Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

December 17, 2016 00:00 Current Astrology Articles

On December 19th 2016, Mercury, the planet of communications turns retrograde in the zodiac sign of Capricorn just in time for Christmas. This means that you have time to reconsider before 2017 gets fully into its stride!

Mercury has been going over uncertain ground ever since December 1st (the so-called “retrograde shadow”), giving everyone a chance to slow down before the holidays - a true blessing. Now as he grinds to a halt on December 19th, it's time to have a good think about what you want out of the coming year. Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn - a really intense combination. Don’t plan anything important around December 19th, as things may be slow and heavy-going. Just settle into the holiday spirit!

Mercury retrograde then dips into the sign of Sagittarius from January 4th until the 12th, urging you to take a look at the big picture just in time for the new year to begin. But most of the retrograde happens in Capricorn (December 19th-January 4th). This means that money, work and practical matters will loom large in your thoughts by year’s end.

Mercury goes direct again on January 8th but it won’t get fully back to speed until the end of January. This gives you sufficient time as the year begins to sort out unfinished business and ready yourself to make the most of opportunities for love, success and happiness that come your way in 2017!

Get your timing right:

   •     December 19th-28th: revisit past issues you can learn from and resolve. Romantic beams from Neptune in Pisces on December 10th and 23rd make this year’s holiday truly magical!

   •     December 28th-January 8th: put out feelers for the future…

   •     Come New Year’s Eve, you’ll be on tenterhooks trying to sense which paths the new year will take you on. Proceed slowly. Most mistakes happen a week either side of Mercury’s station direct, which is January 8th, at 28 Sagittarius. Note down any visions around that date, but don’t rush into the new year. Let January slowly unfold and show you the way forward.

Your January 2016 Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

What blast from the past does Mercury bring during his January retrograde in Capricorn? Read on to find out. Will past lovers return? Will you get another chance at happiness? Will you finally get your life in order? A personal reading with one of our vetted psychics can reveal all - call now on 0207 111 6384!


Time to review where you are going and what you want to achieve this coming year, dear Aries. Is your relationship where you want it to be? Is it time to make things official? Or maybe you have been putting too much energy into your career and you need to think about your personal needs a little more? An honest review of your life direction in December will open up new horizons  in the new year. From January onwards it’s time to put your feelers out for the future. Don’t jump the gun around and after January 8th. We know it’s not your strong point but …be patient! December 27th and January 23rd January 13th-15th inspire you to open up, give love and do something with your life.


Are you ready for an adventure Taurus? Time to review your goals and plans for the future. Been meaning to go back to University? Or maybe you have been wanting to take a holiday with your sweetheart? Travel - physically or mentally - to complete something that you have already started is strongly indicated. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Do you want to see the world? Expand your business abroad? Or maybe it’s time to make things official with your sweetheart. January 8th onwards can be a little tricky, when all kinds of things may go haywire. Use January to lay low and work away quietly at something. December 27th, and January 23rd bring very happy moments with friends, giving you hope and ideas for the future. These are good days to plan a gathering among old friends you heaven seen in a while.


Mercury retrograde brings a financial restructure for you, dear Gemini - especially where shared finances are concerned. It’s time to put some rules into place. Avoid major purchases in December and for most of January, unless you are completing on arrangements already made. On the plus side, if you have been turned down for a loan or mortgage, you will have a chance to reapply with more favourable results. Equally you may see money owed returned to you. Mercury backwards also gives you time to review up close and personal relationships. Is there sufficient trust between you two? Is it time to open up to someone? Or maybe it's time to set clearer boundaries? December 27th, and January 23rd are good days to plan a glamorous event with your sweetheart or share your dreams of building a life together. Don’t trip yourself up around January 8th.


Time for a relationship review. What can others do for you, dear Cancer? Who is on your side and who is not? People from your past could make an appearance in January. Single? Time to rethink your approach on the whole relationship thing. Do you attract the right people in your life? Do you need to set boundaries? Or maybe you need to loosen them and make room for others. A relationship review may lead you to think more closely about your working routine in January. December 19th-28th is a time to complete unfinished business. Things get a little uncertain in January, so be cautious. This is a time to test the waters both at work and in your personal life. Whether it’s a career agreement or a romantic proposal that you’re considering, do not make a final decision or sign any papers until the end of January. December 27th, and January 23rd offer fantastic opportunities for a romantic getaway with your sweetheart to revisit a place you have been to before.


Get ready for changes at work as the year comes to a close - especially when it comes to the amount of joy your work brings you, dear Leo. Have you taken on too much? If so you may start thinking about how you can restructure your work-schedule. Use December to think of workable revisions to your existing working remit. If you have been looking for work, an old colleague may get in touch with an interesting proposition. Proceed carefully once January gets underway, as you won’t be in possession of all the facts. January is also a good time to think more deeply about matters of the heart. Does this romance fulfil you? How do you see your future together unfolding? This will allow you to venture into love with eyes wide open in 2017. Ever wondered what it would bel like to live together? December 27th, and January 23rd are great for spending a day with someone doing simple tasks, as this can bring you closed together!


