Full Moon in Capricorn, 2 July 2015: Aspire! The World's your Oyster

July 1, 2015 15:19 Current Astrology Articles
July enters with an aspirational full moon in Capricorn in the small hours of Thursday July 2nd. The world's your oyster: time set your sights high, climb to the top and observe the world laying at your feet. It’s time to count your blessings, and your achievements! And if there are still goals that you haven’t reached, it’s time to acknowledge this now and pull out all the stops.
This full moon urges you to take back your own power and do something about the things you desire in life - whether this is a loving relationship, a family, better working conditions, fame, money, better health or all of the above... You have the power to build the life that you want and it's time you took back the reins. Where do you see yourself in five years' time? It’s up to you to get started, right here, right now. 
You can start by taking a realistic look at your present dreams, goals and aspirations. This Capricorn Full Moon is a reality check, clearly illustrating your successes and failures. Have you achieved all you set out to do at the start of 2015? If so, you can enjoy some quiet satisfaction. If not, you may want to look into why. Do you need to change strategy? Have you been too immature in your attitude? Or maybe your goal is no longer relevant? Alternatively, maybe you need to get real and pour more energy and resources into it? 
This full moon may bring on the realisation that if you want to get where you want to be, you need to put in a real effort.  As they say, the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary (Vince Lombardi said it). You may have a wealth of ideas and good intentions, but unless you are willing to put in the work, impose structure on your creativity, discipline your feelings and tame your insecurities, nothing can manifest. So make a realistic plan, get organised and make things happen!
Money is a major theme with a full moon in Capricorn. Saturn in Scorpio (Capricorn's ruler) ensures that joint finances, loans, grants and economic agreements come into the spotlight once more. An investment may come full circle, giving you a clearer picture as to where you are headed financially and what you need to do to succeed. What's done is done. Whatever happens, the clarity you gain now can help you decide how to move forward from this point on.
Neptune in Pisces, weaver of hopes and dreams, is happily bound to this full moon, heightening your feelings and giving you the chance to take patient and practical steps toward your goals. You may also feel a sense of entitlement and optimism as Venus conjuncts Jupiter, but this is no time to get complacent: tough decisions may be needed to get to where you want to be. On the other hand, if you have been selling yourself short, it's time to reach for something better. Either way, Mars is hanging around to ensure that you take action.
Above all, don't be afraid to try. Remember what Churchill said:
Success consists in going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

How Does This Capricorn Full Moon Shake Up Your Star-Sign?

Where does the full moon in Capricorn awaken your aspirations? Where does it give you ideas 'above your station'? Where does it make you feel entitled, potent and deserving? Check Your Sun-Sign and Ascendant-Sign to find out.
Don't know your Ascendant? Get your free birth-chart to find out! Alternatively talk to an astrologer for advice tailored to your unique needs. The number is 0207 111 6384.
What are your highest aspirations? Time to focus on your career goals, on increasing your social position and on seriously raising your profile. This isn't about the daily grind. It is about fame and honours, about getting the respect you need or even becoming an authority in your field. Time to come up with a solid business plan for success! 
Do you have any academic aspirations? Do you want to broadcast your ideas to a greater audience? Do you want to expand your business abroad? This full moon brings you an opportunity to widen your influence and market yourself successfully. It's your chance to increase your qualifications and intellectual standing too. Reach for the stars!
This full moon is all about the money. Your financial ties with the bank or a business or romantic partner come into the spotlight urging you to plot a new course. Psychological complexes may also come to the surface now, impressing upon you the importance of imposing structure in your dealings with others. 
A relationship looms large in your life now. What do you want out of your professional and romantic partnerships? It may be time to set some clearer boundaries in your personal life. Or you may need to restructure a business agreement. This is no time to sell yourself short. What is the best compromise or collaboration that you can work towards?
What's your ideal job? Is it time to aim for better working conditions? What practical steps can you take to target the job you want. What life-style changes can you make to improve your quality of life? This full moon awakens your aspirations for a better day-to-day life. Time to make a realistic plan and stick to it! 
This full moon awakens your creative aspirations. Have you been so preoccupied with the daily grind that you have had no time to come out and play? What does your heart yearn for? If you are serious about finding love, enjoying life more, getting a creative project off the ground or having a baby, it's time to make it a priority! 
An Englishman's home is his castle, or so they say, and it's time to raise yours up the property ladder: go minimalist, repair the roof, re-finance to build that extension and do whatever you need to feel like a king or queen in your abode. Family affairs may also require your attention, or you may need to set firm boundaries with a parent.
Is there something that you could learn to improve your business? A short course may prove highly instructive, showing you how to streamline your movements and communications. A short break may do the same for your personal life, introducing you to interesting people and ideas. Time to put your network to good use.
This full moon brings on an attitude of "Show me the money"! Talking about an idea is all well and good but this is the time to crunch some numbers: does it pay to pursue it? If not, time to do something concrete about it. A solid financial business plan is called for to make the dream a reality.
You are hitting a peak! A project that you have been focused on at least since the start of the year is now reaching culmination and you can climb to the top of your tower and survey your kingdom. Pleased with the result? If not, this calls for a change in tactics and strengthens your resolve to be, do and look your best.
The universe is vaster than you can possibly imagine. This full moon makes you acutely aware of that fact, as if you were positioned on large and unfathomable structures, steered by invisible forces. All that you can do is let go: there is something greater at work. Your job? Pray or make your wish and let the universe take care of the rest.
The universe has put you in an ideal position to reap the wonderful bounty of past efforts and take a step closer to your highest dreams and aspirations! Have you any friends in high places? Now is the time to make good use of allies and group affiliations to reach for the best that life has to offer. A friendship may reach a natural peak now, morphing into something else. 


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