Full Moon in Scorpio 10 May 2017: Release!

May 9, 2017 16:04 Current Astrology Articles

We have a sexy, juicy full moon in Scorpio on the 10th of May 2017. Time to purge what no longer works, release the past and let the renewal of spring truly take hold! Although the moon is far away from the earth and looking smaller this is a very intense, passionate full moon. This distance brings a new perspective, a time when true feelings come out and you can face the truth about a situation. Pluto in Capricorn is very closely aligned with the sun and moon - Pluto is also retrograde - underscoring its transformative energy and the pressing need for change. Neptune in Pisces awakens your romantic and imaginative streak and its square to Mars in Gemini, ruler of this full moon, speaks of sex and romance intertwined, spells being woven and undone and inspired initiative. It’s an aspect that moves you toward selfless acts at one end of the spectrum or some shady business at the other… Whichever you choose to do, Jupiter in Libra trine Mars brings the gift of strength and serendipity. We also have a grand fire trine in the skies with Uranus in Aries, Mercury, Saturn in Sagittarius and the Lunar Nodes newly in Aquarius and Leo. This opens the doorway to progressive thinking and a radically new perspective from which to make decisions! All in all, you’ve got your plate full, so let’s see what this means for your star sign.

Your Scorpio Full Moon Horoscope!

How does this beautifully orchestrated Scorpio full moon actually relate to your star sign? Your horoscope explains. To speak to an actual flesh and blood astrologer dial 0207 111 6384!

Aries Star Sign or Aries Ascendant

Money is the one thing on your mind, dear Aries. A major decision could be looming, regarding whether to take out a mortgage or other loan or whether you want to rewrite your will or give a large gift. What you’re actually doing is exercising your own power and authority! Lots of paperwork and communications are involved here. This full moon also constitutes a sexual awakening and if you haven’t had any for a while, opportunity abounds and not that far away from home either!

Taurus Star Sign or Taurus Ascendant

The Scorpio full moon constitutes relationship headlines, dear Taurus. Revelations come up concerning a key partnership - business or romantic - and this calls for some forward thinking and decision making on your part - legal, travel and financial. On the professional front you could experience popularity - or even notoriety - increasing your sales. Expenses seem to be on the rise. Avoid money dealings with friends right now. Your weekly Taurus love horoscope has more.

Gemini Star Sign or Gemini Ascendant

A big work project culminates, dear Gemini. This is something potentially glamorous, that you identify with closely and feel strongly about. And something which might come about not in small part due to your own vigorous and energetic efforts. Money is a big deal too - especially money that comes from the outside like a sponsorship, a loan or shared resources with a spouse or business partner. This facilitates the completion of your project.

Cancer Star Sign or Cancer Ascendant

Love, romance and happiness knock on your door, dear Cancer! It’s a dream come true! Others, or rather an important someone, is instrumental to this Scorpio full moon. Single? Get ready to fall head over heels! Attached? A bundle of joy could be on its way. Or a romantic weekend reignites the spark in your relationship. Get ready to have lots of sex! If your heart is set on professional developments instead, look to an important collaboration to help you move forward. A happy result is possible: read your monthly love horoscope for Cancer!

Leo Star Sign or Leo Ascendant

It’s a time of intense personal revelations and inner transformation, dear Leo! Your home and family are the focal point of this full moon. A crisis may crop up at home, fuelled by your work and friendships or you may finally realise exactly how things stand with a family matter. A healthy daily discipline can give you greater inner wellbeing and self-reliance. If you’re involved in real estate you may now be closing a major deal.

Virgo Star Sign or Virgo Ascendant

The Scorpio full moon could bring some juicy news - news that affect your career and overall path in life, dear Virgo! What’s more, the new thoughts that begin to flood your mind have the power to unleash your creativity and awaken your lust for life, love and romance. This is a sexy happy full moon, one that brings moments of joy as well as helping you build greater power and status.

Libra Star Sign or Libra Ascendant

Money is highlighted, dear Libra - especially property or family finances. What's yours to keep? What can you spend, sell or invest? Legal matters may prove tricky so pay special attention to the fine print. The deeper question to ask yourself is: do you invest your time, money and energy in what’s truly most important to you? If not it’s time to let a thing or person go and focus on what matters.

Scorpio Star Sign or Scorpio Ascendant

A full moon in your sign is always a moment of major realisations, dear Scorpio! You’ve been very patient. This autumn and by this time next year your life will be changing in major ways. So take stock now and decide where you want to go. Who do you want to be? How do you want to look? If there’s an operation you need to have, don’t delay. Get yourself in ship shape. Financial deals and sacrifices seem to be called for to help a child or get a creative project off the ground. But you are surrounded by powerful people who can lend their support. You can also rely on your Scorpio daily horoscope!

Sagittarius Star Sign or Sagittarius Ascendant

You’ve been having a rough deal, dear Sagittarius, and now’s your cue to open up the chute and flush old, painful things away for good! Let go of the past and have faith that something better is on its way! Events surrounding your physical health could concern you now. If you need an operation don’t prevaricate. A project you’re keeping under wraps could now receive the necessary funding. Others seem to have rather a lot of power at the moment and you have no choice but to go along.

Capricorn Star Sign or Capricorn Ascendant

This is a time of potentially fantastic rewards, Capricorn! A cherished goal seems to be coming to fruition not least due to the extraordinary person that you are and the energy you have been putting in. Hard work is required and you may have to tell a few white lies to get everyone to play ball. You may also discover the truth about an important friendship or members club. Words inspire.

Aquarius Star Sign or Aquarius Ascendant

The Scorpio full moon is a moment of truth for your career and social standing, Aquarius! Are you involved in some major creative project behind the scenes, or perhaps a passionate romance, and keeping it all hush hush?  This could now raise your profile to cult status. Your sex-appeal is off the charts and you could transmute this powerful energy to take your life in the direction that you want. 

Pisces Star Sign or Pisces Ascendant

They say all publicity is good publicity. So if a PR crisis breaks out maybe that’s your cue to get your message across and make new connections. The Scorpio full moon is full of ideas, interesting news and sexy meetings, dear Pisces. Has a sexy new neighbour moved in? It looks like friends in high places have your best interests at heart. Use your imagination and expand your territory! Start by reading your daily Pisces career horoscope.

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