Something or someone very close to your heart makes a come-back dear Virgo! A past lover’s return in December could have you thinking about having a family of your own all of a sudden come January. And even if you decide that what you had with this person is done and dusted, this will give you the necessary closure to move forward with your life. Have you been following your heart of late, dear Virgo? No? Well it’s time to begin! Use December to sort through the contents of your heart and see how you really feel about someone or something. Then proceed from there. Be extra careful around January 8th. That’s when your ruler Mercury is in his most tricky phase and he may make you make all kinds of silly mistakes! Stay alert until the end of January. About to give your heart away? Go slowly! December 27th and January 23rd are pure magic for love and romance! Plan something special with your sweetheart.


Get ready for a review of your home and family situation, dear Libra. The whole thing may be sparked by house renovations and repairs or by something a parent says. A romantic blast from the past could also get you thinking about the feelings that define you and the foundations on which you want to build your life. You now have another chance at sorting out unfinished business. Pore carefully over any paperwork, especially if it concerns your home.  December is a good time to check on your personal progress and tidy up loose ends. December 27th and January 23rd could help you find inspired solutions to practical problems. You may be excitedly waiting for the year to begin come  January but be careful and try to hold back a little - don't sign anything especially January 4th-12th. Ideally wait until the month is out. You can move forward more confidently on the home front and in your personal life come February.


What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with, dear Scorpio? Expect lots of movement, talk and commotion this December! This is the perfect time to review relationships with siblings, colleagues, neighbours and family members and decide where the buck stops (and where it doesn’t..). Take your time to think things through to make sure you’re labouring under false notions. The December run up to the holidays is great for catching up with old acquaintances for a news update, revisiting old haunts and clearing out your inbox. Come January you may have to review your priorities based on the information you’ve gathered. Don’t let your guard down in January (not that Scorpios are remotely known for doing that - ever - but just to the sure). Watch your finances especially January 4th-12th. Don’t sign anything yet. Wait until January is almost out, preferably. Travelling for the holidays? Make sure you have all your paperwork and possessions accounted for both in December and January. And arrive early! A trip with your sweetheart around December 27th could prove absolutely magical and very romantic. The same goes for January 23rd.


Money money money - what a headache! Mercury turns retrograde in your money-house on December 19th: this gives you pause for thought where your finances and overall life priorities are concerned. Take time to think things through, dear Sagittarius. Consider what’s important. Are you making the best of your assets? it may be time to come up with a new strategy. This whole thing may concern a relationship - people can also be an asset or a liability in your life after all. Which is it? If someone from your past want so reconnect ask yourself: Is it worth getting back together? Or should you stay friends? These kinds of thoughts will ultimately make you review what kind of person you want to be moving forward. Be careful around January 4th-12th as your mind may play tricks on you. Do not make any rash decisions. You will know for sure whether to invest or not by the end of January. December 27th and January 23rd make for a very romantic and inspired atmosphere at home. Make the most of it!


This run up to the holidays is a gift. It gives you the gift of time, dear Capricorn. Time to review your plans for the future, time to complete old projects, time to regroup! December gives you a chance to conclude unfinished business and get ready for something new, just in time for a new year. Personal realisations may kick-off this process of revising. It basically comes down to this: How do you see yourself? Who do you identify with and what life do you want to live?  If you’re off course time to adjust the rudder. Relationships are also up for review. You simply cannot make personal changes without making relationship changes too. December 19th-28th is a good time to finalise something, bringing a sense of release. Proceed with care after that, especially between January 4th-12th when a freudian slip could trip you up. Don’t rush forward into the new year. Take time to celebrate your birthday. Better with until January is over before you fully make your mind up. December 27th and January 23rd are beautiful days, tailor-made for a romantic getaway.


Mercury starts rummaging around in your basement this December bringing up all kinds of strange blasts from the past that you thought were dead and buried, dear Aquarius. This could be an old love affair you had al but forgotten had ever existed. Or it might be fears and doubts you thought you had dealt with long ago. The two may go together in fact! Press pause, dear Aquarius! So much is going on under the surface that you need to relax and allow your mind time to drift. Keep a low profile and let the ghosts of Christmases past come and go this December. It could also be that you are literally involved with a very hush hush project this month - hence the rarity of your appearances. Great. Keep going! January 4th-12th surfacing for a minute to reconnect with old friends. Then back under you go. You won’t be ready to reveal anything till early February, so go slowly and do your research! December 27th and January 23rd are pure magic.


The run up to the holidays should bring old friends come a-knocking on your door or popping up on Facebook wanting to connect and see what you’ve been up to, dear Pisces. This is a friendly and sociable run up to Christmas that will give you lots of food for thought! Remember that person? Time to think about who you want to have in your life. Romance could not be far behind, for as you reconnect with past fellows you’ll enjoy reminiscing about the past. You’ll do so through rose coloured glasses around December 27th and January 23rd. Watch what you say to friends and acquaintances January 4th-12th as your words will carry extra weight. As January unfolds, an old friend may give you an idea that has you rethinking your future plans. You’re at your most glamorous December 27th and January 23rd so choose these days if you want to go on a reconnecting date with a special someone! 

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