Full Moon in Sexy Scorpio: Say Hello to Temptation!

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The early hours of April 22nd bring a full moon in sexy Scorpio… Say hello to temptation!

This Scorpio full moon is conjunct black-moon-Lilith, traditionally associated with an image of women untamed, sexy and strong. Lilith was Adam’s first wife, but she was too much to handle (or so the biblical story goes) so she was banished from Eden, demonised and replaced by the more docile Eve. Lilith now represents female characteristics that are often feared and shunned by society (such as female sexual freedom). With the Scorpio full moon and Lilith pairing up by Friday, this promises to be a mysterious, sexy, even scandalous lead up to the weekend.  You may find temptation calling you to, secrets being revealed, society’s darker underbelly showing or someone’s hidden side coming to light. You may also experience a crisis or intense bonding experience that transforms you from the inside out.

This Scorpio full moon is ruled by feisty Mars, a planet which has been putting you on edge all month. With Mars retrograde in Sagittarius, you may find yourself doing things which are wildly out of character. (Is it time to explore your naughtier side?) Neptune in Pisces is in harmony to this full moon, so romance is sure to be in plenty of supply. And if you happen to stray too far afield, you can always trust your senses to see you through - that’s the Sun in sensible Taurus shining a light into the darkness. With love planet Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries too, this light may illuminate things strange and surprising, so be ready!

Your Scorpio Full Moon Horoscope

Where is your naughty side showing? Your star-sign horoscope reveals all. If it’s others that are playing Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with you, read on to find out how to vanquish these little monsters… Feeling the Scorpio full moon's full force? Our team of expert psychics are standing by on 0207 111 6384 to answer your questions!


You are feeling super-sexy and super-hot as we head into Friday! A holiday or trip abroad could make for some really intense moments that bring you closer to someone. A sudden interest in metaphysics or the occult could also awaken in you now. If so, check out your soul profile report for a taster of what lies beneath… If legal, financial or immigration matters are bothering you, you may hit a breakthrough. If it all gets too much, do something to ground yourself, such as getting a relaxing massage, cooking a soothing meal or doing a spot of shopping. You are bursting with charm and charisma and this weekend is a good time to spruce up your looks.


Others present a great temptation as we head into Friday. Is he or she the one for you? Check out the compatibility between your star-signs! You could be in for some real intimate moments with your special other or for an experience that brings you closer to someone. If you are single, a sexy encounter could be on the cards. Relationships and collaborations with others could be truly transformative now, especially if your birthday happens to fall near April 22nd. Financial matters may also rear they ugly head and you may be called to show trust in someone or settle a debt. You are the shining light in all this and you can definitely count on yourself to steer things into the right direction. Sudden flashes of insight may show you the way.


Is something going on at work? Maybe a colleague has something to hide or a flirtation is being kept all under wraps? Beware where you put your trust in the office as people’s dark side may be revealed. Secrets may come to light and people may change sides. Are you wondering which side s/he is on? Get all clued up in the star-signs and cheating. Alternatively, a project you have been working on for a while may come to a head now - one that involves an important collaboration. If someone is acting all suspicious, then you can rely on your intuition to tell you the truth.  A friend may be of great help to you now, not least because they may reveal their hand and shed light on what’s really been going on.


You’re in for a really sexy and romantic few days, when something very dear to you comes to pass. This could be a love affair that is strangely rejuvenating, it may be a creative project at work reaching critical mass, or it could be a medically assisted conception or the birth of a child that makes you smile. If so, make sure to get your child’s gifts profile report and confidence building for the future. Either way, this is a very happy time for you, filled with intense pleasures. You have friends and allies around you who can help you achieve your dreams and this is a good time to call on them. Your career may hide a happy surprise too or it may be your own willingness to change and be someone else that is a source of strength.


Love them or hate them, they’re family - and family relations are likely to get pretty intense in the coming days. You may come across a juicy family secret or stumble upon something curious in your basement. Romance is also on the cards - not with family you’ll be glad to hear - but with a date. In this case opt for a wonderfully intimate dinner at home. If you find yourself home alone and facing your own worst self, then by all means grab a lifeline to one of our expert numerologists! This is no time to fall down the rabbit hole… A parent or boss could also be the voice of reason (and hope!) at this time. Getting out and about is highly recommended as an alternative. Meeting a handsome stranger is a definite possibility, as is having fun doing something totally off the wall.


