Full Moon in Gemini, November 25th: Mid-Week Blues

November 24, 2015 17:14 Current Astrology Articles

Get ready for some mid-week blues as a Gemini Full Moon on November 25th opposes Saturn in Sagittarius

This full moon may bring on a reality check, as Saturn puts you through your paces, urging you to take stock of how far you have come and how far there is still to go.… But seeing reality clearly won't be easy as the landscape is constantly shapeshifting. That's due to Neptune in Pisces fogging up the place, filling things with emotion and making the real, actual facts hard to discern. Don’t get lost in a brainstorm of negative and potentially misleading information… You see, winged messenger Mercury is also in on it! This can lock your thoughts in a silly merry-go-round, as reality and fantasy whoosh past you in a maddening waltz.

If you find yourself on a bit of a downer, remember: your mind is playing tricks on you! Dive into a good book, listen to music or go to the movies… Meditate if you have to. Anything to get your mind out of its vice. Once calmer, you can remove your head from the sand and take a more objective look at the situation.

On the plus side, this crazy Full Moon has the power to bring your long-term vision into view, showing you little, actionable steps you can take right now to get closer to it. Yes, your focus may be a little blurry, but a little magic is perfect for mind-mapping, lateral thinking and creative inspiration. Your mind is on a fast track right now so why not come up with a cunning plan to make your dreams a reality?

Full Moon in Gemini November 25th: How does it affect your sign?

Curious to find out what’s in store for you during this edgy full moon in Gemini? Read your star-sign or call 0207 111 6384 for more personal advice.


Is someone mouthing off and doing your head in? Or maybe it's your own mind that's in the grip of a metal vice? If the birds have stopped singing and the sky's gone grey, then...this too shall pass. You are simply too much up in your head. Get out for some fresh air, go for a nature walk, meditate or prey. Feeling better? Give your partner the lead if you're in a brainstorming session about your future.


Ouch - this full moon presents you with a financial bottleneck and a bit of a social conundrum. You will really need to pull the rabbit out of the hat this time! Time to stare the cold hard money facts straight in the eye (yes, we know they are shapeshifting a bit) and find some cunning solutions… Your work is a positive factor in all this. Things and people come with hidden strings attached…


Is it all going belly up in your relationship? Or maybe it’s you who’s got yourself all tangled up and need the expert hand of your wise partner to set you to rights again? You may be miscalculating about where a relationship is going or confused about how to combine your career and love life. If all else fails just jump into bed. That will soon clear your head! 


This full moon makes you privy to a secret... But is it really the truth or is it a load of bull? Or you may have to put yourself aside and help someone in need. You are trying to get to the next level with your work and things you hear on the grapevine may pique your interest. But it’s all a bit of smoke and mirrors at the moment. Stay in and let the dust settle before you let your intuition guide you.


This tends to be a rather sociable time and you may find yourself right in the thick of social engagements come November 25th. But there’s a serious tone to all the fun this year and a friendly get together may see some awkward conversations fly around the dinner table, e.g. about your love life. A friend’s words may seem a little cruel, or you may inadvertently let something slip in all the excitement. Just breeze past it.


Don’t crack your head trying to marry the incongruables and solve the puzzle of how to fit your career, relationship and family all into one big picture. It won't fit just now. Your home and family seem to have become the priority in recent months and will require serious thinking. Do some brainstorming if you can - especially about how to boost your physical strength or earning power - but don’t get lost down a rabbit hole of anxiety about your responsibilities or image… Get back to basics.


Cruel words are not your thing, but you may find yourself slipping up come November 25th as you struggle to get heard and get your truth out. A legal case may flare up or it may be an exam, marketing campaign or immigration matter that has you all stressed out over confusing details. Make a mental note of any messages now but leave your decision for a few days down the line, when you're calmer. Mars in your sign gives you all the aces and puts the ball firmly in your court.


This full moon is not a happy one for your money, when it is required to carry rather a heavy load. Someone - your lover or offspring - may reach out to you for cash when you are already running low. Or maybe a bill you have been doing your best to ignore becomes due causing you some stress... It's a moment of truth of sorts - or it would be if your heart wasn't so involved causing wishful thinking... Still, you may have no choice but to be the good samaritan and do your duty. Sex is complicated.


Is your partner throwing a hissy fit forcing you to take on the role of the old and mature one? If you are trying to figure out if you want to move in together or whether to start a family, this is not the best time to discuss this. Wait a few days. The situation is filled with yearning and it may all become too much for your special someone. Pull them back to earth if you must but do it gently. Friends and social engagements may spice things up... You are normally an expert escape artist when it comes to tricky situations but this full moon shows you that you have to address this the grown up way...


You are pretty grounded as an earth sign but this full moon could see you stressing out big time over work. Emails and phone calls will only make it worse, so believe only half of what you hear... And re-read your stuff before you hit "send". A misdiagnosis is also possible during this full moon, so get a second opinion. If it's you pulling all the strings and trying to pull the wool over someone's eyes instead, remember: what goes around comes around.


Is your heart all hung up on your new crush only to have your friends poopoo the idea? Someone may rain all over your parade now, halving your happiness quota... Do listen where the criticism is constructive. Another alternative may be that you're so rosy eyed about a creative project that you have no real handle on the finances involved. If so the solid advice of an experienced friend may be just what you need, even if it's a little hard to handle. You're hot stuff with VIPs just now and can do much to promote your aims if you can find a way to ground your financial expectations.


Home is not a restful place just now. Maybe a parent is playing up, causing sudden arguments to flare up. Or it may be that some crisis breaks out in your flat and you have to quickly address it all and pay out some money in the process? Don't read too much into it. The key thing to remember is that you need to be the one in charge here. Your word is law... Just don't lay it down too dogmatically, no matter how much you think that your poor long suffering self deserves it.

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