2014 Solar and Lunar Eclipses: Changes, Changes, Changes…

May 9, 2014 15:25 Current Astrology Articles

What to Expect During (Solar or Lunar) Eclipse Time:

Ready or not, the 2014 eclipses have begun, clearing away the old and making way for the new. The April eclipses come on the heels of Venus, Mercury and Mars shaking things up since December 2013 so chances are that you are already quite frazzled and eager to get on with it.   Now you can! Just wipe the decks clean and open the doors to the future!
As you may have noticed, life becomes a whirlwind of activity during eclipse time, as events seem to gain dramatic speed towards some insistent but unknown end. Don’t be surprised if you are constantly on edge. You may feel as if you are in a speeding car with nobody at the steering wheel! If so, know that even though you can’t see where you are going, the eclipses are taking you exactly where you need to be.  So sit back and enjoy the ride!
It is best not to make any important decisions on the day of an eclipse and for a couple of days before and afterwards. Events are happening so fast and circumstances are so intense that you can rarely think straight! And you are still in the midst of change so you don’t yet possess all the relevant facts to make an informed decision. Best to keep your ear to the ground and your options open. Instead of making plans, open the door and let new opportunities fly in! In some cases, an eclipse may force your hand. If this is you, know that what’s happening is serving your growth and development, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.
It is often inadvisable to sign new contracts on the date of an eclipse and for a couple of days either side of it, because you don’t want to carry this kind of upheaval with you into your new venture, thus giving it a kind of fated quality. Traditionally at least, it is best to let the storm die down, get a clear view of the horizon and then embark on your journey. Also, try and avoid elective surgery during an eclipse. Chances are that your doctor’s nerves are just as frayed as everyone else’s! So let him or her deal only with what is purely necessary. Lastly remember: whatever you are going through, you are not alone! So if other people seem to be off their game, cut them some slack.

The Difference Between a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse

We get two kinds of eclipses: Solar and Lunar. A Solar Eclipse happens during a New Moon, when Sun and Moon are together in the sky and we get a moonless night.  A Lunar Eclipse happens during a Full Moon, when Moon and Sun are on opposite sides of the earth. While we get new moons and full moons roughly once a month, we only get Solar and Lunar Eclipses about twice a year, when Sun, Moon and Earth are perfectly aligned and so get in the way of each other...
On a subtle level, Solar and Lunar Eclipses are felt slightly differently. Remember that Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons. And so, they function as portals into a world of heightened emotion!  In practice, they tend to bring matters to a head – or even to an end – and to increase your understanding. Solar Eclipses on the other hand are New Moons. And so they always signify the beginning of something new. Less emotionally overwhelming than their counterparts, Solar Eclipses bring a sense of uncertainty and intense nervous anticipation, allowing new ideas to burst into the scene. Since Solar and Lunar Eclipses tend to come in pairs, the net effect is renewal!  
The Main Themes of the 2014 Eclipses
We have four eclipses in total this year: two in April and two in October. We have just experienced the first batch, a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15th at 25° Libra and an Annular Solar Eclipse on April 29th at 8° Taurus. The next batch will come in autumn with another Total Lunar Eclipse at 15° Aries on October 8th and a Partial Solar Eclipse at 0° Scorpio on October 23rd. Spring and Autumn 2014 are therefore likely to be intense!  Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn will feel the Lunar Eclipses most strongly, while Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius will get more hit by the Solar Eclipses.
April 15th notably saw the first of a so-called Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses in the Aries-Libra polarity, to be completed in 2015. During a Total Lunar Eclipse, the full moon passes through the deepest part of Earth's shadow, becoming 'blood-red' as it basks in the refracted light of a million earthly sunrises and sunsets! Like a burning laser beam, a total eclipse tends to be more powerful than a partial one.  If so, we are in for a dramatic couple of years! 
Projected against the Zodiac, eclipses appear to slowly go backward through the signs. 2014 brings a transition from the Taurus-Scorpio polarity, where the eclipses began in November 2012 into the Libra-Aries polarity, where they are to stay for two years, with eclipses occurring in both polarities during 2014.   This transition reflects a slow shift in focus and a duality of problems this year. On the one hand, the spotlight stays firmly on the world financial crisis, where new initiatives will be taken to manage rising debt and preserve value. But with the new eclipses in Aries and Libra, new questions begin to trouble us.  These relate to the need to maintain harmonious relationships in the face of rising aggression and selfish agendas. Meanwhile, the Taurus Solar Eclipse on the 29th of April heralds a new beginning in the world financial stage, with a focus on investing in what matters and discarding outworn values.

