want is to revel in the thrill of the chase. And there’s no thrill in hunting easy prey.


  1. Don’t look unkempt. Taurus is drawn to elegant women who take care of their appearance. Do you have good taste? Let’s see what Venus has to say!
  2. Don’t go for outfits that leave little to the imagination. Taurus’ conservatism borders on puritanism. They don’t like women who wear revealing clothes and heavy makeup.
  3. Don’t go around telling people your cooking skills are lacking. Unless he can picture you in nothing but an apron in the kitchen, preparing little delicacies for him, he will never develop romantic feelings for you.


  1. Don’t be mentally idle. Gemini is attracted to women they find intellectually stimulating. They’re unlikely to be intrigued by a woman whose interests are restricted to… keeping up with the Kardashians.
  2. Don’t come off as rigid and unapproachable. Gemini is light-hearted, playful and flirtatious; they won’t bother with a woman who strikes them as uptight.
  3. Don’t come off as a loner. Gemini is weirded out by antisocial people. Even if you're not feeling all that good at the moment, find the hidden strength of your star sign and try to make the most of it! 


  1. Don’t let him hear you say that you wouldn’t like to have children; it will all be over before it even starts. 
  2. Don’t let him hear you say that you only go home to sleep because you don’t like spending time indoors; he will think that you two have nothing in common. Home is where the chart is - read the guide! 
  3. Don’t neglect to take care of him. If you fail to offer him a glass of water or some of your French fries, he will feel like you are inconsiderate of his needs…


  1. Don’t make fun of him in front of other people. He’ll try to act cool about it, but on the inside he will be raging.
  2. Don’t neglect to take care of your appearance. Leo doesn’t like women who leave the house in worn-out sweatpants or with their hair dishevelled. Check out our guide on astrology and your physical body!
  3. Don’t talk about other exes or someone you met in the meantime. When you are in the presence of a Leo, no-one else matters.


  1. Don’t be too cheerful. Virgo is not attracted to light-hearted, carefree people. They much prefer the company of intelligent individuals who laugh for a reason.
  2. Don’t forget to be neat and clean at all times. Unpolished nails, stained pants and wrinkled t-shirts are all deal-breakers for a Virgo.
  3. Don’t sit around doing nothing. If you have no hobbies, happen to be unemployed or don’t do anything useful with your life, you’re too indolent for a Virgo’s taste. Or maybe you've been a bit idle because you've got the blues. Find out how to get over it depending on your star sign!


  1. Don’t wear mismatched clothes. You may say there’s no accounting for taste, but there’s no chance you’ll ever win the heart of a Libra who finds your taste lacking. Must-read: Venus in the 12 signs! Let the goddess of beauty teach you how to dress!
  2. Don’t swear in front of him. Foul, vulgar language is a major turn-off for Libra.
  3. Don’t behave in an aggressive manner. Libra seeks balanced, peaceful, harmonious relationships. They’re unlikely to bother with a woman who comes off as irritable or belligerent.


  1. Don’t ask too many questions. Scorpio has trust issues; when they feel like they’re being interrogated, they feel threatened. They don’t take kindly to being subjected to a barrage of questions about their past. Communication is key here! How well do you communicate?
  2. Don’t boast about being good at lying, or you’ll be blacklisted before you can say “lie”.
  3. Don’t be transparent or prudish. Scorpio is intrigued by women who are mysterious and comfortable with their sexuality.


  1. Don’t let him hear you say that you’re looking to settle down, or he’ll run for the hills.
  2. Don’t be what a Sagittarius would call a wet blanket. If he suggests that you two go for a hike, give it a go.
  3. Don’t present yourself as a homebody. Sagittarius is into women who prefer to spend time outdoors. For more, read our guide on what to expect from the star sign you're in love with.


  1. Don’t embarrass him in public. Don’t talk out loud, laugh out loud or make a spectacle of yourself in any way whatsoever. Be serious and make sure to show him you have your own goals in life. Read our helpful guide on career matters: It really does pay to know your boss! 
  2. Don’t talk all the time. Capricorn has little tolerance for people who talk too much without saying anything important or meaningful.
  3. Don’t stand him up. He’ll never forgive you for making him waste his precious time waiting for you to show up.


  1. Don’t be indifferent to social issues. If you say anything along the lines of, “Why should I care about poverty in Mali?”, he won’t give you another look.
  2. Don’t try to appeal to his emotions or to get him to talk about his feelings – unless you want to get rid of him, that is. You may find more on this in our star signs & their biggest relationship threats special!
  3. Don’t let him hear you say that you don’t believe in friendship; if you do, you might as well forget about him.


  1. Don’t act sophisticated, or he’ll think of you as pretentious. Pisces doesn’t care about people’s social status.
  2. Don’t appear indifferent to the arts. You don’t have to be into classical music for a Pisces to like you, but having no interest in any form of art is not an option. Check out our music and the signs of the zodiac guide!
  3. Don’t come off as cold. Pisces is attracted to women who are romantic enough to appreciate sentimental gestures. 

This was your astrology guide to the things you shouldn't do if you wish to get him back! For more information you can give our free love compatibility report a try! 

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