Sun in Aries: Spring is Here!

March 20, 2015 17:21 Current Astrology Articles
It's that time of the year again, when the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This day marks the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere, which falls on March 20th this year. This is the moment when the days and nights become equal in length and reach tipping point. As the days begin surpassing the nights in duration, they carry with them the promise of warmer and more pleasant times ahead. Spring has officially begun!
Spring is the time when everything is budding fresh, renewed and teaming with life and promise. Whatever mysteries went on in the cold dark months are now complete and new life has burst forth. This is an excellent time to make a fresh start, do a spring-clean and breathe new life into your relationships, projects and all your plans and endeavours! Is there something you have been meaning to do? Now is your moment to act! Aries is a cardinal fire sign, and when Sun enters Aries, we are given a new lease of life, fresh energy and vitality to pour into whatever activities and people are dearest to our hearts!
Aries is ruled by sex-god Mars. Aries does not think. It does not sit around, endlessly ruminating on this and that. Aries acts! It bursts forth like a fury, paying very little attention to conventions, procedures or what anyone else is saying or doing. It just gets things done!  It is the primal initiator - the sign that brings new life out of the vastness of limitless possibility. Aries is the sign that says: here I am! I exist! I have desires! I want this! And what I want I go out and get! Aries therefore rules initiative, daring, courage, and desire!  Aries does not linger either. Once something has been conquered, on it moves to the next thing.
So, this is no time to procrastinate. Go after what you want! Act on impulse if you have to. But don’t be reckless. For there is a danger here too: Aries tends to act rashly at times, jumping blissfully off the edge, when only a moment’s glance would have helped headstrong Aries change course. So watch out that you don't just jump off a cliff. How do you know what’s what? If you have been sitting on a desire for a while now, having done your research yet cowering to take the first step, now is the time to step forth and do your bit!
Key Dates for Your Diary: Aspects of Sun in Aries
Watch out for these dates! Here's how to make the best of the planetary energies over the next four weeks:
25th March: Sun trine Saturn in Sagittarius
Set proper foundations in your projects! This is a great time to sign documents or begin something new. The days remain good and productive until end of the month.
30-31st March: Sun conjunct South Lunar Node
The sun illuminates people, places and faces from your past. Shine the light of consciousness and move on!
1-2 April: Sun trine Jupiter in Leo
An excellent day to travel, sign contracts or launch a project. This is a lucky, expansive day! Given that Mercury trines Saturn in Sagittarius too, agreements you make now are here to stay!
3-6 April / Easter Holiday: Sun square Pluto in Capricorn, conjunct Uranus in Aries
The long weekend of Easter promises to be intense! There may be power-struggles and clashes of will - not a good time to launch a project or start a new relationship. And yet, as the Sun illuminates the fading Uranus-Pluto square, it shows you where you can break free and transform your life! With a total lunar eclipse happening at the same time, this is a weekend of exciting and radical changes! A weekend of surprises too... Expect the unexpected! 
9-10 April: Sun conjunct Mercury
A culmination of efforts and ideas that began back in January-February when Mercury was retrograde in Aquarius! You can now clearly see where everything (that happened back then) has led you to today, and begin to adjust to a new way of thinking!
Great things to do with Sun in Aries
   •     Begin something new
   •     Spring clean an area of your life
   •     Dare to make the first move
   •     Take the initiative
   •     Show bravery and courage
   •     Enter a competition

