New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo: Out with the Old, In with the New!

September 11, 2015 17:00 Current Astrology Articles
We have a new moon solar eclipse in Virgo this weekend, 12th-13th September 2015, meaning it's time for a major clear out: Out with the Old and In with the New! 
This is the first time in 8 years that the eclipses are moving into Virgo and Pisces - a series that will take us all the way into 2017. These eclipses (which started with a total eclipse in Pisces last March) are here to help you de-clutter, streamline and purify your life, getting rid of all that is stale or beyond repair. Time to start afresh, reaching for something much more inspirational.
This eclipse is challenged by Chiron in Pisces (the archetypal healing force) and Uranus in Aries (the great awakener). Surprises coming out of left field may catch you unawares, urging you to clean up your act. Time to begin the healing process and to re-integrate the pieces of your life. Events may well force you to come face to face with things that are less than perfect in your life. While accepting imperfection is very difficult for all of us, this is an opportunity to feel the pain, pull off that bandage and set off on the road to recovery. You can count on friendly vibes from Pluto in Capricorn to assist with the healing process.
This is a partial solar eclipse, meaning that the Moon will bite off a chunk of the sun (as much as it can chew for now) in the heavens, allowing you to heal a little at a time. This happens on Sunday, September 13th at 06:41 GMT - that is 07:41 British Summer Time (BST) and at 02:41 Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDST). (For the west coast, the eclipse is on the night before, Saturday the 12th.)  This solar eclipse is at 20 degrees Virgo. While it will only be visible in Antarctica and the southern tip of Africa, you will definitely feel it - especially if it touches a planet or point in your birth-chart. It will create a moment of stillness - a vacuum - which the Universe (abhorring vacuums) will rush in to fill with fresh and healthy pure energy. All you have to do is let it in...

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo - Sign by Sign

This eclipse initiates a new era in your working environment and in your relationships with colleagues that will keep you going until early 2017. One of your colleagues or employees may leave now or your working environment may suddenly change leaving you in mid-lurch. If so, this is making room for something new, improved and ultimately more fulfilling. Alternatively, you may hear news about a health matter that now needs your urgent attention. This is a good time to make a clean start, rid yourself of toxins and let go of bad habits. The Universe is urging you to be modest and disciplined and to put in the work needed to get your life in order. Your own eccentricity plays out in unpredictable ways during this new moon solar eclipse. Avoid jerky moves which may upset your wellbeing or sabotage your work. Undercover secrets or personal psychological complexes that have been undermining you for a while may come to light now too, calling for your powers of discrimination. Focus on those things that can do something about. An authority figure may prove helpful. 
This eclipse is here to re-awaken your creativity and joie de vivre! You are entering a superbly positive and creative period from now and until 2017. This Virgo eclipse opens the door to true love and happiness, giving you back your capacity for joy. If you are happily hitched, the next two years can re-ignite the romance in your relationship or bring about the birth of a child, opening up a whole new dimension of love for you to experience. If you have children, a child may have some important news for you now that change the dynamic in your relationship. Alternatively, if you are single then you may well fall in love with someone new, who reminds you what it is like to experience love and happiness again. Work-wise, this eclipse awakens a powerful creative need within you. This is the time to bring more of yourself into all your endeavours, get creative, pursue a new hobby and even turn your hobby into a profession. It's time to shine and have more fun with all that you do. If your dreams and aspirations have taken a bit of a hit in recent years, this is an opportunity to renew your creative enthusiasm. Or if you have had troubles with a friend, then you can now start to mend your bridges. Even if your relationship to your social circle feels less than perfect, this eclipse reminds you that it's all about what you bring to the equation. Your intuition may be so accurate it may startle you now, so pay attention. You may also have uncanny dreams and helpful visions. A mentor or VIP may be of assistance. 
This eclipse represents a major new beginning in your home and family life - a theme that will remain active until early 2017. Your father or mother may have important news for you, or there may be some big changes in your family home. It may be that you are ready to buy your first house or move into a house that will form a base of operations in your future, or you may be slowly getting ready to set down roots and start a family of your own. If someone or something is eclipsed from your private sphere now, this will urge you put your life on a new foundation. Your friends and social circle may act as a catalyst for personal change now, bringing to light your difficulty at integrating your goals and ambitions with your inner self and personal life. Whatever may be going on outwardly, this is also a time of psychological cleansing, when you can analyse inner complexes and build a healthier relationship to yourself. Joint financial ventures and close emotional bonds will help stabilise this process. This series of eclipses is helping you adjust your direction and set your personal life on a new foundation.