2014 Eclipses Sign By Sign: 

The April eclipses may have just past, but the issues they raise will be with us for the next six months or so.
Aries and Libra: The focus so far has been on finances. But a powerful new spotlight now falls on relationships and on personal transformation!
Aries, the Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses that started this April is teaching you how to listen to others so you can enjoy more harmonious partnerships. It is also teaching you to let go of outworn self-conceptions and desires. April’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra has brought a partnership matter into sharp focus. Now, the Solar Eclipse in Taurus allows you to make a powerful new start in building your assets again and letting go of anything that no longer has any value.
Libra, you just experienced the first of four Total Lunar Eclipses this April that collectively put the spotlight firmly on you! It is time to take charge of your life and let go of any dependence on other people that may hold you back. Mid-April’s Lunar Eclipse may have brought clarity as to what you want out of life. This year and the next, the time has come to go for it! Last year you were building your resources and considering the best ways to use your talents. The Solar Eclipse of April 29th brings a powerful new beginning where the management of joint finances are concerned, opening the way for you to get a loan or mortgage, sort out your taxes or gain a good commission.
Taurus and Scorpio: Your total personal transformation is not yet over! But a new focus now emerges on matters relating to work and health.
Taurus, you are in the midst of letting go of the old and making way for the new! While 2013 was all about plunging into the unknown and making a new start where your relationships are concerned, this year it is all about you! With the Solar Eclipse in your sign at the end of April, it is time to let go of any outworn attitudes and make a new beginning in your life, going after what you really want. Meanwhile, the new cycle of Lunar Eclipses that started this spring will change the way you work and take care of your body. Mid-April Lunar Eclipse may have urged you to get rid of bad habits and reconsider how you can employ your time more constructively both at work and for the sake of your physical wellbeing.
Scorpio, you have just had a marathon of a year in 2013 and your transformation is almost complete! Last year you were pushed into the spotlight and had to take charge of matters, often pushing yourself to the limits to do so. This spring’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus puts the focus firmly on your relationships, allowing you to make a fresh start in a business partnership or with your significant other. You may have to let go of whatever you have been holding onto in order to move forward. Meanwhile, the Lunar Eclipse in Libra has probably made it crystal clear to you that you really need some downtime, where you can be alone and recharge your batteries. It may be that a health matter requires your attention this year.
Gemini and Sagittarius: The focus has been on work and health matters for a while. The spotlight now falls on ways to increase the fun!
Gemini, you made a new start at work last year, or you decided to take better care of your health. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of April may have brought revelations that allow you to purge yourself of any psychological attitudes that no longer serve you. You may also find that you need to be alone and indulge your creative urges, as mid-April’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra got your creative juices flowing. This year’s Lunar Eclipses highlight your need to make more room for creativity, fun and romance in your life! You may also be thinking about having children or about how you can enjoy a better relationship with your kids.
Sagittarius, last year was a time of personal revelations for you, where you came face to face with your own demons and tendencies toward self-undoing. The Solar Eclipse at the end of April brings a new start where your work and productivity is concerned, enabling you to let go of outworn habits and routines. You may also need to attend to a health matter. Meanwhile, mid-April’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra has brought your highest dreams and aspirations into sharp focus. It is now time to start connecting with like-minded people, let go of childish notions of omnipotence, and go after your dreams!
Cancer and Capricorn: A new spotlight now falls on career, home and family! Meanwhile, your life continues to see greater amounts of fun, romance and socialising.
Cancer, April’s Lunar Eclipse made it clear to you that a certain home or family situation is untenable. As the Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses unfolds in 2014 and 2015, such matters will be resolved with events pointing you in the right direction as to where ‘home’ lies. For this to happen, outworn ideas concerning your career and overall life-direction will have to be abandoned. Meanwhile the Solar eclipse in Taurus at the end of April allows you to make a new start in your social circle. You may have had to let go of a cherished dream in order to set new and more relevant goals in your life. Now, and over the next six months, it is time to unite with others and make your goals a reality.
Capricorn, mid-April’s Total Lunar Eclipse brought a matter pertaining to your career or public image to a head, urging you to think carefully about where you want to go next. Your public image is about to undergo major transformation over the next couple of years, rooted in changes at home and in your family structures that force you to release old security patterns. Meanwhile, the Solar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of April enables you to let go of outworn attitudes where love, creativity and children are concerned. Take a risk, loosen up and let more play, fun and romance into your life!
Leo and Aquarius: The transformation of your career, home and family life is nearly complete! Meanwhile, a new spotlight falls on travel and intellectual stimulation.
Leo, you have been transforming your overall orientation toward life for a while now. While last year brought a new beginning where a home or family matter is concerned, this year you can finally make a fresh start in your career! With the Solar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of April, you are ready to let go of whatever no longer serves you and set sail on a more fulfilling vocational course. Meanwhile, April’s Lunar Eclipse may have created intense activity in your immediate environment that left you somewhat frazzled. It is time to brush up on your communication skills and look at the best way to sell you ideas!
Aquarius, while last year you made a new beginning in your career, getting an important promotion or realising a long-held goal, the Solar Eclipse at the end of April brings a fresh start in your home and family. Over the next six months you can let go of outworn attachments and develop a greater sense of security. Meanwhile mid-April’s Lunar Eclipse expanded your horizons. A publication may be coming out, you may be getting a university degree, resolving a court-case or simply planning to expand your base of operations and travel more extensively from now on. Whatever it is, you will have plenty of time over the next couple of years to put your plans into effect!
Virgo and Pisces: You are still learning new things and expanding your horizons. A new spotlight now falls on finances!
Virgo, this year is all about building your assets. April’s Lunar Eclipse shone a spotlight on your earned income and on how you can best cash in on your talents and feel a greater sense of self-worth! The time has come to rely more on your own resources and less on those of others. Meanwhile, the Solar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of April opens the door for you to expand your base of operations, through travel, international relations or publishing, or even through getting an accreditation or going back to school for a degree. To achieve your ends, you may have to let go of old and outworn beliefs that no longer serve you.
Pisces, April’s Lunar Eclipse may have seen a joint financial matter come to a head.
Your attention may have turned to a loan, debt or tax concern leading you to recognise that certain changes are necessary. Alternatively, the eclipse may have highlighted a greater need for intimacy with your partner. The next couple of years should see many changes in your personal life. If you have been trying for a baby, you may finally see some progress. Meanwhile, the Solar eclipse in Taurus at the end of April stimulates your mind, bringing movement, travel and lots of new people and ideas into your life. Time to let go of the old ways of thinking and learn something new!
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