Solar Eclipse April 2014 in Taurus 8 degrees – Financial Reset

April 28, 2014 12:48 Current Astrology Articles

Taurus rules money and anything connected with wealth: making money, business, assets, land, real estate, food, your unique gifts and talents, and anything that brings you a feeling of security.

April solar eclipse in Taurus

This April solar eclipse in Taurus 8 Degrees may be a wake-up call for you to change your attitude and beliefs towards money and possessions. You may have a wonderful talent for writing or for singing, or perhaps you have healing ability that you haven’t explored properly. This eclipse may awaken in you the desire to pursue a dream that could bring you a not only deep inner gratification but a good income too.

This eclipse focuses on how you value yourself. Are you in a job that you love or are you only going to work for the money? Ask yourself, if you could do anything at all, what would you really love to do? What do you feel passionate about? This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus gives you the opportunity to think about these issues and to come up with some practical answers. Taurus is an earth sign and wants to see tangible results.
Taurus also rules your possessions. This eclipse could trigger issues of ownership, so make sure that any documents, bank statements, deeds, titles, certificates, are stored safely. Have duplicates or copies in a safe place too.
Don’t leave anything to chance. Change the passwords for your accounts regularly. Keep an eye on your bank statements.
Banks are increasingly introducing new charges. This happens every month. Make sure you check every single item on your statement. You might find a sneaky $5.00 a month deducted from your account without any prior warning. If your insurance premium is up for renewal, make sure you shop around and don’t just take the first offer without doing more research. You’ll be surprised how much you can save if you examine all aspects of your finances on a regular basis.
A Capricorn woman, aged 78, couldn’t believe this experience. Her water bill is usually between $40-45 per month. She didn’t have her usual reading glasses on when she opened the bill she didn’t look at it very closely. However, later in the day, she went back to it and nearly had a coronary. The bill was for $818.25! After many conversations with supervisors and team leaders, the water company are insisting that their meter was working properly and they are even suggesting that maybe someone has been stealing her water!
If so, for that huge amount of water, it would have taken a fleet of trucks 24/7 for a whole week to syphon off the volume of water for which they wanted to charge her. The battle with the water company continues.
Since ownership could become an issue, try to protect yourself wherever possible:
Put locks on things, take clear meter readings, write things down, keep excellent records and don’t leave anything to chance.
When you’ve done all that, put the white light of protection around your things and let the universe do the rest.
This eclipse, in conjunction with the Grand Cross in the heavens, is going to affect us globally. Our economic structures are going to go through huge changes. The degree of manipulation and cheating in the markets is escalating, but sooner or later, a new and more equitable system has to come.

Between now and then, we need to prepare ourselves as best as we can. How can you do that?

·       Don’t take out huge debts
·       Don’t leave chunks of money in the bank
·       Learn some new skills so you are more marketable. e.g. go back to school to study for a new career, do a course to upgrade your knowledge
·       Be willing to start your own business as ‘jobs’ in the traditional sense of the word (i.e. with health benefits, pension benefits, long-term security), will become more
        and more scarce
·       Be willing to go freelance, to work on a contract or temporary basis. Nothing is going to have the certain kind of future that so many still are seeking.
·       Start to think in terms of taking responsibility for your financial future
·       Look for multiple possible sources of income. There are so many opportunities on the internet and through networks which are growing
·       If you have assets, try to find ways to protect them e.g. buy gold and silver bullion as a hedge against economic collapse
·       Connect with your community and find ways to be self-sufficient with food and water supplies
·       Barter your services with others for some of the services or goods that you need
·       Stock up on dried goods, canned goods and try to have at least a 6 month store of food
·       Buy some water purifiers in stock just in case the water becomes contaminated
·       Have at least a month’s supply of drinking water
·       Get a first aid kit and make sure you have a backup supply of any medications you need to take
·       Get a backup heat source and some emergency lighting in case the power goes off
·       Keep copies of all your important documents in a safe place
This is not to frighten you, but to prepare you. Taurus likes to feel secure and in our changing times this isn’t easy to accomplish. However, by preparing your survival kit, by protecting your finances as best you can, you are giving yourself a head start. After all, isn’t it better to be a year early than a day late?
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