After a challenging couple of years, this is a friendly eclipse for you, helping to invigorate your mind and bring new people and ideas into your world. This eclipse may signal the end of an idea that was closing your mind to life's possibilities. If so, this will create ample space for you to think new thoughts, meet new people and learn new things that will ultimately change your world by 2017. This will wipe out the familiar and familiarise you with a whole new environment, vocabulary and way of thinking. Surprising news and changes in your familiar environment and social network may startle you, revealing a blind spot in the way you project yourself, which can make your career take unexpected turns. The most challenging thing about this eclipse is to keep your faith and optimism alive, even when things seem imperfect or unjust. It is time to purge out negative thinking and find meaning in your experience, unique as it is. A marketing or publishing project may require a new approach, and the same goes for any involvement in higher education or with any dreams you have to travel or expand your business abroad, which will call for a new way of thinking. A romantic or business partner can help you accelerate these changes now. 
It may be that you cannot count on a person, project or source of income that you used to count on with this eclipse. If so, this is to help you find other and potentially better sources of sustenance, discover hitherto hidden talents, as well as to develop greater self-reliance and self-assurance from now and until 2017. As a result of these changes, you may meet someone new, who becomes a real asset to you in the long run. This eclipse is bound to bring changes to your support system, make you question your values and reset your priorities.  You may be feeling less energetic than usual during this eclipse (and the effects may last from mid-August to mid-October), so make sure to take good care of your body and physical needs. Your ability to trust has been hurt before and this may make you insecure about letting anyone in, or about making any changes in your financial situation. Nonetheless, this is your chance to discriminate the valuable from the worthless and invest in what matters, despite any imperfections in others. Travel (and other expansive enterprises) may hold unexpected surprises now, so adopt a sense of adventure, but also take precautions. Your willingness to put in the work required to build something of value is your greatest ally now. 
Your life is about to change in major ways. Get ready for your personal goals and your relationships to undergo a huge transformation over the next two years. It's time to hold a major clear out, get rid of clutter and clean up your life of all elements that simply muddy the waters. People, ideas and projects by which you have defined yourself are now falling away, creating space for a new identity to be born, more in line with your present and future desires. You may want to consider renewing your appearance in due course too, but do not do anything radical during the eclipse itself. The eclipse brings a sense of urgency: it's high time for you to set forth towards all your goals - no more time wasting. The situation with your marriage or business partner seems to be less than perfect and this is a source of pain for you. But what this eclipse shows you is that it is time for you to get moving and do your best, no matter where others are at. Your household finances may hide a surprise for you. Whatever happens, it will ultimately release you from emotional and financial strangleholds and help you become more your own person. A new romance or child will be helpful in this transition. You can help this process along too by indulging in your own childlike sense of innocence and wonder. Give yourself permission to fall in love, have fun and express yourself freely.
The eclipses have moved into your house of endings and it's time to have a huge clear out and sort out unfinished business over the next eighteen months. Time spent alone and away from the hustle and bustle of life will help you clear your head. Any time spent on a spiritual retreat, in psychotherapy, in a spa or in some other such establishment away from your normal day to day activities can bring accelerated healing now, both on the physical and spiritual level. This is a chance to reconnect with yourself, release old baggage and get ready for a new beginning. It is important that you take the time to rest now, especially as a health matter may require your attention. Alternatively, it may be work that's a bit of a thorn in your side with a trouble employee or a million details holding you back from taking the phone off the hook. Accept whatever imperfections plague you, do what you must and try to let go of the need to control the situation. This is especially key, as others are bound to act in erratic and unpredictable ways that disrupt the peace. This eclipse is helping you purify and refine your life, doing away with needless complications. The situation at home may be turbulent but in this case it is your ally, helping you stride more confidently toward your future. 
