Mercury Retrograde, October 4th–25th: Relax, Rewind, Review

October 1, 2014 17:04 Current Astrology Articles
When Mercury goes retrograde, this is the perfect time to revise many areas of your life. Sometimes it’s a minor correction, while at other times it can be a series of adjustments and changes that need to be made.
Mercury goes retrograde 3 to 4 times every year for a period of about 3 weeks.
This time, it retrogrades from 2 degrees of Scorpio on October 4th and goes direct at 16 degrees Libra on October 25th.

How to Make the Best of this Mercury Retrograde Period

Gemini and Virgo, both mutable signs, are ruled by Mercury. As mutable energy, they are able to turn on a dime and go with the flow. Often, the reason why Mercury retrograde is so frustrating is because most of us hate change and we don’t want to alter our neatly laid out plans.
For example, if you had planned to get a flight and you arrive at the airport finding out that it has been delayed for several hours, you’d probably feel frustrated and angry. However, if you can see it as an opportunity to do something else and maybe even meet someone new, you can change that frustration into curiosity and not fight the energy.
True example: a 26 year old Gemini woman just missed her plane to London and instead of huffing and puffing about it, she took it in her stride. She had her computer with her and decided to do some work during the 5 hour wait for the next plane to depart. As she walked up to the wifi zone, a drop dead gorgeous-looking young guy caught her eye. He came up and started chatting with her and the 5 hour wait flew by in the twinkling of an eye! They even managed to sit together on the flight and ended up in a romantic relationship.
So you never know what can happen if you don’t resist the changes to your plans, but rather go along with them, no matter how frustrating they may appear at the outset.
As Anthony Robbins, the famous American life coach and motivational speaker would say:
“What’s great about this?”
“What can I learn from this experience?”
This completely changes your mind-set from one of frustration to one of openness and exploration.
If small annoyances crop up during this retrograde, resolve to reframe them in your mind so that you can benefit from them rather than suffer.
The best way you can behave during Mercury retrograde is in a non-reactive way. Use the time to do research, to gather information, to study and to learn and then when it goes direct, you can put all the knowledge you have learned into practice and take positive action.
If you take actions during the retrograde period, you may find yourself frustrated. The most frequent occurrence is that of plans being changed or having to repeat something. President Obama took the Oath of Allegiance for his first term of office as President of the US during Mercury retrograde. When Mercury went direct a few weeks later, he had to repeat his Oath as some of the protocols had been omitted first time.
With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio until the 10th October, this is a good time to dig into your past. You might have a strong urge to go back to a past love, or you may find yourself thinking obsessively about a previous relationship. You could meet someone and feel as though the relationship has a fated quality, a special meaning, a sense of serendipity to it.
From 11th October, Mercury retrogrades through Libra bringing the possibility of an old flame coming back into your life. It could have been a relationship where there were extreme emotions like obsession, betrayal or someone who was unavailable to you emotionally.
It’s not a good time to get married and you may experience miscommunications in your relationship. It could be something as simple as not getting a response from people you have emailed, or people not returning phone calls. Remember to take a few deep breaths and ask yourself: how important will this be in 5 years from now? If the answer is that you’ll have forgotten it, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill from it. It’s not worth the stress on your body. Just accept that everything will probably take a little longer and try to be more patient.

Of course, there are always the general warnings that come with Mercury retrograde which are worth heeding:

-       Back up your hard drive before the retrograde
-       Don’t buy large ticket electrical items
-       Keep all receipts and guarantees from any purchases
-       Allow yourself extra time when travelling
-       Hold off on signing important contracts
-       Do repairs on machinery before the retrograde

And of course the benefits are that you’ll have more time to catch up on paperwork, research, follow-ups, and taking time out for your brain to relax! 

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