Virgo Ascendant

05 May 2018

Discover what it means to have a Virgo ascendant and read all about your ascendant.

Mercury is the planet that rules your ascendant. To this you owe your inquisitive and open mind and your great love of learning. Moreover, it is to Mercury that you also owe your attention to your appearance, your physical condition and your nutrition. You thus lead a healthy lifestyle and follow the right path to maintain a great physical condition. 

You have a pronounced tendency to chase perfection in everything you do and to look at every detail under a microscope. This leads you towards professions that require specialisation, especially to those related to the arts. You are also a powerful thinker as you excel in mathematics and the natural sciences. 

You have a great memory and organise your knowledge in a systematic way in your mind, so that when you need to remember something you can recall it very easily. In your professional life, you pursue complex careers, such as information technology or applied engineering, as these jobs make the best use of your skills in classification and organisation. Your natural talent helps you to structure information and this helps in both your professional development and your social advancement and establishment.

Your love of learning has no limits or boundaries and, for this reason, you can choose any profession, from medicine and research, to those arts that require detailed skills or literature, where your imagination knows no bounds.
Your analytical skills help you to quickly and easily make sense of the confused information you are given and to retain the important details and discard the superfluous and useless.

You have a concern for perfection and cleanliness, not only of the body but also of the soul. This fact is usually manifested in your daily life through an excessive focus on clean clothes, a tidy living and work space, and in the excessive arrangement of the things around you and your daily programme. You feel lost and confused at the slightest sudden change. 

You often suffer from a lack of security and self-confidence and this has significant repercussions on your personal life. You have a tendency to analyse both your feelings and those of others and this aspect of your personality blocks you from developing close relationships easily. You have high expectations from your partner and this means that you are often disappointed. The same goes for your friendships, as your caustic sense of humour and overcritical nature are often misunderstood.
Celebrities with Virgo ascendant: Madonna, Sharon Stone, Nicolas Sarkozy, Walt Disney, Nicolaus Copernicus, David Copperfield, Brooke Shields, Paul McCartney, Franklin Roosevelt.

If your star sign is:

Aries with Virgo ascendant
You are intelligent, sincere, creative and have a highly developed sense of justice. In some cases, however, these virtues may make you appear insensitive and harsh as you prefer to argue for what you believe is just even if this means losing close friends. In your love life, you don’t express your feelings easily and can sometimes be seen as distant or cold. You have the ability to remain calm even in emotionally charged situations.

Taurus with Virgo ascendant
You have a unique charm, subtly diplomatic ways and are very honest in your relationships. You feel that you have strong foundations and don’t wish to make any changes that might shake them. The earth, a common element to the Taurus and the Virgo, enables you to focus on your desires and to analyse events so that you can make the best choices in all areas of your life.

Gemini with Virgo ascendant
Your zodiac sign and your ascendant have Mercury as their common planet, which endows you with the ability to use your common sense and not be influenced by sentimentality. In many situations you are able to find a way to combine pleasure with business. You are sensitive and very often become anxious, which can make you nervous and jittery. There will be ups and downs in your love life.

Cancer with Virgo ascendant
This combination makes you both emotional and practical at the same time. You enjoy communicating and working in a team for the common good. In your love life, you often feel uncertain and insecure inside. You want a partner who will offer you the love and tenderness that you need. In your professional life, you will succeed after several changes.

Leo with Virgo ascendant
You are kind-hearted, proud and polite but also a perfectionist and this often makes you anxious. You are pure at heart and it is possible that at some point in your life certain people will disappoint you, which will make you become guarded. You will develop a strong and dynamic character and will learn to rely solely on your own experiences.

Virgo with Virgo ascendant
With the double influence of Mercury, observation and common sense are your strong points. You make great demands on yourself and others, and are sensitive but don’t forgive mistakes. You don’t express your feelings easily but you can be trusted. You are very knowledgeable and highly critical about everything.

Libra with Virgo ascendant
You are very kind but suffer from an inner insecurity, which often prevents you from taking the initiative. However, you know how to defend your rights using irrefutable arguments. You have many ambitions which you will fulfil once you have somebody to encourage you and help you overcome your inhibitions.

Scorpio with Virgo ascendant
This combination may make you seem a simple person, but in reality you have a complex personality. You like to appear mysterious, your mood constantly swings and you are often sarcastic and ironic. At work you are a perfectionist, but you must take care not to become too bogged down in details.

Sagittarius with Virgo ascendant
You are fairly optimistic and instinctively know which direction you must follow to succeed in life. You are idealistic and flexible and can succeed in every activity. You are also very sincere and just, to the point that you can sometimes hurts the people you love. Family is very important for you, even though you often come into conflict with yours.

Capricorn with Virgo ascendant
You are very hard-working and inventive and have the right knowledge to succeed in many areas. Although you are a very active person, there are times when you might need to slow down in order to ensure success. You feel the need for a harmonious relationship but your refusal to express your emotions often leads to crises.

Aquarius with Virgo ascendant
This combination makes you search for the true meaning of life and to try to change the things you can’t stand. When something is socially unjust you become very angry. You believe that everyone must be independent and struggle for their liberation. You will be heavily involved with charity work throughout your life.

Pisces with Virgo ascendant
Two conflicting natures are trying to coexist harmoniously inside of you. Thus, in some areas of your life you are analytical, sensitive and strict while in others you are fickle and timid. Your insecurity may be the cause of you losing certain important opportunities in life. Prosperity will come to you through your personal work.

Date Modified: 05 May 2018
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