How the star signs behave before a break-up

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Why is your partner acting differently all of a sudden? Get an insight on how each zodiac sign behaves before the break-up. Our experienced astrologers in matters of the heart have come up with the ultimate astrology guide to understanding how the signs behave right before the break-up or to put in in other words, the calling it quits horoscope. Based on his star sign, this astrology guide helps you decide whether you should be alarmed by your partner's change of behaviour or not...

Will he break up with me? Read the signs, based on his star sign!

One question in the minds of all who see a sudden change in their partner’s behavior: “Will he break up with me?” Astrology can give you an answer and set your free from the doubts, based on his star sign. Results are even more accurate if you cross-read our analysis for your partner’s sign and ascendant both. If you don’t know his ascendant, you may use our free birth chart feature to find out what it is. Here we go then:

Aries star sign or Aries ascendant before breaking up

What else would an Aries do right before the break-up but stage a huge fight? Or rather, fights (plural) of epic proportions. Of course, by now you’re probably familiar with the sign’s inherent need to quarrel. Well triple that if your Aries is sick and tired of the day-to-day (and truth be told, he does get bored rather easily) and you get the pre-break-up, leveled up, Aries. The problem is you’ll never know what you did wrong or how it started….or escalated so quickly. In fact, this will have nothing to do with you. It’ll just be him doing everything within his ability to bring you to tears. And that he will. Then, suddenly as he came into your life he’ll be out of it. All this shouldn’t concern you much. Nothing you could have done. Like said: It’s all him.

Taurus star sign or Taurus ascendant before breaking up

Long before breaking up, the I-want-to-break-up signs coming from someone under the sign of Taurus are rather apparent to the trained eye. Big changes don’t come easy to this sign and this is a rather big step to be taken so his behaviour will star changing weeks, even months before YOU decide to call it quits. And that’s the whole point behind this stalling. He doesn’t want to be held accountable for the break-up and so he will become the most insufferable version of himself in order to force you to break up with him instead. Forget his active, outgoing self. He will reserve a space on the couch where he’ll be spending all remaining nights of the relationship, looking bored and de-motivated until you’ve finally had enough.

Gemini star sign or Gemini ascendant before breaking up

We’re all familiar with the wandering eye of the Gemini crowd and how quick they are with decisions like starting and ending things. For a Gemini it’s all about interest; the minute he loses it…you’ve lost him for good. The problem here is that if you’re one to trust easily, you never see it coming. You just wake up in the middle of the night, on a random Tuesday, to the sound of his phone ringing. And it’s ‘Babe’. “Who’s babe?”, you’ll ask, if you haven’t come to know him well up to that moment. Otherwise, you know perfectly well who babe is. Our suggestion? Get out fast. No reason whatsoever to have ‘the chat’. With this sign it would end up with insults thrown your way going into detail of how boring you’ve become or even describing his paramour as the best thing that’s ever happened to him and how “sorry, not sorry” he is.

Cancer star sign or Cancer ascendant before breaking up

People under the sign of Cancer aren’t known for their directness and breaking up doesn’t stray from that rule. Just like crabs, the sign’s symbol, they will either go sideways for miles or lock themselves up in their shell and you’ll never be able to get a word out of them again, ever. If one day you come home to an iceberg version of your Cancerian partner, it will probably be the time to start feeling pessimistic about your shared future. If on top of the new ice-sculpture overalls you start hearing phrases like “Yeah, as if you’re actually fixing it this time…” or “Wow, how come you’re late? That’s happened like only, every time we’ve ever gone out”. They’ve kept everything they’ve had against you in for so long that it’s now way too late to fix it. Could they have saved your relationship by voicing their concerns? Yes.  And if they really wanted it, they would have.

Leo star sign or Leo ascendant before breaking up

Well, everyone knows people under the sign of Leo have a thing for role-playing (and acting in general), so getting an Ancient Greek tragedy kind of break-up from a Leo is to be expected. He will stand opposite you teary-eyed reminding you, in his most betrayed voice, all the times when he’s gone to the moon and back for you (Leo slang for ‘to Boots that one time you were sick’) and you didn’t return the kindness. He will also show you texts or missed calls from exes or other interests, which “would have made him happier” if it wasn’t for you. He will then cry some more. Right before you burst and start telling him how not-that-special he is, he will make a dramatic exit, probably breaking something on his way to the door, which he’ll slam. Btw do NOT tell him he isn’t special. The fight will drag on and on and do you really want that?

Virgo star sign or Virgo ascendant before breaking up

People under the sign of Virgo, more often than not, have analyzed the whole situation in their heads and all their reasons to break up with you, long before they actually do it.  The major difference here with the sign of Taurus is that a Virgo actually voices his concerns over everything he believes you’re doing wrong, the minute it happens. The problem is that judgment is a constant for this sign so you may end up confusing the ‘become, I don’t know…better or I’m out’ with the “healthy” (his words, not ours) criticism that’s been there all along.  This only gets worse leading to the break-up so if you have a rather thick skin and decide to stick it out until it gets better (which it won’t) prepare to get the worst kind of judgment you’ve ever received and then have your stuff thrown out the window. Literally. They tend to do that.