Sun in Aries and your Star-Sign: Your Spring Equinox Horoscope

Each sign experiences the Sun’s entry into Aries as a brand new beginning in a different arena of their life. Read on to see where you feel like making a fresh start come spring-time! Check your sun-sign and Ascendant. Also, if you have any planets in Aries, they now come alive! For instance, if you have Venus in Aries, this is a time for love, romance and to refresh your looks; with Mars in Aries, your sex-drive is revitalised, and so forth. Why not draw your free birth-chart and check out the planets in astrology to find out more? Alternatively, get in touch with one of our expert astrologers on 0207 111 6384 to see what spring has in store for you!
Your birth-day is here and it's time to move forth with all your plans! The spotlight is firmly on you and you are feeling refreshed and revitalised. Energise your goals and set them into motion for the whole year to come! The 25/3 is good for a project involving publishing, academia or travel abroad. In April, 2/4 is a day of confidence and fun, but watch out for April 5-6, when you may clash with a higher up. You may have the upper hand here, freeing yourself from a stranglehold.
For you dear Taurus, spring does not kick in until your birthday arrives in a month or so and you can finally smell the flowers! You usually experience this period as a mystical preparation - a kind of purging of old attitudes and ideas - to begin afresh. So go on, do your private stuff, spring clean your life and get ready for a new beginning! The 25/3 is good for making solid headway with institutional financial matters, your family and the past, or in your personal psychology. In April, 2/4 is excellent for home and real estate matters, but watch out for April 5-6, when you may come across obstacles in your travels or in an academic or publishing project. Letting go holds the key to greater freedom here.
This is always an intensely sociable time for you. A time to have fun and make friends! This is your moment to seek out those who can help you come closer to your dreams! The days surrounding the 25/3 offer a great opportunity to consolidate a serious relationship or long-lasting partnership. In April, 2/4 is a really fun day, when get-togethers are exciting and give you new ideas. But watch out for April 5-6, when you may come across a financial difficulty as you pursue your ideas, or a surprise by a friend or partner. You can loosen up a little if you let your friends surprise you!
March-April, just as spring kicks in, are always big career months for you, dear Cancer. Time to energise your professional goals and refresh your public image! Dare to take the first step toward greater autonomy and visibility! The days surrounding the 25/3 allow you to make solid professional headway and by April, the 2/4 may bring an excellent financial package to match your new position. But watch out for April 5-6, when changes in your career collide with your relationship or a business partnership. You may yet be able to come out on top.
This is always a very exciting time for you when the world is suddenly brimming with future possibilities. This is your cue to take steps to expand your life! Meet with VIPs, dare to step out of your comfort zone and expand your mind! You can also decide to learn something new now, take a trip or initiate a brand new marketing campaign! The days surrounding the 25/3 are excellent for love and enjoyment, allowing you to take a well-calculated risk! Once we hit April, 2/4 is a day of fun and adventure. But watch out for April 4-6, when a work or health matter may interfere with your plans. Stick to your vision!
Spring is always a deeply transformative time for you, dear Virgo, with the brightening days paradoxically shining a light into the darker and more private recesses of your life. Time to step in decisively and cut out complications in your sex life, finances and up-close and personal relationships. Do a psychological spring clean! The days surrounding the 25/3 are excellent for financial matters around real-estate, your home and family. Once we hit April, take a time out on the 2/4 to rest and rejuvenate. Watch your finances around April 4-6, when you may be in the mood to take a risk. The same goes for your love life. This is your chance to break free from things holding you back!
This is always an intensely sociable time for you, dear Libra. Springtime puts you in the mood for love and for going out more, socialising and meeting new people! You can also invigorate existing relationships now. Time to hit refresh in all your personal and professional collaborations! The 25/3 is good relationship-wise - a great day to sign a contract or establish a new partnership! In April, the 2/4 is also lucky for making allies and enjoying good times with a partner. Watch out for April 4-6, however, when you and your partner may not be on the same page when it comes to real estate, home and family. A chance to break free from this dispute, if you follow your partner's lead.
Springtime is an especially busy time for you, dear Scorpio. Your work may demand more of your time, getting you all excited to get things done! This is also a time when you are invited by the weather to kick-start a new health and exercise routine. Choose the 25/3 to do so, which is great for signing a work contract or establishing a new routine that's here to last. In April, 2/4 is an excellent day for work and career matters bringing luck and opportunity your way. April 4-6, may be more stressful however, interrupting your daily routine. This is a chance to achieve a breakthrough and make headway at work, even if it means momentary stress.
Springtime is always a time of incredible joy and romance for you, dear Sagittarius. The birds are singing and love is truly in the air! You may feel especially creative and in the mood for fun and games or to express yourself creatively. Get out there in the budding sunlight and have as much fun as you possibly can! On the 25/3, you can make your creative talents pay and promote yourself in a way that makes a long-lasting impression. In April, the 2/4 is a really fun and exciting day when anything is possible - so get out of your comfort zone and launch a major campaign! Do pay attention a little later on April 4-6, when you may have a financial matter requiring resolution, asking you to walk a fine line between your creative desires and need for security. It's your chance to demand your worth!
You dear Capricorn, being an eminently practical sign, may decide to do an actual spring clean as spring gets underway! The light is shining brightly in your home and family sector blowing away the cobwebs and its time for you to do the same, invigorating your personal space and bringing new life into your home and family! March 25th is a good day to consolidate a home and family matter. It is also a good day to rest and recharge your batteries. April 2nd may see financial help flowing into your home and family, when everything seems to go without a hitch! By April 4-6, things get more hectic and you can achieve a real breakthrough in home, family and real-estate matters, as well as psychologically within yourself!
Your surroundings burst into life come springtime each year putting you in the mood for stepping out and engaging in a myriad communications that expand your world! The good weather is also excellent for some networking or if you want to take a short trip, invigorate your mind and get some fresh air! March 25th is excellent for signing a new contract or making good solid alliances to help you move forward. The same goes for April 2nd, when you can enjoy exciting talks with a partner. April 4-6 may see your daily movements become more hectic and erratic, so try to proceed with care, especially when driving. You can achieve a communications breakthrough and get your message across!
The spring sunshine invariably brings a sudden urge for material comforts, dear Pisces. You may feel like spending a little more to enjoy the budding sunny days, or you may be looking for ways to save or increase your income in readiness for the summer months. You can take bold steps to invigorate your finances now! March 25th is an excellent day for career and financial matters, as is April 2nd, when you can finally consolidate a higher up and better paid position. April 4-6, may see your worth questioned by certain people, but you can come out on top. You know what you're worth! 
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