This eclipse brings news from your social circle and upheaval in your friendships. If you lose a friend now - even through no fault of your own - this will create a magnet for new and wonderful people to enter your life. Equally, if someone from your social circle departs, this will create a gap that will urge your community to reorganise itself in more productive ways. At the same time, old dreams and aspirations will be rendered obsolete now and new ones will slowly take their place - a process that won't be complete until 2017. These changing aspirations will bring a new group of friends to match and it will ultimately make you feel part of a better integrated whole. Love and sacrifice may have gone hand in hand recently, or it may be that a situation with a child, or with your own creative dreams has required stoic wisdom and sacrifice on your part. This eclipse is here to bring you new allies and urge you to move toward your dreams, find a new place in the world, and express your unique gifts despite any imperfections. Your work or day to day activities may hide a surprise, so keep a light schedule. You may find that you have a powerful ally - a sibling, a neighbour or a friend - right in your own back yard. 
Your life direction, your goals and ambitions and how you take responsibility for your life are due for a major overhaul. A parent, boss or other authority figure may leave now. If so, this will create a gap at the top for you to eventually grow into, or it may urge you to rethink your entire career direction. It is time to clear out your life of old and obsolete goals and to set sail for new targets. Your own public image may undergo sudden change during this eclipse, with people ceasing to perceive you in a certain way, paving the way for you to become something new in the eyes of the world. Issues around your home are a thorn in your side now. The situation with your family may have been far from perfect in recent years, or it may be that you have had trouble with your home, requiring sacrifices on your part or making you feel as if you do not belong. This eclipse is asking you to look at all these difficulties face on and find ways to integrate your private and public life, or your homebase on the one hand and your need to carve out a new path for yourself on the other. Love holds surprises and your heart may flutter unexpectedly during this eclipse, giving you sudden glimpses into new paths that could make you happy. Avoid careless risks now, which may affect your career and public image in unexpected ways. Making good use of your own personal assets, both financial and otherwise, is the best way to move forward now. 
This eclipse is here to wipe out beliefs that are no longer serving you, renew your sense of hope and broaden your horizons from now and until 2017. You may receive news from abroad, see a mentor depart, or have an experience that makes a deep philosophical impression on you now. Education and travel have the power to change your life over the next couple of years and any media-related, religious or legal involvements will have a powerful impact, closing a cycle of development and opening up new possibilities. This series of eclipses will make sure that you break new ground and do not stay within your safety zone. Someone in your immediate environment may have called for sacrifices on your part, even limiting your freedom of movement in recent years. It's now becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile this with your thirst for adventure: time to acknowledge an imperfect situation and nonetheless do the best that you can to spread your wings. Your home may hide a surprise that forces a sudden change of perspective. Remember that the power ultimately rests with you. Take the reins. 
This eclipse may bring unexpected news about money or about your close relationship with someone. Your intimate relationships may undergo major changes (for instance, you may sexually open up to someone new, or your bond may alter via the arrival of a baby), and you may have to quickly learn to adjust. Or the eclipse may bring financial changes (a divorce or merger being finalised for instance), or news that make it imperative that you sort out your taxes, make a visit to the bank or organise matters around insurance. Time to get on top of such things and clean up your finances. Your income may have been rocky of late and this may leave you feeling unequal to the task that this eclipse brings before you. Do what you can and let others help you too. The same goes if your sense of self-esteem has been flagging: this eclipse teaches you to face the fear and open up anyway. From now and until 2017 is the time to sort out financial and personal matters, become more self-assured and renew your trust in others too. In some ways, relinquishing control is your best course of action now, leading to a powerful transformation. 
This solar eclipse in Virgo brings a relationship to the forefront, bringing news that either eclipse someone from your life altogether or help you to see them in a completely new light. The eclipses have arrived in Virgo and Pisces and will stay here until early 2017. This means it's time for you to reinvent yourself! Who you become is bound to affect all your important relationships too, as well as whom you attract into your life in the first place. Financial instability and other insecurities may shake up a partnership now and give you a bit of a wake up call. Either way, it is time to put your relationships on a healthier footing. If you are single, you may well find your significant other before this round of eclipses is over (by 2017). You may be feeling especially vulnerable during this eclipse, emotionally and physically, so you may not feel ready to face whatever emerges on the relationship front. Be that as it may, it is important that you show maturity and stay true to yourself, whilst doing your best to be fair and equitably handle the situation. This is the only way to ensure that you can build a partnership that is true and long-lasting.  You can count on help from your friends. 
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