Libra star sign or Libra ascendant before breaking up

A relationship with someone under the sign of Libra is like walking on thin ice, only without knowing it’s actually as thin as it is and the same goes for the break-up. A Libra has been multitasking in the relationship all along. Allows us to explain what we mean by this: You may be enjoying a night at the movies and he’ll be talking about how good the movie is, but remember how he had suggested another movie at some point? He does too. So while he may be looking as if he’s having the time of his life, he’s thinking about how unfair it ALL is for him, yet again. And keep in mind this has happened countless times throughout the relationship.  So, after he’s had it and he’s already formed his next relationship (that is a Libra’s prerequisite for breaking up) he’ll talk you through every single time you’ve been unfair. It will feel like a real-life Judgment Day, he’ll be right about most of it (which will make you feel absolutely awful) and then, he’ll be out.

Scorpio star sign or Scorpio ascendant before breaking up

Every ending is a new beginning: That’s Scorpio’s motto and this is why he’ll break up with you only after he’s gone through all stages of grief, each one of which will only last but a few…years! In the beginning he will refuse to give up his plan of transforming you (few years, or months), right after that he will get angry at you for being so unteachable (few weeks) and after he’s insulted you like you’ve never been insulted by anyone in your life, ever, he will move on to the 'unbelievably depressed' stage (fortunately this one doesn’t last that long) and finally accepting the fact that you two, were just not meant to be. Until that point however, you will have gotten so fed up with his constant whining and your being brought down for no apparent (to you) reason, that you will most probably have been the one calling it quits. If that does happen though, prepare to face his wrath as well as a tone of paranoid texts over you dating someone else or hiding your true reason for breaking up with him. It couldn’t have been him…!

Sagittarius star sign or Sagittarius ascendant before breaking up

The “everything is fleeting” motto, is the Sagittarius standard break-up line. It also happens to be the self-justification of all people under the sign of Sagittarius for breaking up with you. Not a coincidence. What your Sagittarius is in fact achieving this way is to take the blame off of him and place it on the Universe. This refusal to take the blame or take an action towards saving your relationship is a sign that he’s had enough. Problem is, it happens suddenly and most of the times when you least expect it. This reveals yet another truth about his sign: It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with how he’s actually missed his carefree life which he could be living like a modern age, hippie Marco Polo if it weren’t for you. Right before the actual break-up he will start disappearing on you, without a single word on where he’s off to or how long he’ll be out. You won’t be living with him but with his hologram. If you’re quick to take a hint, you’ll break up with him before he gets a chance to do so himself.

Capricorn star sign or Capricorn ascendant before breaking up

For a long time before someone under the sign of Capricorn breaks up with you, you will be in a relationship with his Inbox (‘Unread’ folder, to be exact) and his answering machine.  He will be spending days on end at work and when you’re together, guess what: He won’t really resemble the loving partner you once had but your boss when she/he’s angry or dissatisfied. His attitude towards you will be something like ‘we didn’t reach today’s goals and it appears like you can’t work any harder, so, yeah. Quit?’.He will speak as little as possible, stare at the wall/couch/tv/laptop/anywhere really but in your direction and it will feel as if he’s been abducted and replaced by a robot. If you don’t decide to break up with him by then, his slow but steady transformation to a dictator that follows will definitely do the trick for you. With this sign you almost always get to be the one calling it quits, but it’s never your decision really.

Aquarius star sign or Aquarius ascendant before breaking up

An Aquarius who has decided to break up with you will initially suggest becoming friends (or rather, remaining friends). If this doesn’t happen to be aligned with your own wants, he will sit you down and preach about the meaningless of your relationship (or any relationship) when compared to the vastness of the Universe. It doesn’t matter one bit that when the two of you first met, he preached the exact opposite. Truth is, he just loves preaching and sharing his great ideas. If he seizes to believe you can add to the dialogue (or any dialogue, really) that he’s willing to have over forests or politics or whatever, he also seizes to be interested. Nothing you can say will alter his belief and it won’t make a difference if you’re actually better informed than he is. If he doesn’t believe you to be his equal or spiritual companion, that’s that.  He’s kind so he’ll stick around until you’ve accepted it. But the distance between the two of you will have grown to the point where you wouldn’t want to be with him anymore even if he begged you to get back together.

Pisces star sign or Pisces ascendant before breaking up

Do you know that joke about the guy going to get cigarettes and never returning? That’s your Pisces right before breaking up with you. He’ll refuse to take the blame for the break up, just as he does with most things in life, so his taking the quick exit is definitely something to be expected. Instead, he will do one of two things: He will either disappear on you and you’ll never see him or hear from him again, ever, or he’ll become distant and no matter how many times you confront him about it you will get the “it’s all good” answer. But he won’t mean it. He will in fact be doing it only for you to finally lash out, allowing him to finally say you’re “pressuring him” and “you should take some time off”. You will agree to that, only for it to result in his disappearance. He won’t need to talk things through – in his imagination it’s all been said and done. You’ll be alone in how you’re feeling one way or the other. 

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