Horoscopes for Fun: How to Make Your Partner Jealous Based on their Star-Sign!

March 28, 2016 00:00 Astrology Library

If your partner has been somewhat indifferent to you lately, chances are it’s crossed your mind that you could try making them jealous. And that's perfectly fine by us! But will it work? Astrology and horoscopefriends have the answer!

Now, don't get us wrong: It goes without saying that paranoid outbursts of jealousy never bode well for a relationship. Even if you've never had to deal with an overly possessive partner yourself, it is unlikely that you've never heard stories about people who get upset if their significant other so much as speaks to another man or woman. 

When it gets out of hand, jealousy can cause a relationship to fall apart faster than a house of cards in a hurricane, because, above all, it indicates a low sense of self-esteem. At the same time, it's hard to deny that, when kept in check, jealousy is more often than not a sign of desire. If we get jealous every once in a while, it's because we care about our other half enough to fear the prospect of losing them. 

So here’s how to make your partner jealous based on their star sign! 

If you feel like your significant other has grown somewhat indifferent to you lately, there's no harm in using a few innocent tricks to show them that they shouldn't be taking you for granted! Will they work? Well, that partly depends on their star sign. So, read on to find out what astrology has to say about your chances of success. 

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Aries may be nice and cute and all that, but they don't take well to their possessions being threatened (yes, "possessions" includes you, too). If you've decided to make your Aries jealous, you're playing with fire - Aries is, after all, a Fire star sign. It is not only your own physical integrity that is at stake, but also that of the unlucky third party. Your plan may very well work, but is it worth the risk? What's the point of rekindling their interest in you if you end up in hospital? Maybe you had better also consult the tarot cards (its free) before you risk life and limb.


Making a Taurus jealous is as easy as stealing candy from a baby. The problem is that it is usually also followed by an equally violent reaction; arousing a Taurus' possessive instincts entails some risks you'd do well to be aware of. For example, you may never regain their trust, no matter how hard you try to convince them it was all just an innocent trick ("Don't be silly!") to make them jealous ("Do I look silly to you? Huh?!"). So you may want to consider other ways of rekindling their interest in you.  Here’s some ideas as to how you can keep the spark alive.


Geminis are humans, just like the rest of us; they are not immune to the sting of jealousy. So you can count on at least one of your Gemini's multiple personalities to be shaken by the prospect of losing you. But the safest way to make them jealous is not by dressing sexier for the sake of a supposed romantic rival, but by expressing your admiration for Mary/John's refined spirit and sense of humour. And if Mary/John is someone your Gemini has never met, all the better: you can unashamedly exaggerate how awesome she/he is ("Have I told you she/he's also been a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature?”). Check out the planetary hours for the best time to pull this off.


If you've decided to make your Cancer jealous, you'd better be prepared to spend the rest of your relationship with them suffering the consequences (that is, the torments of Hell). They will easily fall for the trick, and if they are left with the impression that they really came close to losing you, they will become insufferably insecure ("Where are you? Why didn't you answer my call? You had gone to the bathroom, yeah, right!"). If you manage to convince them it was all just a trick, they'll feel hurt that you thought they'd fall for it - which, yeah... they did, so they'll also suffer a self-esteem crisis. Cook them a nice hot dinner tailored to their moon-sign to make them feel better. 


Come on, you can't be seriously thinking that you, a mere mortal, can get the Ruler of the Universe to love you more by making them jealous! In the best-case scenario, they will prohibit you, under penalty of break-up, from ever again doing anything even remotely likely to undermine their prestige as the object of everyone's, EVERYONE'S, desire (we cannot stress "everyone's" enough, so hopefully you can take a hint). If you still want to go for it, do it in a subtle way so as not to hurt their pride. Who knows? It might work...  Learn all about how to handle superstars (like our Leo here) in our celebrity horoscopes


Virgos would rather be waterboarded than admit they got jealous. So if you try to make your Virgo jealous, chances are you will eventually find yourself wondering if you did it all for nothing. It's also likely that they'll pay you back in your own coin while acting innocent about it ("Who? Me?"). However, there's also a chance that your trick will arouse their competitive streak, in which case they will practically go to war over you. Don't let it go to your head, though; it'll have more to do with their bruised ego than with their love for you.  Check our weekly love horoscope to stay on top of things.


Petty outbursts of jealousy have no place in Libra's perfect little world. So your efforts to make your Libra jealous will probably be met with a smile of complicit understanding reminiscent of your grandmother's when she had caught you with your hand in the cookie jar. You get the picture, don't you? Don't be too quick to despair, though; your Libra's air of superiority will be nothing but a façade meant to keep you from hearing the alarm that will have gone off in their head. They can take a hint; before you know it, they'll start showering you with acts of appeasement.  Is your love written in the stars? Check your love horoscope compatibility.


Wanting to make a Scorpio jealous is like wanting to set fire to... a fire. Scorpio is jealousy personified. You should be trying to make your Scorpio un-jealous! The only upside to going through with this crazy plan is that you'll get to find out if the windows of your house can withstand the decibels of their screams, if your neighbours care enough about you to call the police, exactly how many breakable objects you own, and if you're fit enough to run for your life.  Choose to do this during a void of course moon and you might be lucky: they may someday forget it ever happened.


Sagittarius tends to get easily bored. If you're involved with a Sagittarius, you need to be sexy, interesting, adventurous, etc pretty much all the time. However, if you've decided to add the weapon of jealousy to your arsenal, you should bear in mind that it might prove to be a double-edged sword. It may work, but they're not likely to appreciate it; it won't take them to a happy place, so to speak. And Sagittarius is not known for being big on drama. Do you still want to risk it? There's also a chance that they'll completely fall for your trick and take it as the green light they have been waiting for to go ahead and be all, "No strings attached anymore, hurray!". Don't say we didn't warn you. You’d better check out your extended daily love horoscope for added assistance.


When it comes to jealousy, Capricorn is like a dormant volcano: you can't see what lies within it, but if it erupts, all hell will break loose. If you try to make your Capricorn jealous, they will initially act unaffected by it - to the point that you may find yourself thinking it didn't even register with them. But it will have registered alright! And it may really rekindle their interest in you. But it's just as likely to hurt their ego - in which case they'll make you regret it, plain and simple. Find out more about Capricorn in What to expect from the star-sign you’re in love with.


Jealousy is too petty an emotion and unbecoming to an Aquarius. Aquarians aspire to a higher level of spiritual growth. Your Aquarius has probably already told you as much. Haven't they shared their personal declaration of human rights with you? Article 1, paragraph 1: "Each partner in a relationship is free to do as they wish". Do you feel like flirting with someone else in front of them? Cool, no problem! Just don't be surprised if you see them leaving with a looker in tow - you know, the one they'll be chatting up while you'll be putting on your nice little show. And if they do get jealous, don't expect them to admit it to you. They won't admit it to themselves either, if it makes you feel any better.  Instead, why not check out how to make your Aquarian fall in love with you… all over again?


Pisces is like a slow-burning bomb when it comes to jealousy. At first, it may seem like all your efforts to make them jealous are falling flat. Act I: Your cell phone rings, and you excuse yourself from the room to answer it. When you come back, you fall suspiciously silent. Your Pisces: "You were on the phone? Oh, I barely noticed." Act II: You dance flirtatiously with a stranger in front of them. Your Pisces: "This place is awesome!! We're having a blast, aren't we?" Act III: You give up all efforts to make them jealous. Act IV: Your Pisces starts throwing tantrums over trivial, unrelated things. The curtain falls. Congrats! Their interest in you is back in full force - and so is their whining. Maybe your love numerology holds the answer instead…

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