Your mind may be playing tricks on you… Did you really just hear that? Juicy news may call you to reorganise your inner filing system. Or it may be you who is overstepping the line as a little devil is whispering in your ear to say and do things you normally wouldn’t. The atmosphere around you seems imbued with intensity and you may be busy with all-consuming home and family affairs. If it all gets too much, try to step out of your perfectly detailed little world and look at the bigger picture. Is this really that important? Will it matter five years from now? A VIP or mentor can help you ground your mental chatter and make the changes you need in your health, relationship or finances. You could start by reading your 2016 Chinese horoscope!


You’re exuding a special kind of sex-appeal now. Your most attractive assets are showing - whether that is your smoking hot body, your lovely smile or other ‘hidden’ talents - and you may hold everyone in a kind of thrall. You may be tempted by guilty pleasures as a result, which knock on your door. Your finances are also heating up and you may be about to reach an important agreement. If you’re in need of a confidence boost, others will only be too glad to help. Rather than going it alone, rely on someone close to you to assist you - whether emotionally or financially. Relationships too hold their surprises, but you may find that whatever transpires lends you the clarity you need to confidently move forward. If that’s not enough, check out the star-signs and their hidden strengths for an extra confidence boost. 


We all know that Scorpio has hidden depths and - for good or ill - some of them are about to see the light. You may reveal a lesser known side of yourself now or step forward in a manner that is not your usual style. Something very important to you personally comes full circle now, placing a final full-stop to events that were slowly unfolding since October last year. Rejoice! It looks like you earned your reward fair and square, relying solely on your own strength. Time to review your goals and push forward with what you want. It may be that developments at work or around your finances have much to say in the matter. An important relationship provides a counter-balance to all this, so let your someone special - or if you are single, your best friend - be your sounding board. If your special someone is absent, then here are five reasons to be happy when your lover’s not around! Your worst enemy could also unwittingly give you a useful clue as to how to move forward now…


Everything you do seems to come with a lot of old baggage, so time for you to have a good spring clean. Personal revelations may come up from the depths of your soul, helping you release old anger, bitterness or other negative emotions you are holding onto that are hindering your growth. You may also experience a physical healing crisis, if you have been having health problems. Getting on with simple tasks is a great way to stay sane in all this and can even make you happy. You may be working away in secret on a project dear to your heart or it may be an office romance that makes your heart sing, giving you the energy to get on with it. Indeed, someone may capture your heart quite suddenly now and awaken your libido. Sexy dreams? Check out your dream’s meaning!


A friend may appear particularly sexy right now. Do you wish you were more than just friends? Or maybe a so-called friend is really putting one over on you - are you sure you can really trust them? Secrets, desires and jealousies may come to the surface in your social circles that could make your skin crawl. Trying to make your partner jealous? Here’s how! Alternatively a crisis may bring you closer to a friend, revealing a whole other side to them. You may also experience the realisation of a cherished wish, even though you may have to keep this under your hat for now. Make time to enjoy simple pleasures and make yourself happy. Capricorn tends to be all work and little play but having some fun could really knock some sense into you now. Your home and family, or your children could also be a source of joy and clarity.


Your career seems to be taking strange turns at the moment. There’s always an intriguing aura about your public image, but it seems to be almost scandalous now. Tempted by power? Who’s not into being the one in charge? But it’s all about teamwork at the end of the day, even if you do happen to be the leader of the group. You may have a very public moment of success and acknowledgement by your peers now, or you may find that someone in your circles is working against you. Your 2016 career horoscope may be just what you need. Whatever happens, your home and family are a source of strength and can help you calm down enough to come up with some bright ideas - something you’re good at. Is romance on your mind? You could meet someone quite unexpectedly that lights a spark. 


A life-vision that you may have had back in October 2015 now comes full circle and it's time to set your sights on new horizons. You may find hope in the darkest places, gain a sense of the bigger picture and make fresh plans for the future. Revelations around a mentor, teacher or guide could also set you on a new life-direction, widening your options. You may do so by expanding your business, publishing your ideas or embarking on a brand new journey or adventure. Your finances are a bit rocky but you may now uncover unusual talents.  Or it may be a tall, dark and handsome stranger who tempts you to change the way you think about the world and reconsider what is and isn’t possible. Romance now could really invigorate you physically and give you a new zest for life. A holiday from heaven may be just the ticket to unleash this full moon’s potential!

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